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Beyond Death: The Elfin Book of the Dead, Ascending towards the Faerie Realms through Progressive Incarnations

June 5, 2020



New Release!
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          BEYOND DEATH: The Elfin Book of the Dead by The Silver Elves is a guide for those who are dealing with the recently deceased or dying, as well as for anyone who would like to begin consciously preparing for their own demise. There are two parts to Beyond Death — the first part explores the theoretical aspects concerning death and the Between worlds from an elven perspective, and the second part of this book has practical admonitions and spells based on the Elven Star (7 pointed acute hexagram) that can help a person who is in the process of transitioning from one incarnation to another.

     Part One of Beyond Death explores death and the Between states as it relates to a variety of topics including: elven magic, immortality of elves, raising the dead, lucid dreaming, the experience of the between state, the Death card in the Tarot, the stages of grief and dealing with death, death and amnesia, the fae descent into matter, Faerie and the Nether-realms, elven perspectives on how various myths and religions view death, the wild hunt, banshees and black dogs, Day of the Dead, Sitting Shiva and Shiva, astral travel and the relationship of death to teraphim, nature spirits and animism.

     It is nearly impossible to know exactly what you will encounter in the Between since our experience there depends greatly upon our own inner being and consciousness, especially our subconscious being, our right brained symbolic consciousness that manifests in dream states and during the Between. However, the general principles and developmental stages are rather universal so we have fashioned from an elven perspective spells and admonitions of guidance so that we might aid anyone who is transiting the realms of manifestation. These spells (see Part Two of the book) are linked to the Elven Star and its seven points and seven intersections or interstices (so 14 in all) and the energies they represent. They are designed to be spoken over 14 days (one spell each day) as you contemplate or more importantly feel (if you knew and have feelings for the individual you wish to guide) the person on whose behalf you are casting the spell. You might wish to set up a temporary magic table, what most people call an altar, with photos or items reminiscent of the individual(s) for this purpose. These spells and admonitions relate to energies of the 14 realms of manifestation: The Red Diamond World, Blue Wave World, Realm of the Wondrous Yellow Orb, Realm of the Rainbow Bridge, Emerald Green World, Orange Glowing World, Royal Purple Mist Realm, Lavender Lotus World, Deep Green Forest World, Golden Light of the Shining Realms, Silver Realms of Moonlight Being, Realm of the Amber Orbs of Translucent Wonder, Opalescent Realm of Radiant Being, and Pure Clear Realm of Radiant Light. We purposely put the 14 day spells and admonitions (ritual) for the recently deceased loved one as the Part Two in this book so it may be easy to find when you need it for guiding your loved one through the Between.


We would like to dedicate BEYOND DEATH to all the soulful spirits who have passed on to the Between due to the Coronvirus Pandemic 2020 and we hope you awaken onto the realization of the life eternal.

“It should be clear to nearly everyone that life in the world will eventually kill your body, but life in Elfin will ultimately awaken you to the immortality of you spirit.”
— The Silver Elves


Table of Contents for  BEYOND DEATH: The Elfin Book of the Dead:


Part One . . . . Musings on Life, which is to say Death,
which is to say Life

Chapter 1: Magic

Chapter 2: Are Elves Immortal?

Chapter 3: Raising the Dead, the Balance of Life

Chapter 4: Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel,
the Body of Light

Chapter 5: Necromancy and Necromagery

Chapter 6: As Above, So Below (or “As Within,
So Beyond”) and Vice Versa

Chapter 7: Hebrews, Christians and Muslims,
Celts and Vikings

Chapter 8: Ghosts and Shards

Chapter 9: How Long is the Between Experience?

Chapter 10: As We Think

Chapter 11: Magical Perspectives on The Five Stages
of Grief and Dealing with Death

Chapter 12: Genetics or the Land?

Chapter 13: Death in the Tarot

Chapter 14: The Last Judgment in Tarot, Zombies, Revenants and Ghouls

Chapter 15: Killing to Live, Vegetarianism

Chapter 16: Amnesia, a New Beginning

Chapter 17: Faerie and the Nether-realms

Chapter 18: Fae Descent into Matter

Chapter 19: La Petit Mort

Chapter 20: The Crown of Creation

Chapter 21: Wild Hunt

Chapter 22: Banshees and Black Dogs

Chapter 23: Passing On, Passing Over, Beyond the Veil,
Kicking the Bucket and Giving up the Ghost

Chapter 24: Teraphim, Nature Spirits and Animism

Chapter 25: Fallen

Chapter 26: Forgiveness and Sin Eaters

Chapter 27: Day of the Dead and Santa Muerte

Chapter 28: Sitting Shiva with Shiva


Part Two . . . . . Dealing with Reality and the Practical Application of Spells for Aiding in the Transition through the Between

Introduction two/too and possibly to . . . Elfin

Chapter 29: Enchantment for the First Day, Point One on the Elven Star (Red Diamond World)

Chapter 30: Enchantment for the Second Day, Point Two on the Elven Star (Blue Wave World)

Chapter 31: Enchantment for the Third Day, Point Three on the Elven Star (Realm of the Wondrous Yellow Orb)

Chapter 32: Enchantment for the Fourth Day, Point Four on the Elven Star (Realm of the Rainbow Bridge)

Chapter 33: Enchantment for the Fifth Day, Point Five on the Elven Star (Emerald Green World)

Chapter 34: Enchantment for the Sixth Day, Point Six on the Elven Star (Orange Glowing World)

Chapter 35: Enchantment for the Seventh Day, Point Seven on the Elven Star (Royal Purple Mist Realm)

Chapter 36: Enchantment for the Eighth Day, Between points One and Two on the Elven Star (Lavender Lotus World)

Chapter 37: Enchantment for the Ninth Day, Between points Two and Three on the Elven Star (Deep Green Forest World)

Chapter 38: Enchantment for the Tenth Day, Between points Three and Four on the Elven Star (Golden Light of the Shining Realms)

Chapter 39: Enchantment for the Eleventh Day, Between points Four and Five on the Elven Star (Silver Realms of Moonlight Being)

Chapter 40: Enchantment for the Twelfth Day, Between points Five and Six on the Elven Star (Realm of the Amber Orbs of Translucent Wonder)

Chapter 41: Enchantment for the Thirteenth Day, Between points Six and Seven on the Elven Star (Opalescent Realm of Radiant Being)

Chapter 42: Enchantment for the Fourteenth Day, Between points Seven and One on the Elven Star (Pure Clear Realm of Radiant Light)

Beyond Death by The Silver Elves is found here for purchase on Amazon USA
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“Mayhaps the essence of the difference between the philosophies of the elves and that of men is this: Men think there is nothing more permanent than Death. While we elves think there is nothing more transitory.”
—The Silver Elves


Excerpts from: Beyond Death

Musing on Life, which is to say Death, which is to say Life

Excerpt Page 21-25
Chapter 2: Are Elves Immortal?

     “Most stories about the fae folk say that we are immortal or very long lived. Of course, that’s also what is said about vampires (what we Silver Elves think of as dark elves, sometimes but not always of an unseelie variety) until someone plunges a stake through their heart or binds them into the sunlight and the light turns them to ashes and dust that blows away with the wind. This destroys their body, surely, but where does their spirit go?”

     “Elves, too, as we say, are sometimes seen as being immortal up until the point when we, like vampires, get killed, although the methods for killing us are often less idiosyncratic than it is for vampires. Still, if your body can be killed, it’s not exactly immortal as a cohesive unit, just potentially long lived and we each strive for immortality not only of the spirit but of the body as well.”

     “There is a reason that, while we know ours’elves to be spirits, we think of our bodies as our own and a part of us. It is true that we have, in a sense, commandeered energy from the Universe and formed it into our body and that body changes, shedding skin, hair and other things, all its cells being replaced periodically throughout our lives, and yet it still remains one unit while we are in it. Our body may change utterly through the course of a life and yet still we remain ours’elves. We are learning through the vehicles of incarnation how to construct bodies that will last and endure and become a part of us in a more permanent fashion. In a certain sense, the union of our spirit and our body is a marriage of sorts. The fact that for most of us, as yet, that marriage ends in divorce/death is only to say that we have much to learn about magic and need a good deal more time and effort in order to increase our own powers of endurance, healing and manifestation.”

     “As it is, most of us elves currently incarnated into human bodies do not have immortal material bodies. We die, like everyone else, but often, but not always, we do have a basic tendency to live a bit longer than normal human beings and to appear younger than our age as compared to most of the normal folk around us. But that may have less to do with us being elven than the fact that we also are inclined to have better diets, to exercise more and in general take better care of ours’elves and our bodies than Men often do theirs. But those things, in themselves, are surely elven traits, and it wouldn’t hurt Men at all to follow our example in this regard and in that way potentially live longer while becoming just a bit more elven. Of course, toning down their aggressive tendencies and their inclination to go to war with nearly everyone about nearly anything, would probably serve to extend their lives as well.”

     “Although, it is rather paradoxical that Men, who frequently think that they have only one life to live, so often treat their bodies with such rough disregard, while we elves, who know ours’elves to be essentially spirit, nurture, value and do our best to preserve our bodies in each incarnation even knowing that we will get another fresh one when our current one is done. Men often take better care of their cars than they do their own bodies. We elves see our bodies as a part of our spirit family, you might say, and we take care of our family, for all our kindred are beloved to us.”

     “And yet, though we do incarnate into fragile human bodies, there is an immortality to the elven, but that is really the case for all beings and is not something that is exclusive to we who are elven as some seem to suppose. It is just that some folks, like Men, have not realized the essential nature of their own immortal being. All of life is eternal. Our bodies are immortal, actually, or really the energy that we have used to formulate these bodies is, although the forms themselves are temporary and changing even as we inhabit them. But once the form dissolves the energy that composed it simply goes elsewhere. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it merely transforms. The key is in learning and achieving the ability to guide that transformation as best we may. Life after life, we develop our abilities, including our ability to successfully inhabit a material body and do so in a way that it will endure, heal and revitalize itself for as long as possible. Trees can live for thousands of years, why can’t we? And the answer is, of course, that we can, but we are still learning how to do so.”

     “Our spirits are immortal, even though they are not exactly the same thing as the transitory personalities that we use to express ours’elves any more than we are actually our thoughts, emotions or opinions. Our ideas, feelings and points of view may change, hopefully will, as we grow more experienced and potentially wise, but our essential nature, the core of our inner being, remains forever the same, although hopefully deepening, in a sense, as our experience, power and potential wisdom increase. We are always ours’elves even when we are not aware of who precisely that may happen to be.”

     “We may go through a period of finding ours’elves, as the expression goes, when we are very young, but finding ones’elf really is a quest for lifetimes and what most people mean by finding oneself is finding one’s place in the world, finding where one fits in or how one wishes to fit into society as it already exists. We may settle on some rather simple notions of our being as we develop into maturity, often falling back into the example that our parents set for us but we are always more than we may seem to be in any particular lifetime and continually evolving toward the greater realization of our beings, whether it seems that way or not. We may go down a lot of dead-ends in our search for enlightenment but those are an education, too. We may wander and meander but when we finally arrive in Elfin we will see that we got there just when we were meant to do so, and the journey, however inconsistent it may have seemed at times, was our path and no other’s.”

     “And certainly, the higher spirits, the Shining Ones who live upon higher dimensions, or more expansive dimensions, you might say, so that they are able to live in our world and yet beyond it, are immortal as compared to our limited incarnations, but even they are in the process of change and transformation, ever in the process of becoming. And while death may be different for them, chosen perhaps, rather than thrust upon them, they still are subject to change. Only it is something they embrace and use, like driving a car we might say, rather than to experience fearfully as most of us tend to fear death as though we are sitting in the backseat as our drunk and half blind grandfather races down the highway. We are, after all, energy formulated by a deep magical consciousness and attaining that consciousness in a more persistent and constant fashion is to obtain immortality. Continuity of consciousness from life to life or body to body or incarnation to incarnation, however you may wish to express it, is immortality in the sense that most of us deem it to be and strive toward achieving. . . . .”

The Spell:
“Death’s icy grip brings me no fear
For Elfin’s love does hold me dear”

“Fanth’na lasath fit curalu el kon mak
Fro Êldat’na feln ba gosp el fysa”

Fane-th’nah lay – sayth fight cur – rah – lou eel cone make
Fro L – date’nah feel-n bah go-sp eel fiss – sah

[end of excerpt]

Excerpt Page 36-39
Chapter 4: Lucid Dreaming, Astral travel, the Body of Light

     “Some folks might question the existence of this deeper consciousness, thinking only the conscious mind exists, just as they question the reality of the Between, but this deeper inner consciousness is also the consciousness that guides people around when they are sleepwalking. They are not in their normal waking consciousness and yet they find their way around quite instinctively. It is this inner consciousness that guides us in the Between most of the time, a sort of sleepwalking that gets us to where we need to go.”

     “So, if that is the case, what is the value of developing lucid dreaming, practicing astral travel and formulating the energetic body of light? If they are essentially unnecessary, why bother to develop these abilities at all? The fact is that we are in this life to learn to master the material world and create enduring bodies that will not die, at least not so quickly at first, and which later will become immortal. Part of the process of doing this is infusing ours’elves and our lives and our worlds and thus our bodies with that very light that we use to create our imaginal bodies, our illuminated bodies. We are becoming enlightened. We are becoming bright. Not just mentally, as this notion is usually taken to mean, not just in our minds, our thoughts, opinions and points of view, but also in our bodies so that we, like the pictures of saints with halos, radiate light all around us affecting the world for the better through our mere presence. We are becoming radiant beings and in doing so mastering the material world.”

     “Part of the process of creating immortal bodies is also the transformation of those bodies into forms that are more and more composed of light, which is to say made of matter in its illuminated essence, and thus, in more than one way, less dense, closer to the source of the energy which composes these bodily forms and thus more enduring. We expand thereby into the fourth dimension, that is we learn to consciously live in four dimensions and not just in three as we currently do Most of us usually live in three dimensions utterly unaware of the potential of our fourth dimensional reality or of our possible and we might say eventual or even destined existence there.”

     “Elfin and Faerie are frequently seen as being parallel worlds that live alongside of what most people call the “real” world but as worlds that exist but are more ephemeral in nature. This is what we are speaking of. Entering Faerie or Elfin isn’t about stepping through a portal into another realm almost exactly like this one but which is elsewhere in space as you might travel from Japan to China and back, although death is that portal in a certain sense. But the goal is to become able to live permanently in that world by making ours’elves and our lives more light-filled, thus vibrating upon the same frequency as the Faerie and Elfin realms. And it is this harmony of vibration that allows us to enter or live within those realms. In vibrating on the same frequency as Elfin, we become attuned to Elfin, which in effect means that we enter Elfin and can live there.”

     “Entering Elfin or Faerie by becoming more illuminated is our quest and becoming more illuminated is also the means for succeeding in that objective. Becoming more elfin is increasing the power and vibrancy of one’s aura, the radiated inner light of our being, which is also to say our aura and our powers of enchantment. And it is by becoming more elfin, more filled with the light of Elfin enchantment, that we create Elfin around us. It is a paradox of Faerie magic that Elfin exists and yet our own existence there depends upon us creating it, or making it real in our own lives..”

And from page 42 of the same chapter on forming your body of light:

“. . . .  See your body as light, formed as you desire, and move in that body. This is just like Olympian athletes who imagine themselves doing their particular sport to increase their skill and performance. Going through the motions in our minds increases our ability to do it in physical space, only in this case, the Between is a very subtle form of physicality. It is form composed of very fine substance. . . . . . . “

The Spell [for developing your body of light]:
“In a body formed of light
My elfin spirit soars in flight”

“Ver na miwa qumïn u lun
El’na êldat tari roflu ver fosd”

Veer nah my – wah que-m – in loon
Eel’nah l – date tay – rye row-f – lou veer foes-d

[End of Excerpts on Part One of Beyond Death]

Beyond Death by The Silver Elves is found here for purchase on Amazon USA
and here on Amazon UK.


More Excerpts from Beyond Death!

Dealing with Reality and the Practical Application of Spells for Aiding in the Transition through the Between:
Excerpt Page 297-298:
Chapter 29: Enchantment for the First Day, Point One on the Elven Star

     “Listen to my voice, Oh, noble elfae one, …. (and/or say the person’s name and think of them and/or feel their presence), and heed well the blessings I send unto you. After having slept for a time, you are now awakening into the Red Diamond World and you now remember that you are immortal and shall live forever. You knew this previously but had forgotten this truth. While this realization might bring you joy, it may also produce fear in you for the great unknown still looms before you. And everything now seems overwhelming and you are washed away with the tide of the life energy going swiftly you know not where faster than you can think or imagine. Do not resist this flow. There is no need to do so and no purpose in doing so.”

     “However, if you have hated anyone in your previous life, any person or group of people, those individuals will now appear before you, mighty in their visage, threatening in their being and their rage against you, and you will tend to forget that you are an immortal being once more and fear for your survival.”

     “If you flee from them you will reenter the material world seeking incarnation as quickly as possible in whatever portal opens and you will likely be born in the grimlen world among those who live their lives with hate in their hearts and you will be trapped for another life attempting to free yours’elf or be carried away by senseless and unthinking animosity your entire existence there, living in a hell world, often without realizing you are doing so. But this is not at all necessary and you can relinquish your enmity at any moment and fly free.”

     “And heed well, oh, immortal one, these beings that threaten you now are but part of your own being. You need not fear or hate them, for in doing so you are only fearing your own powers and hating part of yours’elf, baring yours’elf from further realization, limiting your enchantments and trapping yours’elf without realizing you are doing so.”

     “Relax. Touch your heart, as I now touch mine, and extend your hand to them in peace, as I extend mine to you, and go on farther into the Between. Be not born again yet, there are better worlds ahead of you and greater powers still to realize.”

     “Now say this chant with me:”

“I do not hate

I do not fear

I embrace mys’elf

And all who are near

We are one in our hearts

And that is quite clear

As the way before me opens.”

[End of Excerpt from Chapter 29!]

Excerpt Page 310-311:
Chapter 36:  Enchantment for the Eighth Day, Between points One and Two on the Elven Star

     “Greetings, noble Shining One, …., you have entered the Lavender Lotus World, and are awash in pleasure. Unlike the second world where nothing you consumed satisfied you, here even the tiniest bit of any food or drink or touch fills you with ecstasy and you need nothing more than a dab of anything. The realms are Glorious and all is awash in magic.”

     “You are new here, and naturally filled with the joy of having ventured into the Higher Realms of Faerie and need do little more at first than relax, enjoy yours’elf and get your bearings. Here is the true Rapture and you are aware that you can now create your body to be or seem utterly as you desire. Create your own form. Change it again, like someone trying on clothes from their closet or in a shop. You may appear exactly as you wish.”

     “And in time, which is different now, so in your own time, you realize you can now fly or levitate, if that is your will. You have the power to inspire others in the world with your thought forms. Especially those who are connected to you of old will be inspired by you, or those who call out to you for aid and it may be that they look upon you as a sort of god, but it would be unwise to fall for this illusion. You are more advanced than they, surely, but still evolving. Be like a loving parent unto them or a kindly and caring elder sibling”.

     “Here you may develop the power of great healing. Shed your healing light upon those of us still struggling and inspire us to live our lives in enlightened and wondrous ways spreading healing in our own lives and by our actions.”

     “Stay in this realm as long as you desire, mighty elfae one, or return to the world if you will to serve or would learn even more or go on further for there is still much to understand and worlds even greater to explore.”

     Listen now to my evocation:

“Oh, Shining One, so great and true

Remember me (us) in all you do

Reach out your heart

Stretch out your mind

So greater worlds I (we), too, will find

And rising through the planes I’ll (we’ll) be

One with you as you are with me (we).”

[End of Excerpt from Chapter 36!]

Beyond Death by The Silver Elves is found here for purchase on Amazon USA
and here on Amazon UK.



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How do We Find Faerie? And How do we Deal with Being an Elf or Otherkin while Living in the Mundane World?

October 15, 2019
“. . . Faerie is all around us, living in potential everywhere and in nearly everyone, although as the sorcerers say: it takes an incredible feat of perception to see it.. . . every time you manifest as an elf or elfae other, you step closer to Faerie and Elfin, step into another dimension that is more Elfin in nature, on a path that leads step-by-step to the Land of our Dreams and Bright Imaginings. . . And as we elven know, this world we live in and that the mundane folk live in is Faerie. That’s important to understand! This is Faerie, it is just that most people don’t want to see that fact even when it is right before their noses. . . . We are, the all of us, sentient awareness creating forms out of stardust and starlight, energy given form by consciousness.”


How do we find Faerie?

     Many folks believe that Faerie exists as a parallel dimension to this one, and that is true. It does and yet, the way to Faerie isn’t by stepping from this dimension into that one, at least not directly, as though you were stepping through a door or threshold into an alternate world, but involves seeing Faerie manifest here and doing one’s best to manifest it in one’s own being and life. For Faerie is all around us, living in potential everywhere and in nearly everyone, although as the sorcerers say: it takes an incredible feat of perception to see it.

     And yet, it is not that you can’t step directly from this world to that. You can. However, in order to do that you must leave your current body behind and most people are rather loathe to do that and we are as well. One might think that we are saying that one can commit suicide and step into Faerie, but alas, that is not the case. Suicide has the curious effect of binding one to the world one is attempting to escape from. In committing suicide, one is just linking thems’elves more thoroughly to the world they are currently in. Committing suicide to escape this world is like getting yours’elf thrown into solitary confinement in order to escape from jail. You can escape, but only by altering your perception and changing the world around you in your own experience of that world.

     For the way to Faerie is not out but in. It is in changing our consciousness, becoming more elf, fae and other aware, that we subtly alter our bodies from the inside out and make the transition from this dimension to that possible. But this is not in a single step, although we’ve heard that instant enlightenment is possible (from those who claim but perhaps really haven’t achieved it), but by a series of steps and continuing effort to develop and improve ones’elf as an elfae being.

     This is rather like lifting weights really. One doesn’t suddenly go from bench pressing 50 lbs. to bench pressing 200 lbs. in a day. It takes time and effort and regular workouts to develop one’s strength. In our minds, we can achieve such a feat, but our minds are just one plane of being and in order to step into Faerie, we need to manifest it on all the planes. Not only in our minds, but our hearts and our bodies by living the life Elfin or Faerie, here now.

     Oh, what a paradox this is. A puzzle set for elves and elfae by elves and elfae. A riddle created by the ancients and the Divine Magic itself. You can’t enter Elfin without being elfin, fae or other and in being elfin, fae and other you automatically begin to create Elfin all around you. And every time you do this, every time you manifest as an elf or elfae other, you step closer to Faerie and Elfin, step into another dimension that is more Elfin in nature, on a path that leads step-by-step to the Land of our Dreams and Bright Imaginings.

     In living the life elfin, you transform. You alter your consciousness, the way you interact with the world, your perception and world view and those things transform your body or bodies really, your astral body, your mental body, your physical body and your body of light, also called your energetic body, which is your true body. We are, the all of us, sentient awareness creating forms out of stardust and starlight, energy given form by consciousness.

     It is not, however, just a matter of living your life as an elf, fae or other, although that can be very helpful and important. It is not entirely about dressing as the elves in the Lord of the Rings do, or however you perceive elven fashion to be. Or about surrounding yours’elf with elfin and fae artifacts, or wearing pointed ears or faerie or dragon wings or wolf fur or whatever evokes your inner nature for you. It is about seeing and perceiving the world around you in its true nature.

     For, beloved, Faerie is all around us. While most people look around and see Men and Women, we see elves, faeries, pixies, goblins (lots of goblins), grimlins, orcs, ogres, brownies, gnomes and all manner of Faerie being. We look beyond the glamour of the world to the reality that lives within it. Just as we see elfin in our own s’elves, we perceive the manifestation of Faerie life nearly everywhere. And yes, we also see men and women, but far less of them than one might suppose.

     And in seeing Faerie and in living the life Elfin, we are stepping ever closer to the dimensions where Elfin flourishes, beauty abounds and healing and magic are evidently manifest. Tolkien said that Faerie was a perilous realm, and isn’t this a perilous realm? Look about you, there are elf, fae and others everywhere, pretending to be other than they are, but we’re not fooled.

“If you stay in Faerie long,
you’re bound to hear the ancient song,
and hearing it you’ll joyous know
the magic that the fae do show
and seeing it your eyes
will clear as the Faerie Rade draws near,
and close to it you will embrace
your kindred of the Eldar Race.”
—The Silver Elves

How do we deal with being an Elf or Otherkin
while living in the mundane world?

It can be frustrating at times to live among mundane folk. They tend often to assume their point of view is the only true and right way to see things and even though they may disagree from one culture to another or one religion to another, or one race to another, or one gender to another about what the true and right way is, they still are of the opinion that they know it all. Most of the conflicts they have among themselves, of which there are many, come from these disagreements about the actual nature of the world and the right way to hold your spoon or fork, or what clothes one should wear at what time of year or whatever they happen to decide is proper and true at any particular time. These picayune requirements are all nonsense to the elfin but it is important to understand what is behind all this peer pressure toward conformity and the quest to keep everything as mundane and normal as possible.

     The world can be a dangerous place. As we have said above, Tolkien called Faerie the Perilous Realm, and surely it is. And as we elven know, this world we live in and that the mundane folk live in is Faerie. That’s important to understand! This is Faerie, it is just that most people don’t want to see that fact even when it is right before their noses. For Faerie is like a dream world where you may have very amazing, fantastic and magical dreams but you could also have terrible and recurring nightmares. They’ve given us a few. Still most dreams people have are fairly mundane dreams although somewhat puzzling at times.

     The Normal folk, as they generally call themselves, attempt to bring some order to the world, to Faerie, by organizing it along some very strict lines of social behavior and activity. They are really seeking to be safe, to create peace and harmony in their own way. They think that if they just all look alike and are walking in line together that the boogie man won’t get them. It is just that their way of achieving safety and security is the way of peer pressure and dominance, social ridicule and ostracization and it leads to innumerable conflicts both within their societies and between them individually.

       Behind all this is the dark magic of the wicked sorcerers who seek to control them for their own profit and satisfaction and so riddled throughout their societies is a hierarchical jockeying for position and power on nearly every level and, of course, among the dark sorcerers themselves. In truth, being compelled to wearing a suit and tie for work, instead of whatever you would choose to wear, is the same as saluting, touching your forelock, bowing down, kneeing and other acts of submission to arbitrary authority.

     Ever notice in television shows and movies that the villains most often have their captives knell down before they kill them? This is not simply about control of danger, but of forcing submission and power over others. The Normal folk live in constant but often unacknowledged fear, but then Faerie can be a dangerous place. And we know this is so, and we understand what motivates these folks to seek safety in numbers and to ridicule all who don’t conform because inwardly they are afraid that a lack of conformity will bring danger and ruin into their lives. The sheep who strays is dinner for the wolves, they tell themselves and there is truth in this. It takes courage to be an elf or other.

     Of course, their attempts at creating uniform (literally) societies are doomed to failure and are no more effective really than many of the things they deem to be unscientific and superstitious. And for people who are ever evoking science as an excuse for mocking and deriding our claims to be otherkin, they are really the most unscientific and science hating lot. We elfin, elfae, faeries and others tend to be far more scientific in our approach to things than they, really, although we embrace the mythological, imaginal and fantastic elements of our being with equal fervor. We don’t pretend to be scientific while basing nearly everything important on faith. We have faith in science and magic. And really for us, science is just another form of magic; and magic, certainly, has its scientific side.

     So how do we deal with living among the mundane folk? Cautiously at times, when they get in their dangerous moods, when they are truly afraid and paranoid, which for some of them is nearly all the time. Camouflaging ours’elves from them most of the time, but in a camouflage that secretly tells our kindred who we are. Openly at times, being out and ours’elves when we think they can handle it and encouraging them to do the same even though they may seek to ridicule us for doing so. However, that seldom turns out well for them for logic and reason aren’t really their strong suits, even though they fool themselves into thinking so and we can have deadly tongues if we so choose and can delight in twisting and tangling their minds into elf knots that they find nearly impossible to unravel and most often flee from us screaming.

     But usually, we are just kind to them, smiling at them, loving them and soothing their fears, although they cling to their fears like a security blanket. Kind in ways that baffle them and keep them guessing and we invite them, in simple ways, to play along with us, kick off their shoes for just a moment or two and join in the dance. It’s fine. It’s safe and quite healing. We won’t tell anyone.

The Silver Elves

“The more we manifest as elves expressing Elfin into the world, the stronger Elfin becomes; the stronger Elfin becomes the more potent we become as elves in a never-ending spiral of mutual appreciation, encouragement and empowerment.”
—The Silver Elves

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Ver nesidas mellun vari te (In the language of the Silver Elves, Arvyndase, “In shimmering starlight ever be”)


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—The Silver Elves


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To Elfin Find

Free we are, to Elfin find
Whatever kin, of any kind
Together do we travel
The mysteries unravel.

Secrets deep, and secrets old
Will now the mysteries unfold
Whisper gently to the bold
From ages long ago untold.

From simple self to Shining One
All has ever yet begun
Such treasures can be won
Silver Moon and golden Sun.

With far memories of an ancient way
Where Elfae sing and Dragons play
And twirling Faeries laugh about
The glen where flowers ever sprout.

Otherworld is like they say
Only one step in mind away
All creatures fey and fair
Call us out to join them there.

And appreciation do we show
To near and far so all can know
Because gratitude knows no bounds
When our True Heart is truly found.

And when the hearth we have found
Joyous tales do abound
Of travels wide and far
Guided by an Elfin star.

Whose light does ever shine within
The secret of our heart
Where ‘er we go or ‘er we’ve been
You’ve been there from the start.

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“We elves are always mystified by other people’s inability to reason. There are things we just cannot discuss with them for they will only get angry and upset if we do so. To these others, the Universe is like a painting that is already completed and should never be touched. To the elves, the Universe is an artwork in progress and we are still adding paint to the canvas.”
—The Silver Elves

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Smiling Faces_Poem


An Elven Spell for Finding your true s’elf:

“Increasingly, I come to know
Just who I am the truth to show.”

(In Arvyndase, the magical language of the Silver Elves)
“Memarnla, El koso va ken
Oda jae El da tae lodver vah teke.”

Me – mare-n – lah, Eel co – so vah keen
Oh – dah jay Eel dah tay load – veer vah tea – key.



 Elven Blessings, Dear Kindred!





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