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How Often Do Elves Do Magic?

May 19, 2018

“. . . most of what the majority of folks would call or think of as magic,
the actual doing of rituals or casting of spells and so on,
we do on an impromptu and ad hoc basis. We perform
magic constantly in our daily life and when it needs to be done.”

How often do elves do magic? It depends upon the elves. In many ways, our magic is not done, so much as lived. We are magic, as the Elf Queen’s Daughters wrote years ago in their Elf Magic Mail. We exude magic. Enchantment and mystery radiate from us. And most of what the majority of folks would call or think of as magic, the actual doing of rituals or casting of spells and so on, we do on an impromptu and ad hoc basis. We perform magic constantly in our daily life and when it needs to be done. We send elementals off in this direction or that on this or that assignment.

Unlike most magical groups, we Silver Elves don’t have specific rituals for celebrating the Soltices and Equinoxes and so on. But, that is just us. Tië eldaliéva, the Elven Spiritual Path, as they call thems’elves, have taken Tolkien’s works on elves and created a ritual system pretty much attuned to what pagans are generally doing. We, on the other hand, just see what happens on a particular day and do what we feel is relevant. Of course, we know that there are some elves who hunger for more structure and as we say they can find it here or there, or really there but not here, or create it thems’elves, but they will be disappointed if they are looking to these elves for structure.

Our example is one of improvisation. This is why these elves in our The Book of Elven Magic, volume 1 and also volume 2, created rituals for those who were interested in ceremonies, including magic ceremonies for all the colors of the rainbow, as well as golden and silver magic ceremonies. So you can find within these two books magical ceremonies for purity, protection, healing, prosperity, creativity, opportunity, love, wisdom, harmony, as well as our inner magical secrets and the precepts of illuminated elven magicians. And while we give you these ceremonies and ritual guides, we emphasize that you should take them and make them your own, adapting them as wanted or needed. Unless, of course, you are very organizationally minded, which we are not, and then you could organize something and if we were around and the time seemed right to us we’d be glad to assist and attend with bells on our toes and smiles on our faces. We are not against people having organized magical rituals, we just aren’t inclined to organize it, and we certainly don’t intend to plan it, but if it happens that’s fine with us and we are always happy to add to it with our magical energy and Elven Blessings.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t have any magical rituals. We have been doing the I Ching everyday for the past 40+ years. So, we guess you could call that a ritual. We burn a bit of fire on our djinn’s lamp each day, feeding him for when he is needed magically. And Zardoa has a series of exercises and magical rituals, involving Reiki, Qigong and Elven Magic that he does every morning and evening sending out blessings to our kindred everywhere, and he has done so for awhile and will continue for however long. Until he stops, we guess. Occasionally, the whole process changes or mutates. Sometimes Zardoa adds something. Sometimes he alters what he is doing. The magic is ever transforming.

Silver Flame has her own magic rituals, as well, as she often uses Tarot cards or creates spells to help those we love and adore. She also has a practice she has been doing for years of doing magic in public places, sending out magical light from her eyes for Elven Blessings to those she feels need blessings, which is about everyone. We could do magic together on a daily basis, but that would require a bit of organization and that’s just unlikely to happen. In that way, we are typical elves of the Aquarian Age, each doing our own thing together. It is not that we never do magic in concert, for of course we do; and when we do it, it is both powerful and focused on the greater good of Elven Kind. As far as we are concerned, being together, and particularly being happy together, is our greatest magic, our great enchantment. And there are times when something comes up and needs to be dealt with and we put together this or that spell, or send off a spirit or two of the over five hundred that live with us to deal with it. But mostly we just leave them to enjoy thems’elves. No need for busy work here.

For the most part, we just are—we are elves together and that is an incredible magic and what else needs to be done really, except the dishes, which is really what ritual magic is about as far as we are concerned—doing dishes, which we do when they need to be done. Or sometimes, a little later, after they have piled up and there’s no room for cooking, which is another of our near daily rituals.

The Silver Elves

If you are further interested in our magic philosophy and rituals, we suggest that you visit our website and read sample pages and the table of contents of our two volumes (also both available on Amazon) of The Book of Elven Magick: The Philosophy and Enchantments of the Seelie Elves (volume 1) and here you will find volume 2. In these two books we explore the Elven viewpoint concerning magick and the tools of magic with magical ceremonies that may be adapted for use by modern faerie folk. The two volumes give the complete progression of color magicks and also explore Elven Vortexes and Covens, as well as our theories on calling the directions and dimensions and more.

The Book of Elven Magick:
The Philosophy and Enchantments of the Seelie Elves, volume 1

The Book of Elven Magick:
The Philosophy and Enchantments of the Seelie Elves, Volume 2

“This book, dear kin, and the others we have written are the magic signs we’ve left for those searching for Elfin/Faerie in and beyond the world. We bless you and grant your true wishes.” —From the Book of Elven Magick, volume 2 


We welcome you to come join us on Facebook under Michael J. Love (Zardoa of The SilverElves) and Martha Char Love (SilverFlame of The Silver Elves).

Also, we hope you will come to our website and enjoy reading samples of all our 41 books on magic and enchantment and the Elven Way at:

What sort of elf, faerie or other are you? For years various kindred have asked us, the Silver Elves, to help them figure this out. Now we’ve created a questionnaire to help us do so. This is our gift to you. Simply follow the link & the directions. 

“We hearing you calling in your heart

And we are calling, too

And leaving magic signs that will

The way to Elfin ‘Shew’

So finding them you’ll see the truth

That we are with you still

For magics we have left for you

Your visions to fulfill”

—From the Book of Elven Magick, volume 2

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Magic Talks: Being a Correspondence Between The Silver Elves and the Founders of The Elf Queen’s Daughters

July 25, 2016

Magic Talks is a collection of letters between the two sisters who are the founders of the Elf Queen’s Daughters (in 1973), Arwen and Elanor, and the Silver Elves, Zardoa and Silver Flame. This is the first book in a series of Tulku internet correspondence beginning in November of 2011 and ending in February 2012. Arwen and Elanor are also the original publishers of the “Magic Elf Letters” sent out from the Elf Queen’s daughters. They published three letters a week for about three years. In the early 1979 the Silver Elves carried on these letters calling them “The Magical Elven Love Letters” and continued writing and publishing them for the next 30 years, although on a much more whimsical schedule.There are a number of letters in Magic Talks discussing how Arwen and Elanor first started using the acute seven-pointed star as a symbol of the Elven people, passed on by Zardoa Silverstar, which has been adopted by elven and faerie folk all over the globe, and is called both the Elven Star and the Faerie Star (see sample of letter #20 below). The letters contained in Magic Talks cover a wide range of topics from Tolkien to Sorcery, from Esoteric Buddhism and the Supra-dimensional to Elven Magic.


Excerpt from Magic Talks:
Letters No. 1 . . . . In The Stardust of The

Akashic Record


. . . . through out the passing ages. Tens of thousands of years come to a peak in a visionary now-ness, allowing for insight- hindsight. The sage can gaze forward and backwards, making hope possible for the people. We share our revelations and before you know it, another culture is born.

Sometimes we think: counter-culture or cultural evolution or even enculturation itself are all nothing but one vast concept. This kind of thinking defies true reason. However, it is the way

most people generally choose to think. Ancient teachers reveal to us a perspective of long lost and forgotten cultures. Some few were once superior to those that are presently known to us. Every culture has a birth, middle age of achievement and finally, its slow period of decrepitude and death.

Eventually conquered, cities were usually set to fire, with all the remaining inhabitants sold into slavery. A rare number of these archaic cultures remain in the AKASHA. Only our finest imaginings break through to attain a glimpse of the eternal record of everything that came before us, all that is ‘written in the “stardust” of the AKASHIC RECORD’ . . .

Arwen and Elanor [Founders of the Elf Queen’s Daughters]

(Reply from the Silver Elves to letter #1 from Arwen and Elanor)

In the long ages of the Stars… beloved,

… civilizations vast have come and gone and their numbers are beyond imagining, How many more will follow this fate until you and we have passed beyond all such considerations into those realms that pay as much heed to these worlds as we involve ourselves in the lives of ant colonies are too many to even speculate; but all of us, like children born destined to grow old, tread the path of evolutionary development, each in our own time and way, as best we can for where we are at the moment, and as you have so wisely observed it is best if upon casting our gaze on others that we know however inadequate they may seem to us that they are also doing the best they can. Still, if it wasn’t for the promptings of our inner selves and our beloved kindred urging us to greater spirit and soulfulness as well as inspiring us with their own mighty spirits we surely would be less than we are, and these elves are ever thankful for the inspiration and nurturing we have received from our beloved kin.

Give our love to all there, Zardoa and Neffie [Silver Flame]


Letters No. 20 . . . . Origin of The Elven Seven- Pointed Star


. . . . goes way back. To say the least, it can always be found in various (from spikes at approximately 51 degrees to broadly spaced angular arrangements of the same) public police dept. stars, indicating civil authority. We were (cogently) drawn to the seven pointed star for more mystical reasons. Tibetan mysticism (very esoteric, if not absolutely cryptic), bases a great many treatises upon 7 rays and this proved extremely functional to our deeper studies.

Djwal Khul (an adept) was the primary source for a ‘TOLKU’ type transmission-vehicle used extensively by both Alice Bailey and Madam Blavatsky (1870 – 1950). He orchestrated the integration of Tibetan Esotericism with Western European-American- Occultism at the behest of his superiors (i.e., The Lodge Of Masters). Djwal Khul made use of a septette-arrangement consisting of 7 rays (i.e., assuming an unseen 8th or resolution of the octave) to great advantage (pedagogically speaking); hence, we envision a seven pointed star.

Of course, I loved the seven pointed star for several other outstanding reasons. These issues caught me up in a flash of intuition and perhaps, genuine ecstatic-rapture (of fairly reasonable proportions). I was only 28 – 35 years old and strangely given over to all such “magical” and/or “mystical”, swooning type of 1960’s antics but, I was also definitely impacted by “Lodge Of Masters” impressions, at that particular time. I really felt rather ‘captured’ by the guides that so kindly made themselves available to “little ole me”.

Discovering, to my own surprise, that the ‘angle of reflection’ of the Egyptian Pyramids was 51 degrees almost proved to be way

‘too much for me to handle’. I felt very akin (at that particular time, in the 70’s) to “The Brotherhood Of Luxor” and have continued a loose relationship with ‘The Nile River Adepts’ ever since then. A true pyramid could not function properly without those Egyptian “engineers” making use of the 51 degree (the seven pointed star configuration) coordinates for actual construction.

It is perfectly true that the seven pointed star is a bit difficult to construct but not if you have a simple protractor or a basic sense of geometry’s functions. Five points (5 pointed star) are said to represent the five senses, a man with arms, legs and a head; however, add two more points (for seven total) and the man indicates two wings to match his arms and legs with a head. An angelic evolution can be simultaneous envisioned with a human evolution, something all esotericists have been hinting at for 20,000 years.

That’s it, my Son. A great host perpetually hinting and whispering, successfully, to Paleolithic and eventually modern man; resulting in a set of primary symbols that can touch the soul as does poetry. 5 senses are cool but 7 lead to supra- dimensional awareness.


P.S. what e’re a star can do to stimulate the higher mind’s got to be good for ya

(Reply from the Silver Elves to letter #20)

Thank you… Beloved Arwen,

… for the letter on the Seven-pointed Star. It was genuinely enlightening and we had not realized that the angle of the

pyramids was identical to that of the Elven Star. What a revelation.

About 15 or so years ago, Zardoa had a dream in which Princess Diana invited him to a huge mansion where she introduced him to Prince Charles who escorted him to the rooftop where a priest/wizard/druid was awaiting him. The druid told him to inscribe the inverted Elf Star in light in the air to channel the energy and power of Faerie into the material world and thus awaken it and the elves in this realm. Zardoa has been following this dream injunction periodically, when the time seems right, ever since.

As to our friend, mentor, and guide Djwal Khul we are indeed familiar with his works both through our studies with you in the Sorcery Group, our weekly studies with our old colleague “Pippin” that lasted over a decade, and our own studies earlier in our lives and incarnations when we had a long and intimate relationship with the Tibetan, at one point in a previous incarnation living with and under his tutelage from the esoteric and etheric realms of being. We, at some point, parted company with him under very friendly circumstances when we set forth to pursue and hopefully in time fulfill the mission offered to us and which we accepted. He remains in our hearts and fond memories. We still remember his rugged, lined but quite distinguished and handsome face which ever bore a quiet smile and eyes that gleamed with knowing and understanding. We remember the very day we parted company. We even apologized for leaving him, but he was silent, smiling at us as always and embracing us and patting our backs affectionately as we turned to go. Such ages ago, but it is still etched in our memories.

Then not long after that our elven kin found us wandering in the jungle that is the modern world and awakened us so our memories came flooding back and we remembered what it was

our hearts and souls had so eagerly and insistently been in search of.

Ancient Egypt, on the other hand, has never really called to us and we are certain that our paths tread elsewhere in the period. Of Babylon and Sumer do we sing, of ancient Akkadia and our Annunaki ancestors our thoughts go still, the Shining Ones, the Star Spirits, the hyper-dimensional beings that have fostered and nurtured us though space/time. But that we are cousins to the Egyptians, brother/sister of that Lodge of Initiates through the Greater Frasority that lives among the Stars, is very clear.

And now, after all this time, we are here on the very cusp of a New Age where humanity will rise or fall, either to yield to the new ones being born from them or resist unto death in an obstinate refusal to change. Either way, we will depart this life knowing we have done our best, and for those of us on this path, what more is there to say? Sometimes at night a faerie sits below and just a bit away from our window and sings in such a lovely voice, not to us specifically, but to the night and stars, and we think again of how very blessed we have been.

May starlight filter through your dreams and sing to you of Faerie.

Zardoa and Neffie

Amazon Link to Magic Talks

Finding our own magic

September 11, 2009

In Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled, vol. 2…
Dearest Beloved,
… she presents us with massive evidence that nearly all the major religions, that is Christian, Judeo-Hebraic, Moslem, Egyptian, Caldean, etc. originated from the Hindu and Pre-Buddhic practices and texts of ancient India. On the other hand, if you read Max Freedom Long’s books on Polynesian magic and the Huna (secret) practices of the Kahunas of Hawaii, he informs us that their magic is, as far as he can tell, in its purist form, pre-religious and that they, the Polynesians, originated from India and islands near there and left as the Aryan and other invaders, the originators of religion, arrived.
(Just an aside here, but we used to know a French magician named Roland who would write us and send us these wonderful posters he created about magic (all written in French, of course), when we were part of the Elf Queen’s Daughters. He came to visit us one time for about a week when we lived in Southern Illinois where we called ours’elves the Elves of the Southern Woodlands, and we found it interesting that he pronounced Isis, not Ice –ees, but Is Is. Contemplate that a moment!
But this isn’t primarily about Blavatsky’s theory that all religion stems from India, nor Long’s that we can find magic in its purest form from studying the Kahunas, though we for our part have neither reason nor facts to question their theories. This is about how we elves, who have been so far and long divorced from our culture in so many ways, and raised quite often, though not always and not entirely, among the normal folk, come to understand what is Elfin/Faerie magic and how it may differ, if it does, from various other magics that are in use today and in the past.
Surely we can glean some things, as we ever tend to do, some hints, from good fiction about we elfin folk and our magics. And surely, at its heart all magic stems from the same source, which is to say The Magic, the infinite potentiality that is, was and ever will be, from which all things are created. Religions anthropomorphize this energy into Gods and Goddess but all such Deities, to the elfin mind, are mere demi-gods, individualize interpretations of the truth that is both universal and undifferentiated.
We can certainly, and these elves do, study the various books and systems of magic that are available in metaphysical bookstore and even on the internet. Taught among the Elf Queen’s Daughters (who also taught us elfin witchcraft, sorcery and enchantment among other things) to use the I Ching, these elves consult this oracle every day and have been doing so since 1975. We also study books and have explored the use of various forms of magic, including Taoist, Celtic, Western Ceremonial, Tibetan and others, picking eclectically from each according to what works and what appeals to our hearts and souls.
Naturally, we have explored many, but not all, the books about faerie magic. Alas, most of these seem to be for witches and others who wish to use the faeries to help them with their magics. There is nothing wrong with that, if done rightly, but, except for our own books (which you can check out here on our website) we’ve encountered no books that view elfin magic from the inside, that is, how we elves do our magics, which is why, in part, that we have created our own books, many of them elfin versions of other systems that we have known, used and loved.
Which brings us back to Long. For we could do far worse than study the most original forms of shamanic practice, which Fraser, in the Introduction to the Golden Bough, hypothesizes was the source prior to, and in a sense, inspirational for both religion and science. If we are indeed in some senses the Elder Race then we must look back to the earliest manifestation of civilization and magic and these are to be found among the Kahunas of Hawaii, the aboriginal shamans of Australia, the indigenous shamans of Siberia (from whom the name shaman originates) and the Amazon and others, filtering what we learn through our own hearts, déjà vu like memories (telpareon – the far memory of the elves) and our own experiences.
Of course, these elves count ours’elves lucky. We were trained in magic by other elves and it is true that there is a vibrational transference of energy (similar perhaps to that described between a guru and his student in yogic lore) that is shared among the elfin that cannot be learned from books or received from others. But this is not something we do intentionally, exactly, but something that just happens among us when the time is right. Perhaps indeed, or really, without question, the best way to learn elfin magic is to be with other elves, but in the meantime, we can each of us glean what we can from other systems all of which ultimately had their source (diluted though they are) among the elfin.

Eli feln le (we love you),
The Silver Elves

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