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What is the Elven Point of View about People Choosing their Lives before Birth?

October 6, 2018
“In the long run, all limitations placed upon us in choosing another life, are our own.
It is our own soulful spirit that guides us toward its fulfillment and that chooses
a life most likely to lead toward enlightenment and elevation of our being.”

From an elven point of view, people do choose their lives before birth but there are a number of qualifying considerations of a limiting sort that affect this choice. First, of course, is Karma. Karma, first and foremost, limits our choices. It’s rather like going into a clothing store to buy a new outfit, but one only has so much money to spend, and thus one’s choices are limited. Also Karma requires us to pay back what we owe and thus it reduces the amount of possibilities, the choices we have for another life. Most of the really great lives and situations have been taken by those who’ve earned enough to select them and have the spiritual development to both deserve and embrace them.

When we speak about Karma as requiring us to repay what we owe, this is not so much an external principle to us but an inner one. As we rise in our spiritual development, we are compelled from our inner spiritual soul to repay what we owe, as the more developed we are spiritually, the more we wish to be united with all of life and love is our inner guiding principle. We expand our consciousness to understand on deeper and deeper levels that all spirits are equal in an essential fashion, all are expressions of the Divine Magic.

But this aspect of karma isn’t the only limitation upon us. We are also limited, or perhaps we could say we are afforded greater opportunities by our level of spiritual evolution and development. Obviously, the more enlightened we are, and the more developed we are, (and for elves and fae folk this also means our magical development) the wider the possibilities that are open to us. Enlightenment and magic well used are like money in the bank. The more evolved one is the richer they are in a spiritual sense and thus the greater one’s power to choose from a variety of possible life courses.

But here we run into another and a different set of limitations. Sometimes people choose lives that limit them, or burden them in certain ways for spiritual reasons. An enchanter may be born in a body that is not very good looking in order to develop the powers of enchantment of their personality. Bodhisattvas (Shining Ones) often accept limitations (the very fact that they are choosing to be born into a material body is one) out of compassion to help others. Some souls, out of love for others, take on the burdens, in part, of other people’s karma. They help them carry their baggage, so to speak, in order to uplift them. But mostly we gravitate toward those we love or with whom we have some karmic responsibility to work things out, which in the long run, always means developing the relationship between us.

And this brings us to two other very important points that bear upon one’s ability to choose one’s life before one is incarnated. The first of these is that most of us have yet to develop continuity of consciousness. Continuity of consciousness allows one to retain one’s consciousness and memories from lifetime to lifetime. If you can meditate so deeply that you sleep but remain conscious without thinking then you are there or approaching this state. Most of us, however, are nowhere near this level of development and many people only get bits and pieces of past life memories in their dreams rather than full continuity of consciousness, and our intuition may even fill in the blanks a bit to make a full storyline. However, even these fragments of our past life memories can be very useful to our self-awareness and give us inspiration to continue our meditations.

Without continuity of consciousness, the afterlife, or really the between life state, is rather like a dream. We are usually sort of semi-conscious in a dream but for the most part we are just experiencing the dream, watching it unfold before us and happen to us. If you can lucid dream then you are on the way toward continuity of consciousness. But for most of us, the between life is very dream-like and our choice of another life, another body and a new situation is rather instinctually based. Just as our dreams often reflect our unconscious and the things we are working out in our subconscious, so our choice for a next life is most frequently based upon instinctual desires and motivations. We go to what attracts us. There is actually very little conscious thought involved until indeed we evolve to the level of the Shining Ones.

The other consideration is this. Many folks select a life based upon their basest desires and the fulfillment of unconscious drives affected, quite deeply, by their karma, which is often to say their prejudices, hate, and fears from a previous life. But as we grow spiritually (yet still haven’t yet attained continuity of consciousness), we tend to gravitate toward those lives that we desire that will empower and uplift us. In other words, we naturally choose those lives that help us become who we truly wish to be.

In the long run, all limitations placed upon us in choosing another life, are our own and taking the opportunity to develop spiritually during the life we have presently chosen is key to our future lives. It is our own soulful spirit that guides us toward its fulfillment and that chooses a life most likely to lead toward enlightenment and elevation of our being. We are who we are because of who we are, which is to say who we choose to be. And these elves, choose the life elfin, because that’s who we are.

Ver nesidas mellun vari te (In shimmering starlight ever be),
The Silver Elves
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The Elven Way

May 5, 2013


May 2013

We have been quite busy elves …

dearest Kin …

In these past few years and have now written and published 22 books on elven magic and enchantment. We hope you will visit our website where all of our books are displayed and you can find samples of our writing for each book on the “Sample Our Books” link. Also, please enjoy our “Elven Tree of Life Eternal” maze to explore your magical s’elf and feel free to request an elven name in the language of the Silver Elves, Arvyndase (instructions for this free gift are on the “Want an Elf Name” page) . Enjoy!

One of our most recent books is The Elven Way: The Magical Path of the Shining Ones and we wanted to share with you the following excerpt from Chapter 1 on “Awakening”. Also click here to read more excerpts and about The Elven Way.

The Silver Elves


The Awakening

“Most elfin and otherkin brought up in the world of Man experience what is often called the Awakening. Usually this involves the realization that one is elven, faerie or other, or a variety of other, a mixture of elf and pixie, for instance. Most elves go through life feeling different from those around them and alienated from the normal culture anyway. However, though they feel different from most common folk they often have no idea what they truly are, they just know that they are different until this realization, this awakening, or acceptance comes. We often feel we are not quite human or if human certainly not normal. Normal folk, of course, are eager to remind us of this fact and while at first we often find this reminder of our difference and their lack of acceptance painful, in time we come to embrace their rejection, wearing it as a badge of honor. When we see how they are, how they think, or in most cases, fail to think, we are glad we are not them, although being different has its dangers for they subtly, and too often not so subtly, despise all that is different from them, all who do not eagerly conform.”

“But this realization, this awakening is not always one of understanding one is an elf or other. Sometimes, this realization is, in fact, an awakening to the realization that we can in truth be who or whatever we choose to be; that our life and destiny is not shaped by our fate or our genetic history; that we are, indeed, free to be our own s’elves however we choose to define it. This realization stems in part from the understanding that there is a spiritual dimension to our being, that the material world, our ethnic and social history and our genetic lineage do not or need not, entirely define us. We are spirits/souls being born into material bodies and ultimately it is not our body that says who we are, but our spirits. We are elves not because our bodies are descended from elves, although we may well be descended from those tribes, such as the Scythians, the Pict-Sidhe or the Tuatha Da Danaan, upon which the tales of elves are mostly based; but because we choose to be elves; although, it is a basic truth that we choose to be elves because we are elves. In the long run of evolution, we all choose to be who are truly are. We cannot help but do so. We may try to escape our true natures, as so many “normal” folk attempt to do, but in the course of eternity that is a futile quest. We cannot escape our true s’elves.”

“Nearly every religion attests to the fact that there is a spiritual dimension that exists within, alongside of, and beyond the material world, and yet trapped in this world as we are, where physical pleasure and pain are very real to us, it is sometimes hard to remember this fact, or do more than pay lip service to this idea. But the haunting reality of Death, plus the endless question of where we were before we were conceived, gives pause to be thoughtful about our true condition and the real nature of the Universe.”

“While some elves and otherkin, in reaction to the scorn they’ve experienced and suffered in life, often feel they are superior to normal folk, it is important to realize that the underlying spiritual nature of the Universe and the process of evolutionary development applies to all things, all beings in the universe from mineral life, to flora, to animal life, to humanity, to the spirits beyond, from the atom to the constellations, all are in the process of Becoming.”

“The Sages point out to us that life on Earth and the pleasures, and pains, of this life are transitory. They are an illusion, not because they don’t occur but because they don’t last. There is within us a hunger for the Eternal, for happiness and pleasure that endures, for love that never fades and is ever true, and for understanding that surpasses all illusion. Life on Earth, being transitory is just another dream that seems so real when we are in the midst of it but which fades, even seems to be forgotten, once it has passed away; although, nothing is ever truly forgotten. We may not remember mentally but our experience is imprinted on our souls forever in the form of the Akashic Record.”

“Some writers thus picture elves as being immortal beings who never change, but this is not the case. Rather, as spirits we become ever more masterful in both creating and experiencing a changing environment. We don’t become perfect and then stay the same, but rather are in a continual state of perfecting and improving ours’elves. We do not become, like Anne Rice’s vampires, living statues but rather we evolve into increasingly ephemeral beings of light living in worlds of our own creation. We do not kill to live or live to kill but live to love and love to live. The death dealers will get exactly the world they’ve created and so shall we, which is to say that in time death as we know it will die.”

“Caught up in the world that is, lured by transitory pleasures, or trapped by pain, it is sometimes hard to turn one’s mind to the Eternal and even when one realizes our Eternal nature mentally as an idea or concept, it is often difficult to remember it when swept up in the great flood of worldly experience. One must reach beyond the mind, whose function is to question and doubt, and arrive at the heart, and secure there our faith and cling to it. Yet, should one fail in this, and most of us do indeed for lifetimes uncounted fail in this, we need not despair. The true nature of life is evolution whether we remember it or not, whether we have faith or not, its nature remains unchanged and that unchanging nature is one of ever becoming.”

“What is important to remember is that we shape our lives in all we do. This is our nature; it is our magic; it is our karma. When we act with the Eternal in our minds and hearts, when we come to understand ours’elves as beings who exist in various forms through the ages, we begin to participate in the Life Eternal that is our true state of being and our destiny.”

“Although our actions shape our lives, ours is not a random Universe. Nor are we the only powers in it. There are laws that govern the Universe and these laws arise naturally out of the Nature of the Universe. They are not arbitrary rules created by some outside power, god, or force but are inherent in the nature of things. One might wonder then do we have any power to shape our lives at all and the answer is quite clearly yes, although at this point for most beings it is a quite limited power. The world we live in is formed by the magics we have created in our past, our karma, which also create our thoughts and philosophies and in this way inform our actions, but it is also created by the magics others have done with whom we’ve interacted, either positively or negatively, in love or hate, or both, in cooperation or conflict. It is these interwoven spells that have bound us to this world.”

“We come to understand in time that in order to succeed in the world, to succeed as spirits, we must follow certain precepts, rules, or laws of magic. Again, these are not arbitrary rules but absolutely essential to the evolution of our spirits and our souls. They are the Way we evolve and succeed, become who we truly wish to be, which is to say who we truly are and live as Immortal Spirits in the Eternal Dimensions. We call them therefore the Elven Way.

Some will say that this Way involves the apprehension of what is Good and what is Evil and pursuing the One, or the Other; and that is true in a sense. However, it is probably more accurate to say that this Way delineates what actually works to uplift, liberate and free us from the limitations and confines of this world, what empowers us, as opposed to those things that keep us entangled and bound. Still, to our minds what liberates us and empowers us is good and what binds us and enslaves us is evil, so the difference, while accurate, is subtle.”

“It may be defined very easily by stating this simple formula: We are free to pursue our own magical creative course as long as we do not obstruct and interfere with others who are doing the same. Clearly, we have the right to defend ours’elves and thus prevent others from interfering with our way, if our way is true, and to prevent them from obstructing others.

We may add to this the fact that in helping others to pursue their true goals, that is find their own true path, we are also de facto aiding our own course. Since we live in an interconnected world, cooperation whenever and wherever possible is always advised and of great benefit to us all. It may also be noted that since we find ours’elves in a world where our magic is limited, mainly by our karma, cooperative action increases the power of our magic. What we cannot accomplish alone we can achieve together.”

The Silver Elves

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the-silver-elves-quotes-2From the cover of:
The Elven Way:
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Many Kindred have asked us what is “The Elven Way.” So we have written books on it (see our book above:  The Elven Way: The Magical Path of the Shining Ones) but here below is our short definition:

Short description of The Elven Way

 by The Silver Elves

“The Elven Way is the spiritual path of the Elves. It is not a religion. While all elves are free to pursue whatever spiritual path they desire, or not as the case may be, The Silver Elves are magicians and follow no particular religious dogma. We do however believe in all the Gods and Goddesses, (also Santa Claus [to whom we’re related], the tooth fairy [distant cousins] and the Easter or Ostara Bunny [no relation]) and try to treat them all with due respect. The Elven Way promotes the principles of Fairness, that is to say both Justice, Elegance and Equal Opportunity and Courtesy that is respectful in its interactions and attitude toward all beings, great or small. We understand the world as a magical or miraculous phenomena, and that all beings, by pursuing their own true path, will become whomever they truly desire to be. Our path is that of Love and Magic and we share our way with all sincerely interested individuals.”

“To remind us ever of the need to rise up and lift our others with us, to have compassion for others even those who oppose us, to endeavor to understand the true natures and motivations not only of ours’elves but all others, the Shining Ones send us Sages who appear in many forms, in nearly all cultures and speak though various social and religious philosophies encouraging us to strive toward the light, to seek ever the good of all, and to further spiritual evolution in all that we do. We elves call this the Way of the Fair or The Elven Way. The Path is never-ending, the Way is ever before us, the Choice is always now, and we are eternally evolving. This is the Elven Way. The enculturation and other protections that shield the normal folk from the realization of other dimensions are lifted when the elf steps upon the path and begins to tread the Elven Way. The Elven Way gives our lives meaning and purpose. We come to understand who we truly are, that is that we are spirits evolving and we establish a purpose in our lives, which generally might be expressed as aiding ours’elves and all others to fulfill ours’elves perfectly. That is to say, we become who are truly are, which is who we truly desire to be. Remember, we ever wish to be our own true s’elves as perfectly as possible, which means among other things to be happy and successful forever, to live Happily Ever After.”
—The Silver Elves



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The Magical Realms of Elfin:
Answers to Questions About Being An Elf and Following the Elven Path

THE MAGICAL REALMS OF ELFIN: Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path contains questions and answers about being elven that many people who are exploring the Elven Way have posed to The Silver Elves throughout the 40 + years that they have been living and sharing the Elven Way. The Silver Elves have put them all in this one book for all those who need a convenient, yet thorough and easy-to-read, resource to explore their questions about who the modern elves are and about the Elven Way or elven spiritual path — past, present and future. If you are curious about elves and want to learn more about modern elves and the Elven Path, then you will surely find this book to contain many of your questions answered and it will be a great comfort and help in finding your way home to the Magical Realms of Elfin.

Elven Blessings, Dear Kindred



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