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How Do I Find Out About my Elfae/Otherkin Tribe?

November 1, 2018

“. . . . in the long run the ultimate connection will be the feeling you have for each other — the sense of simpatico, the realization of kinship and kindreth. But there are other things that you can use to discover more about them.”

First, it always helps if you start with examining yours’elf. You are a member of that tribe so they are like you. So, begin by looking at yours’elf, particularly examine what you feel about yours’elf, what you imagine about yours’elf, for much of our elfin faerie natures are buried in our subconscious, in the Collective Unconscious that is shared by all our kindred, and which we inherited from the ancestors, and which can often be best accessed by trusting our own intuition about ours’elves.

If you like or are drawn to this or that, then, it is very likely that so will your people. It is not that you are all exactly the same, surely. For elfae sorts are eccentrics by our very natures, but still tribes of elves and packs of pixies, and flocks of faeries wearing frocks, and conspiracies of unseelie, surely have much in common with each other. Of course, it is true that you are unlikely to recognize your people merely by their appearance. Although, that can be an aid. You can see a particular folk wearing this and that style and think, hey, I love that style, and know by doing so that you are related to them somehow. Yet, in the long run the ultimate connection will be the feeling you have for each other — the sense of simpatico, the realization of kinship and kindreth. But there are other things that you can use to discover more about them.

You may very well ask: What is your magic? For it is likely you have some magic in common. In fact, magic is something nearly all elves and elfae have in common, although the particular types and forms of magic may vary from tribe to clan. We are nearly all of us enchanters of some sort, but some of us practice healing magic, while others emphasize sorcery, shamanism, druidism, witchcraft, wizardry, ceremonial magic, necromancy or necromagery or any one or number of numerous other magic technologies. In that way, we are somewhat like doctors and other professionals. Some doctors are general practitioners, others are pediatricians, optometrists, surgeons and so on. And even then, there is subdivision. Some are brain surgeons, some heart surgeons. While all doctors tend to get the general medical education, most tend to specialize in time. So do we, as elfae, tend to specialize in the types of magic we do. Which doesn’t mean there aren’t general practitioners out there, or individuals with several specialties, but merely that magic is so vast one can be a jack-of-all-trades, as the saying goes, or a true master of a few. Knowing our magic tells of something of our people.

You may also ask about your preferred element (water, fire, air, earth, spirit, metal. etc.) or where would you prefer to live, etc. Most elfae have fairly definite feelings about the environment they prefer to live in. Some are wood elves, some are mountain elves, river or ocean elves and so forth. In many ways, that will get you close to your tribe. If you would find them, certainly knowing where they might be or wish to reside can prove to be a great help. Likewise, you can examine your preferences for your favorite tree or flower, gems and crystals, or totem animals. It is also very helpful to imagine what fictional elf or fairy folk you might be most like. These preferences of your own are also all hints as to what others in your elfae or otherkin tribe might be drawn to and are part of the fabric of your magical narrative.

It can take years to find our people. Seeking here and there in the world, on the internet, ever hoping to encounter those with whom one will truly feel attuned. So use your magic. If you have not found your kin as yet, then it may help to create something you like, perhaps a bit of elfae art or music, and share it as widely as possible. If you like it then others of your tribe will most likely feel attuned to it as well and be drawn to it and you. By doing so you are using the essential skill of all elfae to use enchantment magic to find your kindred. Remember, they are as attracted to you as you are to them. And every moment that you spend searching for them, they are looking for you as well.

And If I feel that I’m some sort of Otherkin but don’t know what kind, what should I do?

First, you should trust your instincts, intuitions, imagination and really, in this instance, your desires. We Silver Elves have been asked from time to time by various folks what sort of elf or faerie or other they might be and we have, as much as possible, resisted telling them what they are, because what they truly are depends almost entirely upon their own wishes. We have opinions, of course. But for the most part, unless someone really urges us to share our impressions and observations with them, we keep them among ours’elves. And no matter what our opinions may be, it is still up to the individual to decide and declare through action what they truly are. It is not our business to tell you who you are but your right to tell us who you are.

There was even an occasion a decade or so ago when someone wrote a post on the internet claiming we had said they were this or that (we don’t remember what), which was utterly untrue because, for the most part, we don’t tell people what sort of other they are. We just don’t. However, if someone is totally lost and wants our opinion, we may offer it as a suggestion that they may proceed upon until they discover within their own s’elves what sort of elfae they may be. Their own reaction to what we tell them, whether they embrace the suggestion or not, in itself will tell them a bit about thems’elves.

Although, here we rather come to the crux of the matter. The question involves the fact that the person doesn’t know what sort of elfae they are. But the reality of Elfin and Faerie isn’t a matter of what you are but what you wish to be. And if you support that wish with action, which is to say the magic of living, or manifestation, of making it real in your life and in the world, that is what you are and what you will be. We are not simply the products of Faerie and Elfin, we are its co-creators.

Most folks think in terms of their ancestors. They are elven or faerie or whatever in their minds because they were born that way, which is to say created that way by some outside force, god or power. But we are elfae folk, we are others, we are magicians, enchanters and spell weavers and we are whatever we wish to be. We are not what others have made us, but what we make of ours’elves.

Now, this is not to say that others don’t have influence in our lives. This is surely true of our earliest beginnings. So, if you are asking not what you are but what you were, that is a different question. A question really that has to do with previous lifetimes. But in elven philosophy, you don’t have to remain ever the same, as some authors have mistakenly written about us that we are eternal but never changing. What doesn’t change isn’t eternal. Change and transformation are part and parcel of the eternal. In a certain sense, all elfae are shapeshifters, not only changing our bodies from lifetime to lifetime and surely aging, usually gracefully, within a lifetime, but changing our minds, our attitudes and our sense of being, which we ever strive to improve, uplift and make better. We attune ours’elves to Nature within and without so that all that we do is natural and thus easy.

So, the question here isn’t really what sort of elfae am I but what sort of elfae do I wish to be. What sort of spirit do I wish to manifest in the world. Although, the answer is generally found in our own inner being. Who do you wish to be? What sort of elfae or other sings to your heart and soul? What kind of elfae arouses your imagination? This is Faerie. This is Elfin. You can be whomever you wish to be. But you must enliven this wish with magic if you wish it to be true. If you wish it to be real, you must make it real by living it. So, who are you? What sort of elfae? Only you know for sure and only you can realize it, which is to say only you can make it real for yours’elf and therefore for others.

And, if you haven’t already, or if you’d like to do so again, take our elfae/otherkin type quiz on our Silver Elves website ( and we will do our best to assist you in creating a magical narrative that will help you understand your elfae/otherkin type and tribe, a gift from us to you. For surely in understanding yours’elf and your others, you will grow closer still in the nether realms and drawn ever nearer in the world.

Fardas Lovur Tae Lan (Dancing toward the dawn),

The Silver Elves



What Kind of Elf or Otherkin Are You?

And What is Your Elfae or Otherkin Tribe?

For years various kindred have asked us, the Silver Elves, to help them figure this out. You probably know if you are an elf, faerie, or otherkin but now we’ve created a questionnaire in order to help us and you create a narrative together about your specific people and your clan, their personal characteristics, magic, relationship to Nature, and interests. This is our gift to you (free), which we think will be a bit of fun for both of us. Give us five minutes of your time and we will give you a half hour to forty minutes of ours and send you your unique magical narrative. Simply follow this link and the directions on that page:


And for a bit of elven fun! Come enter our elven forest (this will not take you out of our website) and go through the Elven Tree of Life Eternal to explore your magical nature (it’s free and completely private). Then return to “The Eald of the Silver Elves home page” and enjoy other pages on our website including reading some of our Magical Elven Love Letters.

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The Elven Way and Friends 

United Otherkin Alliance elves, faeries, dragons, kitsune, gnomes, hobbits, merkin, pixies, brownies, nymphs, driads, niaids, valkyrie, vampires, devas, and all manner of Faerie Folk gather!

In Elfin Stay . . . . . .

In a darkened twilight world

The voice of spirit ancient hears

A laugh, a whisper, and a jest

That calls you to the final test.

Come within, it seems to say

Do not fear we’re here to play

And if you wish

We’ll show the way

And you at last

Can come and stay.

—From Caressed by an Elfin Breeze: The Poems of Zardoa Silverstar by The Silver Elves

magicalRealms2THE MAGICAL REALMS OF ELFIN: Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path contains questions and answers about being elven that many people who are exploring the Elven Way have posed to The Silver Elves throughout the 40 + years that they have been living and sharing the Elven Way. The Silver Elves have put them all in this one book for all those who need a convenient, yet thorough and easy-to-read, resource to explore their questions about who the modern elves are and about the Elven Way or elven spiritual path — past, present and future. If you are curious about elves and want to learn more about modern elves and the Elven Path, then you will surely find this book to contain many of your questions answered and it will be a great comfort and help in finding your way home to the Magical Realms of Elfin.

Blessings3 copy

Èldata Elsordasli (Elven Blessings)!








What is the difference between the Elven Way and the Fairy Faith?

September 9, 2018
“The Elven Way….is the practical manifestation and realization of one’s own fae and elfin nature in the world…..We don’t view Elfin and Faerie or elves and faeries or otherkin as being separate from us, as being foreigners, but as kindred to us, even in those cases where we do experience some of them in etheric or astral forms.”

Many folks who do believe in elves and faeries and in Fairie and Elfin do so from the outside looking in. They may have astral or etheric or intuitive interactions with the Faerie world but they often see themselves as being separate from it. They may channel information from those realms or have imaginal encounters or real encounters of our kind of ephermeal form but again, they see themselves as apart from the Fae, rather like someone of one country encountering a foreigner visiting their land and note that they are strangers of a different land and culture.

The Elven Way, however, is the practical manifestation and realization of one’s own fae and elfin nature in the world. We find Elfin within us and we express that energy through our own lives and beings. We don’t view Elfin and Faerie or elves and faeries or otherkin as being separate from us, as being foreigners, but as kindred to us, even in those cases where we do experience some of them in etheric or astral forms.

In this way, it is perhaps more like someone who meets a visitor from another land, but it is a land that one’s ancestors migrated from and one knows that one is related to this person, even if it is in some distant fashion. Thus it is the case in the United States of America, at least, a person might call thems’elves an African American, or an Italian American or a Japanese American and so forth. The same sort of thing can be observed in those who are French Canadian. There is a recognition of one’s ancestors in doing this and a connection to one’s ancient land and people. We, as it happens, are Elven American.

But the Elven Way is not only a cognizance of our essential elven nature, an acknowledgement that our beings are essentially based upon spirit rather than matter, it is a determined effort to manifest our culture in the world today. For some this is simply a fun thing to do. They wear elven fashions, put on pointed ears or faery wings and go to various festivals. And there is surely nothing wrong with this. In fact, we very much love our kindred who do this. Wish that we, ours’elves, could do more of it and certainly wish we could join our kindred in doing so. Pictures of elves in elven raiment with pointed ears are one of our favorite things.

But for us Elven culture is not merely fashion or fae-shion, as some call it, but a spiritual path, a way of being in the world, a way of viewing and experiencing the world and way of interacting with others that is based upon the way of ‘we who are the Fair Folk.’ Following this path has altered our entire lives. Not only has it brought elfin magic into our lives and elfin kindred into our lives, which is a great magic in it self, but it has informed the way we proceed in the world.

As far as we know that is not the case with those who practice the Fairy Faith, although it surely has set them apart from the vast majority who would and do ridicule them at times for believing in elves and faeries just as those same folks attempt to deride us for being elves and faeries. And that has pushed those of the Fairy Faith closer to Elfin, nearer to Faerie and closer, oh, so much closer, to us. Our hands and hearts are reaching out to them. They just need to grasp the reality that we are here and we are elves born in human bodies, although frequently they are determined that elves and faeries can only manifest in ephemeral form. Still, when they are ready, we are here for them. Oh, and if they want to give us presents, as ancient lore suggests they do, that’s okay with us as well.

Ver nesidas mellun vari te (In shimmering starlight ever be),
The Silver Elves

And if you enjoyed the article above, we think you may very much enjoy reading our two most popular books on the wisdom teachings of the ancient Elven titled Through the Mists of Faerie: A Magical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of the Ancient Elven and
The Elven Way: The Magical Path of The Shining Ones:

ThroughtheMistsThrough The Mists of Faerie:
A Magical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of the Ancient Elven

Click on the link above to find out more about this book and to read excerpts.

The following is an example of writing from THROUGH THE MISTS OF FAERIE, page 62-65, from Part One:

Pure Awareness

What most people call consciousness is an awareness of their thoughts, beliefs and ideas. In the animal kingdom, consciousness is an instinctual awareness and lacks, for the most part, the beliefs, ideas and self-concepts found among humans. In the human being, the idea driven consciousness comes to fore but, as we’ve pointed out already, this is primarily directed and motivated by ideas ruled by our passions and emotionally connected ideas. We think ours’elves to be free but really our lives are controlled by these passions and beliefs.

When we are born into a particular life we come bearing the imprint on our souls of our pervious experiences. Obviously, when we are reborn we don’t have the same body. So our bodies, as they currently exist, clearly are not a part of our immortal s’elf, although they are composed of the energy that is, in its’elf, immortal. We are mostly formed from Star-stuff or Stardust, and elves are particularly aware of this fact. So when we come into a new life, our soul/spirit gathers around it the available stardust/energy to form a new body.

Since this stardust also bears the imprint of its past, in the form of a DNA coding directive, we also come into each life with a racial consciousness, formed in what is often called the Collective Unconscious. We also have a human consciousness, and bear the imprint of our evolution through various forms from all our previous incarnations. To become truly immortal beings, that is to say, immortal in the way that vampires are seen as being immortal, having a permanent immortal physical body, we need to integrate our consciousness with and merge with the consciousness of the energy that temporarily composes us. Of course, elves are often also seen as being Immortal, particularly in our more ephemeral forms, or our ethereal or etheric bodies combined with our astral bodies.

In time our bodies will become more resilient, less physical, and more like light, thus more ephemeral. The dimensions we will reside within, the dimension of Elfin/Faerie will be similar to living in a dream. We will have greater powers, such as the power to fly, and the ability to do things that we can now only dream of doing. And yet it will be every bit as real as a dream seems when we are in it, or every bit as real as this illusionary world that we currently abide within.

Also, just as clearly when we pass from one body to another, we don’t carry our thoughts, feelings and beliefs with us, or our memories, unless indeed we have obtained continuity of consciousness and have born our mind through the death process, which, honestly, these particular elves are nowhere near to achieving. Are you? If you are, you will be able to tell because you will be able to remain aware throughout the night as your body sleeps without losing consciousness. Sleep, as we said, is the little death. It is the reflection in microcosm, As Above/So Below, As Within/So Without, of the life death cycle.

For most individuals, the death experience and the assumption of a new stardust body is like suffering from total amnesia. You don’t remember anything. You don’t even know what you know. For instance, in amnesia, you may know how to type or play a piano, but don’t you know that you know how to do it until you sit down at a typewriter, or computer, or piano and suddenly find that typing or playing piano comes automatically to you. So, too, in moving from one life to another, we carry certain abilities with us. We don’t necessarily know that we know, rather we feel we were born with certain talents and abilities, and indeed we were. Usually, we find we learn these things very quickly and easily. These skills seem to come naturally to us.

Our feelings, not so much our emotions, but mostly our feelings, because they are by their nature essentially unconscious, come easily through the transitional state of death. We may not remember whom we loved or liked or disliked, but if we encounter them again or someone like them we immediately sense our attraction, or our repulsion. There are certain individuals that we know immediately even though it seems we have never met them previously. So until we are able to carry our memories from life to life consciously, they are still born in our soul, particularly those things that are most important to us, which is love and relationship, as well as having an instinctual recognition of and attraction to those with whom we have a karmic connection either positive or negative.

We can see this fact reflected in our current life in our conscious and unconscious. The basic consciousness is everything of which we are currently aware. But we also have an unconscious which composes everything of which we are not aware, which for most of us is far vaster than our conscious awareness. Consider all the things we don’t know, and add to it all the things, events, facts, people, experiences we have forgotten, which are stored in our brains but which, for most of them, are lost to us except at certain times. So, too, are our experiences stored in our soul, but only accessible under certain profound circumstances, although occasionally brought to mind by our encounters in the world, just as memories may be brought back into consciousness by a particular, song, smell, or experience. Our soul stores all our experiences and in that way is linked to the Akashic record, which records all experiences of all beings. The Akashic record is the library of the Soul of the Universe.
End of excerpt from Through The Mists of Faerie: A Magical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of the Ancient Elven


elvenwaywebThe Elven Way: The Magical Path of The Shining Ones
“The Elven Way passes beyond the fields of the known
into the forest of the unknown illuminated by the glow of the elves.”
Click on the link above to find out more about this book and to read excerpts.

And from page 123 of THE ELVEN WAY: The Magical Path of the Shining Ones by the Silver Elves:




















—from page 123 of THE ELVEN WAY: The Magical Path of the Shining Ones by the Silver Elves



What Kind of Elf or Otherkin are you?
What is your magical Elfae or Otherkin tribe?

For years various kindred have asked us, the Silver Elves, to help them figure this out. Now we’ve created a questionnaire to help us do so. This is our gift to you. Simply follow the link & the directions and we will send you a reply in the form a a narrative about your specific magical tribe. 

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We invite you to read about our newest book release THE ELVES SAY: A Collection of Over 1000 Ancient Elven Sayings and Wise Elfin Koans by The Silver Elves, Volume 2.


THE ELVES SAY: A Collection of Over 1000 Ancient Elven Sayings and Wise Elfin Koans by The Silver Elves, Volume 2, is the second in the Elf Quotes Book Series, which contains The Silver Elves’ own original elfin koans, ancient elven sayings, and their other quotes of wisdom on the Elven Way. While volume one titled Elf Quotes contained all the elf sayings from the first 37 of the Silver Elves’ books (all of the side-quotes in their books that were published throughout the years to that date), volume two contains quotes from their four latest books published since the time of the first volume, the daily quotes they publish on Facebook, along with the largest majority of the quotes in this book being shared and published for the first time.

THE ELVES SAY is both an inspiring and enchanting book, and enjoying the many koans, riddles, sayings of the elven eldars, and quotes of ancient knowledge of the elves will surely assist you on your journey to enter the magical realms of Elfin.

Some quotes from inside the book THE ELVES SAY:

“The Elves Say: If you need help going higher, lift others up.” (on front cover)

“The Elves Say: You may go forward or backward, sideways or just seem to stand still, but still you are moving with the dance of the stars.”

“Elfin is surrounded by a sea of love, encompassed by a sky of near infinite possibility, exists in a forest of mystery and is ground on a tradition that is older than history and nearly as old as time.”

“The Elven Golden Rule: Do unto others more intelligently than they have done unto you.”

“If you do not find Faerie here, you are unlikely to find it there. But when you start to create it here, it follows you everywhere.”

“We elves are the magic that our ancestors did ages ago.”

“The Sun never sets in Elfin, the Sun never rises; it dances across the sky on its way to the Night’s Revels.”

“The Elves say: Even the Darkness hungers for the light. It may consume it, hide it, dim it, but in the end, it is ultimately transformed by it.”


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The Magical Books of the Silver Elves where we have discussions about our books as well as about Elven and Otherkin philosophy and lifestyle.

Elf Witches of the Mystic Moon

Elven Life and Magic

Elvish Magical Chat

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Devayana: Buddhism, Vedic, & Asian Spirituality for Elves and Fae

The Elven Way and Friends 


United Otherkin Alliance elves, faeries, dragons, kitsune, gnomes, hobbits, merkin, pixies, brownies, nymphs, driads, niaids, valkyrie, vampires, devas, and all manner of Faerie Folk gather!



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Finding Kindred

March 28, 2017


Certainly the question we get asked the most, usually by those who are newly exploring their elven nature, is where to find one’s kindred elfae and how to connect with them. Alas, while we say, and quite accurately, that this is a question most asked by the newly awakened, it is unfortunately a problem that confronts most elves no matter how long they have been awakened or how evolved as elfin they may be. The only difference is that those who have been awakened for a good deal of time have usually found one or two elves that they can associate with regularly, although the difficulty with finding new kindred remains the same.

The fact is that in this day and age, elves are few and far between. Going to faerie and elf fests or pagan festivals, for those can do that and many of us cannot afford to do this or do it often, is a means for connecting with others of our kind; the smaller the festival, in fact, in most cases, the better. And social media is another way to connect, but for these elves most of our relationships have come via destiny and our own elf work, which is to say the creative activity, in our case writing the Magical Elven Love Letters and other of our books and sharing them as much as we are able. Thus our advice to those seeking other elves or fae is to create some form of elven art/writing/music and share it as widely as possible.

The Silver Elves

We invite you to visit our Author page on Amazon at

What sort of elf, faerie or other are you?
For years various kindred have asked us, the Silver Elves, to help them figure this out. Now we’ve created a questionnaire to help us do so. This is our gift to you. Simply follow the link & the directions. 

Also, come to our website and enjoy reading samples of all our books on magic and enchantment and the elven way at:

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Elf Magic Mail

June 21, 2014

Elf Magic Mail: Book 1, the original letters of the Elf Queen’s Daughters with Commentary by the Silver Elves These letters…dearest kin… were written by the Elf Queen’s Daughters and contain within them the roots of the Otherkin movement. The following is the introduction of the book Elf Magic Mail that we have compiled of these original letters by the EQD and we have included a sample writing of one letter with the commentary by the Silver Elves.

Keldas Zet Ton Na Tarsalunin Sol (Running wild on a moonlit night),
The Silver Elves
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Be sure an scroll under the following image of Elf Magic Mail to read sample of book:


From the Introduction of Elf Magic Mail:



In 1974, a pair of sisters—Arwen and Elanor—calling thems’elves the Elf Queen’s Daughters emerged upon the Pagan/Wiccan scene. They wrote fascinating esoteric letters of elven lore and philosophy that, when they really got going, were sent out in a groups of three every week. At their height, they had over 300 addresses around the United States with a few being sent to Spain and France. Within months of their first publication, other kindred joined the sisters and established vortexes around the U.S. where those interested, who had heard the Call, could write to awakened elves. There was also a vortex in France (more on this in Book 2).

Among these vortexes was the Elves of the Southern Woodlands in Carbondale, Illinois established by Zardoa who would, some years later after the sisters ceased writing them, take on the Dharma of creating the elf letters, first in Florida under the name the Sylvan Elves and later in California as the Silver Elves. Silver Flame, his faithful sister-lover companion, soon joined him and they’ve been pursuing the Dharma ever since.

This is Book 1 of a compilation of the original letters of the Elf Queen’s Daughters. Some of these letters appeared in the earliest version of the “Green Egg Magazine”. The sisters knew many folk in the Pagan/Wiccan community including Oberon and Morning Glory Zell Ravenheart who published that magazine, as well as Z Budapest, the author of The Grandmother of Time (our friend Sumi painted the cover art for that book), and Alison Harlow who was a founding member of the Covenant of the Goddess, as well as the founder of the “Vanthi” line of Feri witchcraft, a co-founder with Gwydion Penderrwen (with whom these elves used to correspond, having been introduced by the sisters) of “Nemeton” an early pagan magazine, and a co-founder with Oberon and Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart of the Holy Order of Mother Earth.

Then in mid 1977 the letters suddenly stopped. The sisters withdrew into seclusion and pursued their esoteric studies mostly in private. However, Zardoa stayed in touch with them and they have remained friends and accomplices ever since. Four of our books are actually a personal and magical correspondence between Zardoa and Silver Flame of the Silver Elves and Arwen and Elanor, who had founded the Elf Queen’s Daughters. This correspondence took place in 2011-2012. These books are Magic Talks, Sorcerer’s Dialogues, Discourses on High Sorcery, and Ruminations of Necromancy.

There are certain common features to most of the original letters of the Elf Magic Mail. Besides the intriguing esoteric elven philosophy, there is almost always a photo or graphic, and a glyph that is a combination of the symbols for Venus and Mars often with the Yin/Yang symbol within it; this done in hundreds of variations. There is also frequently the seven-pointed elf star that is today quite often referred to as the faerie star and adorns the covers of a number of books, including Faery Craft by Emily Carding, and is found on websites about elves and faeries all over the globe. This may be the sisters’ most enduring gift to elfin (they spelled it elfan, sometimes elfen) kind. A gift we Silver Elves passed on in our letters and which was taken up by elves and faeries all around the world.

Sample writing from “Elf Magic Mail”, pages 226-230, transcribed from original letters in 1970s:

“Title: The Primordial Egg”

“THERE ARE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF MATTERS, SISTERS …. to hold opinions about, and ten thousand more to express our attitudes about, and more and more to ponder about in the future as well as millions of lost opinions and view-points to recollect and dwell upon relating to our pasts. They weave about us, and we learn to call them ourselves. Astute politicians and the genius-executives that manipulate most of what we once held sacred wield mental power over the people of our disenchanted America that dwarfs the physical power once held by Kings and emotional power held by their courtesans.

It is foolish to believe that you’ve escaped enculturation. It is even more foolish to seriously attempt to do any thing about it. We are programmed sisters, and almost all of us can only re-program ourselves with bizarre “programming” seemingly our own, yet mostly “borrowed” from India or China or even Romantic-Western-America. It appears to the elven sisters, that it’s only the seriousness that really endangers both our security and our freedom. If we can singularly and mutually “face” the utter ridiculousness of our real predicament and almost eternal bondage to the illusions so artfully created for endless distraction, we may begin the long and perilous journey into and out-of fear.

And yet, sisters, we pass through normal and elven America and find so very much opinion about everything imaginable. The warm smiles are what counts, sisters; it is the elven smile that makes for a new day, and the elven chatter as well as the elven letters we all have grown to love are not a real part of our mutual liberation. Only a real human smile has the magic and true enchantment necessary to attack with love (in elven style) the almost ageless human preoccupation with deception. Would that people only attempted to deceive folk other than themselves. 

We find sisters everywhere that would learn the magic. They find their elven natures to be more than just “surface” qualities; they feel they’ve found something recognizable in their real kinship with the elven sisterhood. We pray and call upon She Who Dreams to guide them past all of this and into and out-of what men call real. There is no substitute for self-knowledge. So very few spend the time to find out who they really are. The unseen realms of mind and reality are so very devastating to those who know so little about themselves, their motives, their sexual needs and desires, the “nitty-gritty” stuff that wizzards [sic] expose to the light of day on only one or two days in a single year. And Alchemy, and astrology, and all the “heavy “ stuff, what is it all about, beloved .. what is it all about?

Let us firstly make arrangements for our mutual evolution and growth from a disenchanted folk alienated primarily from ourselves .. into a real people who not only know themselves but know themselves relative to their real environment. 
It’s the Space that Counts”

Picture of actually letter from which the above is transcribed, on page 227:



”Here the sisters make very clear that our true elven magic is not ceremonial magic or the waving of wands, nor even attempts to manipulate the world but the magic of a simple smile, a bit of kindness in a world that very much needs it. This goes along with Tolkien’s idea, as expressed in his article On Fairy-Stories found in Tree and Leaf, that faerie magic is not the labored magic of worldly magicians. While this magic may be less demonstrative and flashy than the magic of movies and books, it is far more powerful really for all its subtlety and far more enduring. It helped change our lives and endures still in the hearts of these elves.”

Through the Mists of Faerie: A Magical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of the Ancient Elven

June 21, 2013

Dear Kin…

We wanted to share with you…
dear kin
… a section from the beginning of “Through the Mists of Faerie” and we hope that you enjoy peeping into our book. Come join us on Facebook as “Silver Elves” and Goodreads to explore our other books on magic and enchantment and The Elven Way.
The Silver Elves

The Right to Pursue One’s Own Path

One of the first challenges a newly awakened Elfae (combining the words elf and fae/faerie and meant to indicate all kindred of Elven/Faerie kind) encounters is the individual’s right to decide for hir (combining the pronouns his and her, and used when the individual may be either male or female) own s’elf, hir direction, path and course. There are myriads of religious groups and cults all demanding that the elf follow their (the religious group’s) beliefs or doctrines, and certainly nearly every elf comes from a background of religious, scientific, and/or ethnic culture. It is often difficult therefore to assert one’s sense of s’elf when confronted by those persons and forces that one has been trained since birth to honor as authorities.

Whether one has been raised Christian, Jewish, Atheist, or Agnostic or some other faith, deciding to follow one’s own path, particularly when one is young and inexperienced, can often be difficult. And unless one has come to despise, for whatever reasons, the teachings of one’s childhood and family, one often wants to cling to the past while moving forward into the future. And for the elves this is not a problem. We are not concerned by those who wish to be elves and Christian, however, in our experience some Christian sects would make this balance difficult for their part. Like Voudoun, we elves have no problem incorporating the teachings and images of Christianity or Buddhism, Judaism, or even Islam into our understanding of our world. (Note that in Virginia there is found a stone in the form of a cross that is called the Fairy Cross that is said to link Jesus and the Fairy Folk.) The Universe is One, and all that is in it is related to Faerie either directly or indirectly in the view of those with the Faerie Sight.

Jews and Hebrews often have a different experience. Many hold their religion easily in their hearts, but most will never give up their culture. At the same time the links between the Judaic and Hebraic peoples and the ancient Scythian lords from whom many of the elven have descended genetically, and upon whom the legends of faerie are in part based, are strong and linked by ancient marriage (see Laurence Gardner’s Realms of the Ring Lords). So, again, on the elven side certainly, and probably on the Judaic and Hebrew side as well, there is very little friction between our peoples; and we elves certainly have always been very well treated and nurtured by our Judaic/Hebraic kin. Although, moving toward the full embrace and the living of the elven path can be a challenge for some who were raised in that culture. It often offers worldly connections and success that we elves, as yet, cannot offer them. Plus, while the Judaic-Hebrew culture is despised by some, and has been often persecuted in the world, they are none-the-less acknowledged by the world, even by those who despise them, while our Elven culture is seen by most as a foolish fantasy at best.

Those raised Atheist and Agnostic have a different challenge and this challenge curiously confronts many modern religious types as well. This is the idea that elves as an existent people and culture, is unscientific. They have been taught that we don’t exist, are utterly the product of fantasy and have a difficult time accepting the reality of our existence. They are called to make a leap of faith into the unknown and this can be very difficult for folk raised in this fashion. If the reality of faerie isn’t proven, they find it difficult to believe in. This challenge is reinforced by the social scorn they will have to endure if they do make that leap.

However, most Elfae are awakened by others of our kind, and while some may have a difficulty with relinquishing their former culture, and some may have difficulty believing in ideas that they have been told all their lives are mere imagination and fantasy, those who have heard the call inwardly, and who have encountered one or more of our living kindred, fully manifesting in the world, have a hard time denying the truth of their heart and experience.

Alas, here there are also powerful influences that confront the budding Elfae. There are the ancient legends and the modern tales concerning our kind, and many of these are simply erroneous and while inspiring the Elfae’s heart, tend to confuse hir mind with often foolish and irrelevant aspects that may have been good for creating conflict and interest or dynamic tension in a story, but are inadequate and obstructive when the Elfae confronts hir real life in the world.

At the same time, if the elf who awakens hir is very powerful, or part of a group of very potent elven witches, it can be difficult for the newly awakened not to come completely under the sway of these more experienced elves. However, while these may be more experienced elves, and their magic may be more potent and powerful, it does not always mean they are more spiritually evolved or without aspects of their own soul and personality that need development. Every elf needs to reserve in hir own heart and mind the right to think for hirs’elf, and base hir judgments on hir own sense of inner guidance and direction. While we Elfae are all traveling toward Elfin/Faerie, we are not all of us journeying on the same exact paths. There are many paths to Faerie and many realms in Elfin.

It should be noted that it takes tremendous courage to stand against one’s heritage and upbringing, and in many ways even greater courage to assert one’s individual understanding of the path to those who awakened one. And we should remember, particularly at the beginning of this spiritual journey into the Realms of Elfin, not all Elfae are ready to venture on their own. Many need that guidance, and even if those who are providing it are not entirely evolved or perfected in their own elven souls, if they are not totally leading us astray like a bunch of errant pixies, their guidance may be of great help to us. Yet each Elfae should know that in the course of time, sHe (combining the pronouns she and he in instances where the individual may be either female or male) may hear the Call of Elfin drawing hir in another direction and if sHe is ready, should have no hesitation in pursuing it. Yet one is wise to keep in mind that in pursuing one’s own path into Elfin/Faerie that not everyone will be ready to follow that path, particularly if one is blazing new trails through the Mists, and it is unwise, as well as un-elven, to attempt to force anyone to do so. Each needs to be encouraged on hir own way, at the level she currently has achieved, and is currently comfortable pursuing.

And one should know as well that in treading the Path of the Elven that most folks at this time in the world, mostly probably including one’s oldest and closest friends, may be uncomfortable with this venture into the unknown. Your old friends like you as you are, and are often uncomfortable with you are making what seems to them to be radical changes in your life. One thus may wish to be cautious in revealing one’s elven nature to others. Most will simply ridicule the idea. Some, because of fundamentalist beliefs may be intimidated by the idea of magic and warn you against pursuing the ways of the Devil. And since the newly awakened often take on elf names many, if not most, of one’s friends, will feel uncomfortable using this new name. At the same time the Elfae naturally wishes the name to be used to reinforce hir own confidence in pursuing the Elven Way. Each must decide in hir own circumstances how much sHe is willing, and how much it is wise, to reveal and to whom.

Those who feel the Call and who have awakened are faced with another challenge, for they come to understand they are truly Special Beings; they are the Chosen, or actually those who have Chosen to pursue the Elven Way, and are in fact advanced souls and spirits relative to the mass of humanity at this point. They are truly elite beings, who have opened thems’elves and are dedicating thems’elves to developing their inner Soulfulness, and Spirit to become truly Cosmic Beings and to, in time, enter the Supra-Dimensional Realms where Faerie thrives in its fullness. The challenge here is how to know one is such a being without it enhancing the negative aspects of ego and leading thus to an increasing separation between the Elfae and those around hir who sHe is ultimately meant to help and guide. Thus each elf is called to remember that every being is a soulful being and each person contains the potential for greatness within hir, and is destined/designed to become hir own true s’elf in hir own time and way.

Although, the act of awakening and living one’s elven nature often leads to those around us rejecting us, the Elfae must ever be conscious of not rejecting them in turn. The more we advance in our elven nature, and on the Path of Elven, the more sacred will we consider the souls of those around us, even if they, as yet, are not aware that they even have such a soul. Being one of the Elite should not separate us from others in our hearts, but make us ever more aware of being One with them. This struggle, however, with our own ego is often a life long process and the challenge of loving and accepting those who reject us, while at the same time protecting ours’elves from them, is a magic that it often takes years, even lifetimes, to master. Fortunately, we live in Eternity and we have forever.

Of those who awaken, there tend to be two general types. First, and by far the greatest number, there are those who have heard the Call, but in fact have no idea of what to do about it. They sense that they are elven or other, but where to go from there, they know not. These tend to seek others who are already active and living their lives as elves, although it should be said that nearly all elves seek their kindred. We tend to be, for the most part, a very group oriented people. These are also the individuals who are most likely to cling to the religious and philosophical teachings of their past, and who often view Elfin from that perspective, that is to say they endeavor to merge their former religious ideas with their new sense of being Elven. There is nothing wrong with doing so, although this approach will only take one so far on one’s journey into Faerie. This group are also the ones most likely to need leaders, at least for a while. They hunger for guidance. They are open, but don’t know what to do with their openness, or whence to go. These are also those most likely to fall back into the world, fade from Elfin, or start pursuing a different, more popular fad. These, like many, perhaps most elves, hunger for love, connection and community and don’t really care if it is called Elven or whatever; they just want to be loved, get laid (a lot), and have friends. Yet, even those who fade often come back to us in time. If someone is truly Called by Elfin, sHe will eventually find hir way there.

The second group of individuals who awaken to the Call, tend to be more creatively active. They often give thems’elves elf names, write their own faery tales, gather others about them, or attempt to do so (it is often hard to draw elves to one, we are an independent lot), and begin creating their own elvish culture, magic, and the implements and accessories there of. They are often leaders, but in the sense of being pioneers rather than authorities, and thus they are also more comfortable being solitary elves, although, as we’ve said previously, few elves like being solitary. These are also the Elfae most likely to continue on this Path long after everyone else around them have faded from it, and these individuals are usually less attached to traditional philosophies and religious notions. They have found the old ways wanting, and seek the Way of the Ancient Future. (Note elves often speak of the ancient future evoking Ancient Ways that are as yet unfilled, and are the Vision of evolutionary development.) However, these need to be careful that they don’t merely substitute one dogma for another. The Paths to Elfin are many, and each has a right to find hir own way. Also, while the first type needs guidance and often fades if they don’t find a confident elven soul to help them, this second sort need appreciation for their works and creations and may wander off if they don’t get the recognition for which they hunger.

While we have written these as two distinct types for ease of understanding, and of which the second type tends to be more evolved in their elfin nature than the first. In reality, these types are often mixed, individuals having a bit of both aspects in them, having some need for guidance and yet expressing some creative outpouring in need of recognition. And while the second type tends, as we say, to be more advanced or developed in their elven nature, that does not necessarily mean they are perfected souls and have no challenges of fate or karma, nor a need for personal transformation. Even very Adept kindred have aspects of personality they are striving to develop. Although, again these more evolved ones tend to have a more independent approach to Elfin, and often seem like they are making it all up as they go along, which, for the most part, they are. Although, we could also say they are channeling Faerie, or remembering it, that is to say drawing down memories of Elfin from our Collective Elven Unconscious.

Yet in saying this, we do not mean that anything goes. We do not mean one can disregard the precepts that make the Path to Elfin possible. Not all elves need involve thems’elves in magic, for instance, yet there is something essentially magical about Faerie, Elfin and the Elfae, and if one seeks to create an Elven world without magic, they have gone far astray. So it is, also, with prejudice. There simply cannot be an elven world that prohibits gays, males, females, blacks or anyone for their religious background, their race, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, or any other aspect of being that they don’t actually have any control over. We don’t even have prejudice against the violent, the fanatical or the greedy, all of whom have a place in Faerie, although it is a dark and unfriendly place where various Unseelie reside, and most of us Seelie Elves avoid. And while they may find a place in Faerie, they will never evolve to the deeper reaches of Elfin until they do, indeed, master their own s’elves. No one can prevent anyone from entering the deeper regions of Faerie/Elfin, except the individual hir own s’elf by hir own behavior. No one has a right to say who is or isn’t an elf, except the individual speaking for hir own s’elf, and yet certain behaviors will certainly keep one from finding those who could help one farther on the Path. We each must look into our own souls, examine our own personalities, and do what we feel best to develop ours’elves as spiritual beings.

This ultimately is a quest for the realization of our true S’elf, and we are called to rid ours’elves of every aspect of being, every behavior, every false notion about ours’elves and others that obstructs that realization. Therefore, while the Path of the Elfin seems to be but a fantasy to most folks, it is based upon a quest for truth about ours’elves, our true natures, and the true nature of the Universe. One needs only restrict ones’elf in so far as it is productive to the development of one’s elven nature. All other restrictions are unnecessary and useless. We try to not judge others by the standards we have set for ours’elves, but by their consistency in living by the standards they have declared to be their own.

It is a paradox of the Elven Path that we must each find our own way, yet in the long run we can only do that together. Thus we seek to help each at the level sHe is at the moment. We do not expect, or demand, more than each is capable of giving or doing, but aid each as best we may, and as best we understand hir path. Curiously, by doing this we are both serving the individual and serving ours’elves. At the same time, one of the greatest things we can do for our Elfae kin is be our own true s’elves, thus we serve as an example to them, and therefore encourage them by this example, as well as actively seeking to empower them to do the same.

As yet, that is at the time of this writing, there are no great charismatic leaders in Elven Culture. Part of that is due to the fact that elves, by our nature tend to challenge authority and have an underlying streak of rebelliousness in our souls. “Question Authority” is not a motto for us, but a lifestyle. Although, it may more accurately be stated, “Question everything.” And we do, sometimes to our own determent. Part of this lack of charismatic leadership is due to the fact that we are simply too much of a fringe society to have anyone charismatic bother trying to organize us, and as we say, we are somewhat loath to be organized. Like our Goth-Emo Pixie cousins, we are unlikely to ever become a part of mainstream society. Yet, in the ages to come, it is likely that such figures will emerge and an elf will only be safe in following such a being’s lead in so much as these “leaders” encourage independent thought and action based upon the individual elf’s sense of what is right for hirs’elf and hir others. Those who create stringent dogmas are not of us, have never been, and will never be so, until they evolve and become the inspiration for independent realization they are destined to be.

The Silver Elves

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The Elven Way

May 5, 2013

We have been quite busy elves …

dearest Kin …

In these past few years and have now written and published 22 books on elven magic and enchantment. We hope you will visit our website where all of our books are displayed and you can find samples of our writing for each book on the “Sample Our Books” link. Also, please enjoy our “Elven Tree of Life Eternal” maze to explore your magical s’elf and feel free to request an elven name in the language of the Silver Elves, Arvyndase (instructions for this free gift are on the “Want an Elf Name” link) : . Enjoy!

One of our most recent books is “The Elven Way” and we wanted to share with you the following excerpt from Chapter 1 on “Awakening”.

The Silver Elves


The Awakening

“Most elfin and otherkin brought up in the world of Man experience what is often called the Awakening. Usually this involves the realization that one is elven, faerie or other, or a variety of other, a mixture of elf and pixie, for instance. Most elves go through life feeling different from those around them and alienated from the normal culture anyway. However, though they feel different from most common folk they often have no idea what they truly are, they just know that they are different until this realization, this awakening, or acceptance comes. We often feel we are not quite human or if human certainly not normal. Normal folk, of course, are eager to remind us of this fact and while at first we often find this reminder of our difference and their lack of acceptance painful, in time we come to embrace their rejection, wearing it as a badge of honor. When we see how they are, how they think, or in most cases, fail to think, we are glad we are not them, although being different has its dangers for they subtly, and too often not so subtly, despise all that is different from them, all who do not eagerly conform.”

“But this realization, this awakening is not always one of understanding one is an elf or other. Sometimes, this realization is, in fact, an awakening to the realization that we can in truth be who or whatever we choose to be; that our life and destiny is not shaped by our fate or our genetic history; that we are, indeed, free to be our own s’elves however we choose to define it. This realization stems in part from the understanding that there is a spiritual dimension to our being, that the material world, our ethnic and social history and our genetic lineage do not or need not, entirely define us. We are spirits/souls being born into material bodies and ultimately it is not our body that says who we are, but our spirits. We are elves not because our bodies are descended from elves, although we may well be descended from those tribes, such as the Scythians, the Pict-Sidhe or the Tuatha Da Danaan, upon which the tales of elves are mostly based; but because we choose to be elves; although, it is a basic truth that we choose to be elves because we are elves. In the long run of evolution, we all choose to be who are truly are. We cannot help but do so. We may try to escape our true natures, as so many “normal” folk attempt to do, but in the course of eternity that is a futile quest. We cannot escape our true s’elves.”

“Nearly every religion attests to the fact that there is a spiritual dimension that exists within, alongside of, and beyond the material world, and yet trapped in this world as we are, where physical pleasure and pain are very real to us, it is sometimes hard to remember this fact, or do more than pay lip service to this idea. But the haunting reality of Death, plus the endless question of where we were before we were conceived, gives pause to the thoughtful about our true condition and the real nature of the Universe.”

“While some elves and otherkin, in reaction to the scorn they’ve experienced and suffered in life, often feel they are superior to normal folk, it is important to realize that the underlying spiritual nature of the Universe and the process of evolutionary development applies to all things, all beings in the universe from mineral life, to flora, to animal life, to humanity, to the spirits beyond, from the atom to the constellations, all are in the process of Becoming.”

“The Sages point out to us that life on Earth and the pleasures, and pains, of this life are transitory. They are an illusion, not because they don’t occur but because they don’t last. There is within us a hunger for the Eternal, for happiness and pleasure that endures, for love that never fades and is ever true, and for understanding that surpasses all illusion. Life on Earth, being transitory is just another dream that seems so real when we are in the midst of it but which fades, even seems to be forgotten, once it has passed away; although, nothing is ever truly forgotten. We may not remember mentally but our experience is imprinted on our souls forever in the form of the Akashic Record.”

“Some writers thus picture elves as being immortal beings who never change, but this is not the case. Rather, as spirits we become ever more masterful in both creating and experiencing a changing environment. We don’t become perfect and then stay the same, but rather are in a continual state of perfecting and improving ours’elves. We do not become, like Anne Rice’s vampires, living statues but rather we evolve into increasingly ephemeral beings of light living in worlds of our own creation. We do not kill to live or live to kill but live to love and love to live. The death dealers will get exactly the world they’ve created and so shall we, which is to say that in time death as we know it will die.”

“Caught up in the world that is, lured by transitory pleasures, or trapped by pain, it is sometimes hard to turn one’s mind to the Eternal and even when one realizes our Eternal nature mentally as an idea or concept, it is often difficult to remember it when swept up in the great flood of worldly experience. One must reach beyond the mind, whose function is to question and doubt, and arrive at the heart, and secure there our faith and cling to it. Yet, should one fail in this, and most of us do indeed for lifetimes uncounted fail in this, we need not despair. The true nature of life is evolution whether we remember it or not, whether we have faith or not, its nature remains unchanged and that unchanging nature is one of ever becoming.”

“What is important to remember is that we shape our lives in all we do. This is our nature; it is our magic; it is our karma. When we act with the Eternal in our minds and hearts, when we come to understand ours’elves as beings who exist in various forms through the ages, we begin to participate in the Life Eternal that is our true state of being and our destiny.”

“Although our actions shape our lives, ours is not a random Universe. Nor are we the only powers in it. There are laws that govern the Universe and these laws arise naturally out of the Nature of the Universe. They are not arbitrary rules created by some outside power, god, or force but are inherent in the nature of things. One might wonder then do we have any power to shape our lives at all and the answer is quite clearly yes, although at this point for most beings it is a quite limited power. The world we live in is formed by the magics we have created in our past, our karma, which also create our thoughts and philosophies and in this way inform our actions, but it is also created by the magics others have done with whom we’ve interacted, either positively or negatively, in love or hate, or both, in cooperation or conflict. It is these interwoven spells that have bound us to this world.”

“We come to understand in time that in order to succeed in the world, to succeed as spirits, we must follow certain percepts, rules, or laws of magic. Again, these are not arbitrary rules but absolutely essential to the evolution of our spirits and our souls. They are the Way we evolve and succeed, become who we truly wish to be, which is to say who we truly are and live as Immortal Spirits in the Eternal Dimensions. We call them therefore the Elven Way.

Some will say that this Way involves the apprehension of what is Good and what is Evil and pursuing the One, or the Other; and that is true in a sense. However, it is probably more accurate to say that this Way delineates what actually works to uplift, liberate and free us from the limitations and confines of this world, what empowers us, as opposed to those things that keep us entangled and bound. Still, to our minds what liberates us and empowers us is good and what binds us and enslaves us is evil, so the difference, while accurate, is subtle.”

“It may be defined very easily by stating this simple formula: We are free to pursue our own magical creative course as long as we do not obstruct and interfere with others who are doing the same. Clearly, we have the right to defend ours’elves and thus prevent others from interfering with our way, if our way is true, and to prevent them from obstructing others.

We may add to this the fact that in helping others to pursue their true goals, that is find their own true path, we are also de facto aiding our own course. Since we live in an interconnected world, cooperation whenever and wherever possible is always advised and of great benefit to us all. It may also be noted that since we find ours’elves in a world where our magic is limited, mainly by our karma, cooperative action increases the power of our magic. What we cannot accomplish alone we can achieve together.”

The Silver Elves

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