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What Will Elves Be Like in the Future?

December 1, 2018
“These will be more feeling orient, psychic beings with telekinetic, telepathic and other abilities and these abilities which now exist in most elves in a very latent form expressing itself in small ways will flower in the future. So while humanity in general will become more psychic, so shall the elves grow far beyond our present abilities.”


What will elves be like in the future? Who knows? That’s one of the marvelous things about elves and elfin, we are ever changing and evolving. Our sisters of the Elf Queen’s Daughters (see our series Books of Correspondence Between The Silver Elves and the Founders of The Elf Queen’s Daughters, four volumes), a sisterhood we were part of back in the mid 1970’s, used to say that it was important for elves to be as adaptable as possible while letting go of most of one’s preferences and aversions. One of our sisters used to say that the difference between those who were truly elven and those who were attracted to us but just couldn’t make the leap to joining us and being a part of our culture was the ability to change.

     And surely whatever we might say about elves in the future would only be a projection on our part, based mostly upon our own experience, and the reality would be rather different. And that is one of the things that is most wonderful about Elfin and being Elven is that Elfin is full of surprises. And while we elves are generally hard to surprise since we often have The Sight, we love wondrous surprises and Elfin surprises us regularly and people, particularly elfae folk, always surprise us.

     Yet there are certain consistencies to elfin being that will most likely remain the same. We are enchanters by our natures and we love magic and the magic of our essential being is likely to grow stronger and more potent. In fact, it is likely that we will become ever more of what people have always imagined us to be. We will be changing but mostly by becoming more of our own true s’elves.

     We can assume that all of humanity (mankind and elfae alike) will be motivated to continue to develop preferred traits, i.e., those traits that are based on instinctual drives of attaining happiness and longevity. Since beauty is a preferred trait in human beings and is nearly always projected as an aspect of elven being, it is likely that we will become ever more handsome and beautiful as a elven people. Peter Jackson said that casting actors to play Tolkien’s elves in the Lord of the Rings movies was basically about finding fashion models.

     Since, longevity is a preferred trait, and since near immortality is also something that elves are almost always accorded in legend and lore, it is likely we will become healthier and more resilient, less prone to disease and longer lived altogether. Besides we tend to be happy people and happiness is a key to longevity. We delight in life, find purpose in life and are most often life artists. Our art is life.

     Since intelligence is a preferred trait, although you wouldn’t always know it by observing Mankind overall, we will surely be ever more intelligent as an elven people. We, after all, are ever seeking to learn and increase our knowledge as well as our ability to accurately think about the facts we encounter.

     According to elven esoteric lore with a more New Age concept, we elves of the current era are proto-types of the sixth sub race of the fifth root race of humanity, which in itself will be a proto-type of the coming sixth root race of humanity overall. These will be more feeling orient, psychic beings with telekinetic, telepathic and other powers and these powers which now exist in most elves in a very latent form expressing itself in small ways will flower in the future. So while humanity in general will become more psychic, so shall the elves grow far beyond our present abilities. The Sight will become telescopic vision and we elves will sense nearly everything that is to come while retaining our basic delight in all that is wonderous in the world, the Universe and Nature.

     Despite the fact that we elves are, and are most often seen as, a mystically magical people, we are very scientifically oriented and most likely will increasingly continue to be so. To us, science is just another form of wizardry. Sorcery is Psychology. Astronomy is a branch of Astrology. Chemistry is a 101 class for Alchemy. Medicine is Herbalism and Shamanism. Every science you can name stems from magic (see Fraser The Golden Bough) and will eventually return to it to our elven way of thinking. We know that this is just semantics, but that’s the point of Grammarye, isn’t it? Weaving magic with words. It is just the elven way of perceiving the world. Others may wish to use other terminology for things, but we are elves and the whole world is magic to our eyes and our hearts.

     And that’s the point isn’t it? No matter what changes may occur in the world, in technology, in our own being, we will still be elves now and forever. Whether we live on the material plane or some other, we are soulful spirits evolving into greater and more vibrant being. We can only guess at the details of what we elves will be like in the future. As we can only guess at what fashions we might wear. But what is certain is that we are becoming ever more elven, which is to say more enchanting and that is what it has always been about. What will elves be like in the future? Marvelous, simply marvelous. Just as we are now only better.


The Silver Elves


“Every vision of the morrow is rooted in a thousand yesterdays.”
Olde Elven Saying

—The Silver Elves



What Kind of Elf or Otherkin Are You?
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For years various kindred have asked us, the Silver Elves, to help them figure this out. You probably know if you are an elf, faerie, or otherkin but now we’ve created a questionnaire in order to help us and you create a narrative together about your specific people and your clan, their personal characteristics, magic, relationship to Nature, and interests. This is our gift to you (free), which we think will be a bit of fun for both of us. Give us five minutes of your time and we will give you a half hour to forty minutes of ours and send you your unique magical narrative. Simply follow this link and the directions on the page:





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ichingcovedThe Elven Book of Changes: A Magical Interpretation of the I Ching

If you want to hear the voice of the ancestors and get true guidance and sagely advice from them, the I Ching is a good way to go about it. The Elven Book Of Changes is a version of the I Ching that merely removes the patriarchal cultural bias and language that is in so many versions, as well as interpreting it from an Elven point of view, which also means with a magical outlook. We welcome you to come here to our website to read more about The Elven Book of Changes and to read the introduction and beginning of the Hexagram 1: Magic.

The above quote is from The Elven Book of Changes: A Magical Interpretation of the I Ching. We thank Ileådryn, Sara Isayama, for her beautiful graphic presentation of this quote.


“We elves are not trying to save the world
so much as to transform it into something much better.”
—The Silver Elves


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Bright Doth Burn the Candle Light. . . . . .

Bright doth burn the candle light

That flickers through the trees

When darkened night obscures the way

Its glow still summons me

I ever keep it in my sight

As weary I do strive

To find my way to Elven Home

Where true magic comes alive.

And filtered now I hear a song

Of voices raised in cheer

And gladdened notes of happiness

To greet my eager ear

And stumbling onward

Toward the sound

Of laughter and of love

That through the leaves

Does call to me

From branches up above.

And peering round

My eyes do search

Until they hap to see

A staircase spiral wrapping round

An oak that’s near to me

With pounding heart

I toward these steps

In haste do lurch and dive

Till climbing up

Hands pull me forth

As I at last arrive.

And I am grasped

And deep embraced

And nectar offered me

But none so sweet

As the smiles I spy

At home high in this tree.

—The Silver Elves, from An Elven Game of Rhymes : Book Two of the Magical Poems of Zardoa Silverstar.




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“Elfin is like the morning mist nestled among the trees
arousing an atavistic sense of mystery and wonder.”

—The Silver Elves




Blessings3 copy

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What is the Rainbow Magic that the Silver Elves Often Speak About?

October 1, 2017
“Rainbow Magic is really the magic of the rainbow people,
which is to say all the Elfae (elven faerie folk) and
others that work together to create a better situation for all of us.”


(Photo of magical double rainbow taken
by The Silver Elves in Makaha, Hawaii, near their Eald.)

According to a Hopi Prophecy, the Rainbow People will come and save the peoples of the Earth. The Earth, itself, according to the elves, doesn’t need saving. It is humanity and the other creatures upon it that are truly in danger from man-unkinds’ and others’ predations. The Earth will do quite well without humanity. But we elves and fae folk would rather not have it that way. We’d much rather harmonize with Nature and find/create a place where all peoples, human and otherwise, may be successful.

Thus Rainbow Magic is really the magic of the Rainbow People, which is to say all the Elfae (elven faerie folk) and others that work together to create a better situation for all of us. A true elven civilization upon the Earth. A place where everyone is free to express hir own s’elf and hir own nature as long as they don’t interfere with others. This idea of the Rainbow People, the combined elven and fae folk along with all others, is essentially an Aquarian notion and befits the Aquarian Age that is still in the process of birthing. It is, as we’ve said elsewhere, the essential idea that we can all do our own thing together. It puts forth the notion that win-win situations are not only possible but preferable and that we are able not only agree to disagree but we can also agree to let each other, as much as possible, pursue our own interests and development. There is room in Elfin for all sincere and willing folk that chose to be there.

These may seem in some ways like new ideas (some folks might even fluff them off as New Age, a term that is held in scorn by numerous folks, although these elves have never been precisely clear about why they do so, nor has anyone been able to tell us) but like the Hopi Prophecy and the notion of the Aquarian Age, these are actually something that have been handed down to us from the Ancestors. They foresaw our coming and rejoiced in the fact that it was so, as we rejoice and take heart in those who are yet to come.

Another way to look at this, however, is in the Seven Rays of Manifestation, which are each accorded a color associated with the Rainbow. The three primary colors being the first three rays and the blending of those colors (the secondary colors) being the last three rays and the fourth, by its nature, being a place of synthesis. For our own part we see the fourth ray as being of the tonal scale, thus white to black with all the grays in between, and thus also silver. We elves particularly associate with this ray, although any individual elf may have another ray as hir dominant propensity.

But this brings us back to the Rainbow Magic and the fact that there is a blending occurring. Elves, while we tend to be, first and foremost, enchanters, are also wizards, witches, sorcerers, magicians, conjurors and healers, herbalists, shamans, and every other sort of magician that uses hir magic to manifest Elfin in a bright and positive way that is fulfilling and healing for all involved. This is the Rainbow Magic, uniting our powers to create something truly wondrous for everyone, a world of shining radiance where love rules, magic illuminates, and we dance together in joy forever in a world brilliant with color.

Ver nesidas mellun vari te (In shimmering starlight ever be),
The Silver Elves

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“Some people think it never rains in Elfin but, of course, it does.
Where else would we get rainbows and the mists of Faerie?
Although, it is true, the rains in Elfin are healing and magical.”
—from Elf Quotes by The Silver Elves

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elvesWhat sort of elf, faerie or other are you?
For years various kindred have asked us, the Silver Elves, to help them figure this out. Now we’ve created a questionnaire to help us do so. This is our gift to you. Simply follow the link & the directions. 

September 28, 2017th: The Silver Elves are happy to introduce our newest book release:
Creating Miracles In the Modern World: The Way Of the Elfin Thaumaturge


Creating Miracles In the Modern World is a book of Elfin Thaumaturgy, of miracle working and wonder creation, although for these elves we much prefer the idea of wonder working and creation to the idea of miracles. We love wonders. We love creating them; we love encountering them. This simple tome will explore the means by which we may do so. By which we mean not only creating the wondrous but also developing our ability to see and appreciate the wonders that are all around us. These things are tied together. The ability to see wonders promotes the creation of wonders.
Some have written in popular books that there is no such thing as magic. We wonder then what they think miracles are if not magic. Of course, what they mean is that human beings are incapable of magic and that only the Divine, which they perceive of in the form of the Christian demi-god and his retinue, can do magic, which is to say create miracles. We elves, naturally, disagree. We are elves; we are magic by our very natures. We don’t so much have to do magic; we are magic. We exude magic from our pores. Our every movement is magic. Magic is an effect of our being.
Creating Miracles In the Modern World shows you, whoever you are—whether you are an elf or Otherkin or consider yourself a member of normal humanity—that the more we develop our own inner divine nature, the more wondrous we become, and therefore in consequence the more we are able to recognize the subtle wonders of the world and the Universe. Thus, s’elf development is ever a part of the progress of the elfin magician who seeks, first and foremost, to master hir (his/her) own s’elf in order to have influence upon the world at large and not the other way around. For mastery of ones’elf (also called s’elf discipline) is, in fact, a most wondrous thing creating awe in those who observe it, inspiring them with possibility. And possibility, which is the true nature of the Divine Magic, is at the root of the miraculous and the wondrous. Every wondrous thing flows from its being that expresses itself through us. Thus it is that in the act of sub-creation and in some cases, perhaps, co-creation, we, like the Divine Magic itself, do manifest wonders.
You may visit our website to read an excerpt from Chapter 3.

“Wondrous is Faerie
Radiant and fair
But most wondrous of all
Is the love we elven share.”
—The Silver Elves

Elven Blessings!



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