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Can we be Born as one Type of Elf, Fae or Otherkin in One Life and Another Kin Type in a Different Incarnation?

May 22, 2020

“. . .  our bodies, overall, are merely forms that our spirits have created from our own inner visions, thus surely a person can change their form or otherkin type from one life to another. And certainly there are those who alter what they think of as their kin type in a single lifetime, instinctually gravitating in the long run toward the realization of their true nature and the form which best expresses it.”

Note: The photo featured above, titled “Dragon Sorcerer” is of the original acrylic painting by Zardoa Silverstar that is on the cover of Sorcerers’ Dialogues by The Silver Elves.

     If we consider that nearly all fae/elfae are in some sense shapeshifters or have the magical power of glamourie, then we would certainly have the power to appear in whatever form that we may choose from one incarnation to another. And certainly, we do alter our form as we inhabit a new body in each incarnation. Although it is quite possible that certain individuals have a preferred kin type, just as they have a sexual preference for blonds or whatever, and we choose the same sort of body that looks similar to our previous bodies over and over again. People often get involved with or marry the same sort of individual time after time, and we elfae also have inner preferences that guide us in our own development and alignment with a particular kin type.

     And we might note that our bodies, overall, are merely forms that our spirits have created from our own inner visions, thus surely a person can change their form or otherkin type from one life to another. And certainly there are those who alter what they think of as their kin type in a single lifetime, instinctually gravitating in the long run toward the realization of their true nature and the form which best expresses it.

     Yet, at the same time, there is a sense that our spirits are seeking some way to manifest their essential being in a form that is pleasing to thems’elves and, most often but not always, in a form that is pleasing to others. We seek to express ours’elves in our elfae and otherkin forms in order to come to understand our essential natures, to interact with our others in harmonious and loving ways, and to manifest our creative s’elves but also to attract those we desire, sometimes altering ours’elves to do so. Just as men and women and others seek to make themselves more beautiful and appealing to those who have stirred their inner being, or libido at least. We tend to become like those who appeal to us. Or we become their complementary opposite. Our forms are transitory and our strategy, in the long run, as is the case with flowers using scent to attract bees to spread their pollen, is to appeal to those who we feel will further our being and our success.

     This rather flies in the face of those who still have a materialistic idea concerning life on Earth and feel that our elfae or otherkin nature is determined by biology. According to those folk, we are what we are and have no choice but to be so due to our genetic inheritance. But it is this very idea that tends to disregard those who are transkinder in some form or other (a term we Silver Elves use to indicate those who shapeshift kin type lifetime to lifetime or in the current lifetime) and disapprove of those that are transgender who feel they are a woman trapped in a man’s body or a man in a woman’s body and so forth. And, let’s face it, such transkinder or transgender individuals are essentially shapeshifters and most often of an elfae nature for among us shapeshifting is natural and generally accepted. It is part of who we are.

     We elfae and others, and especially we elven, are a very flexible and adaptable people. We seek to fit in and harmonize with everyone while retaining our essential otherness and generally seeking to accept others for whom they are as well. Thus, when someone alters their kintype expression, it is simply the way it is to us. In our elven point of view, it is not entirely unlike children who wish to learn the saxophone and then decide that they would rather play the piano or some other instrument. It is all a part of exploring and developing and coming to understand ones’elf while evolving and acquiring various skills and abilities along the way, as well as a basic familiarity with this, that and other things. What in colleges and universities is often referred to as a liberal education.

     This altering of kintypes is also not that different from those who have one hero and then find another, or those who are into this fad or group or band and then find another more appealing. In time we come to know ours’elves and while our interests don’t need to narrow, our expression often becomes more selective as we choose to pursue those creative fields and magics that most appeal to us and which, quite often, are those we find we are good at and that others encourage us to pursue. Or, as the case often is with elfae, that we have determined at some time to develop whether anyone else encourages us or not.

     So, be whatever you wish to be, beloved kindred, and if you feel yours’elf transforming, it may just be that you thought you were a caterpillar and are turning out to be a butterfly.

Ver Aleli Vasadas (In dreams awakening),
The Silver Elves

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“What bird sings upon the Elven Dawn?
The bird of memory long thought gone,
The song of awakening it doth sing,
As the flocks of Elfin do take wing.”

—The Silver Elves


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“People continually look at the elves as though they are deciding whether they approve of us or not, while we go on being who we are.”
—The Silver Elves



Now A Gift For You!!!!!
What Kind of Elf or Otherkin Are You?
And What is Your Elfae or Otherkin Tribe?

For years various kindred have asked us, the Silver Elves, to help them figure this out. You probably know if you are an elf, faerie, or otherkin but now we’ve created a questionnaire in order to help us and you create a narrative together about your specific people and your clan, their personal characteristics, magic, relationship to Nature, and interests. This is our gift to you (free), which we think will be a bit of fun for both of us. Give us five minutes of your time and we will give you a half hour to forty minutes of ours and send you your unique magical narrative. Simply follow this link and the directions on the page:


“When the day begins to dawn before the sun does show,
The Way to Elfin opens then betwixt the twilight’s glow.
And when the sun does fade away yet light doth still touch the land,
The time hath come when you may run to join your elfin band.”

—The Silver Elves


And for further reading on your Elven, Faerie, Otherkin tribe:

otherkinstar_coverelftribesELF TRIBES: The Silver Elves’ Guide for Finding Your Magical Kind and Kin and  FAERIE, FAE AND OTHERKIN TRIBES: The Silver Elves’ Guide for Finding Your Magical Kind and Kin. Please click on the titles listed above to go to the pages on this blog that are dedicated to each book, where you can read more about them, view excerpts of sample magical narratives and also the table of contents from both books. Elf Tribes contains 150+ narratives of elven tribes, and Faerie, Fae and Otherkin Tribes contains another 150+ narratives of faerie and otherkin tribes. We also invite you to read ELVES, FAERIES, FAE, AND OTHERKIN TRIBES: More Descriptions of Otherworldly Folk. It is the third book in the series of Elf, Fae and Otherkin tribes by The Silver Elves. After publishing the first two books in this series, we Silver Elves continued to have many of our kindred fill out the kin type survey and contact us asking for a tribe narrative, so this third book in the series contains all of these new tribe narratives to this date and is dedicated to a variety of tribes of elven kind, faeries, fae that are faerie blends, otherkin, otherworldlies, and miscellaneous assorted fae. The 124 tribe narratives in this third volume are all newly published and are not found in the two previous books. Some of the narratives are a bit longer than those in the first two books. These tribe narratives will beautifully describe to you about their history, their unique powers, their unique magics and spiritual beliefs and practices, their way of governing, their spell crafting and herbal adeptship, along with their lifestyle and special creative interests and abilities.


Be sure and click on the title links above and read a few of these magical tribe narratives. Perhaps, you will find your people as you read through these two books, or kindred quite like them. At any rate, you can always do the survey yours’elf, or do it again if you feel you have come to a greater understanding of yours’elf and our peoples in the meantime (or gentle-time as we elves often say).




The Elven Way: The Magical Path of the Shining Ones

Elven saying on the cover of The Elven Way:


Many Kindred have asked us what is “The Elven Way.” Although we have written books on it (see our book The Elven Way: The Magical Path of the Shining Ones), here below is our short definition:

Short definition ofThe Elven Way” by The Silver Elves

“The Elven Way is the spiritual path of the Elves. It is not a religion. While all elves are free to pursue whatever spiritual path they desire, or not as the case may be, The Silver Elves are magicians and follow no particular religious dogma. We do however believe in all the Gods and Goddesses, (also Santa Claus [to whom we’re related], the tooth fairy [distant cousins] and the Easter or Ostara Bunny [no relation]) and try to treat them all with due respect. The Elven Way promotes the principles of Fairness, that is to say both Justice, Elegance and Equal Opportunity and Courtesy that is respectful in its interactions and attitude toward all beings, great or small. We understand the world as a magical or miraculous phenomena, and that all beings, by pursuing their own true path, will become whomever they truly desire to be. Our path is that of Love and Magic and we share our way with all sincerely interested individuals.”

     “To remind us ever of the need to rise up and lift our others with us, to have compassion for others even those who oppose us, to endeavor to understand the true natures and motivations not only of ours’elves but all others, the Shining Ones send us Sages who appear in many forms, in nearly all cultures and speak though various social and religious philosophies encouraging us to strive toward the light, to seek ever the good of all, and to further spiritual evolution in all that we do. We elves call this the Way of the Fair or The Elven Way. The Path is never-ending, the Way is ever before us, the Choice is always now, and we are eternally evolving. This is the Elven Way. The enculturation and other protections that shield the normal folk from the realization of other dimensions are lifted when the elf steps upon the path and begins to tread the Elven Way. The Elven Way gives our lives meaning and purpose. We come to understand who we truly are, that is that we are spirits evolving and we establish a purpose in our lives, which generally might be expressed as aiding ours’elves and all others to fulfill ours’elves perfectly. That is to say, we become who are truly are, which is who we truly desire to be. Remember, we ever wish to be our own true s’elves as perfectly as possible, which means among other things to be happy and successful forever, to live Happily Ever After.”
—The Silver Elves


“Elfin sings upon the dawn and dances through the whole day long
until the night doth gently rise with starlight cast upon our eyes,
and love abounds and circles ’bout,
and we greet the moon with howling shout.”
—The Silver Elves


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The Elven Way  — This group creates a place for people to learn about the Elven Way and for Elves, Otherkin, and their friends to have a fun gathering place to enjoy each other’s company and share things on the path. It is open to anyone who wishes to learn about the Elven Way and friends of such.

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Elfin Faerie Lore —  For Faeries and Elfin Folk. This group is for sharing elfin faerie lore, magic and life as Fae,

Silver Elves Embassy — This is a a place of rest and gathering together to relax and share our stories, dreams for the future, and magic of our elfin adventures.

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If you have enjoyed reading our over 100 articles on our two blog sites, we think you may surely enjoy reading one of our most popular The Silver Elves books: Through The Mists of Faerie: A Magical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of the Ancient Elven:

Through The Mists of Faerie:
A Magical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of the Ancient Elven

“Elfin, Faerie, Elfland or the Sacred Realm or Dimension of Magic that lives at the heart of the Universe, is an incredibly attractive power. It draws all true souls to it. It calls to the Elfin nature in each and every soul. This is the power that arouses the imagination of those who see or read the Lord of the Rings and say, I’m an Elf or I’m a Dwarf, or even I’m an Orc. The power calls to us through Urban Fantasy stories and the fantasy novels of old, as well as, faery tales and movies of magic and enchantment. But it also calls to us from the trees, the wild places of Nature, and sometimes most of all from magic memories of our childhood, which is really our ancient past, our past incarnations, calling to us. It can also be aroused, and quite strongly, perhaps most strongly, by others of our kind manifesting in the world. There is something magical about these beings and they arouse our own hunger for magic in our own lives and souls. These Elfae radiate starlight. They glimmer with love, kindness and compassion; and they reach out and touch our souls. Some might suppose this to be a glamor, a magic they have wrapped thems’elves within to enchant us; but while they are truly enchanting, the magic arises from the fact that they are genuine and real. They don’t need to glamor us. They just need to be their very own s’elves, for that is the most impressive magic of all. They are not trying, they are simply being: being thems’elves, being elves.”
—Excerpt from page 26 of Through The Mists of Faerie by The Silver Elves.



Blessings3 copy

Touch the Elven Star above, Dear Kindred, for an Elven Blessing!





How Do I Find Out About my Elfae/Otherkin Tribe?

November 1, 2018

“. . . . in the long run the ultimate connection will be the feeling you have for each other — the sense of simpatico, the realization of kinship and kindreth. But there are other things that you can use to discover more about them.”

First, it always helps if you start with examining yours’elf. You are a member of that tribe so they are like you. So, begin by looking at yours’elf, particularly examine what you feel about yours’elf, what you imagine about yours’elf, for much of our elfin faerie natures are buried in our subconscious, in the Collective Unconscious that is shared by all our kindred, and which we inherited from the ancestors, and which can often be best accessed by trusting our own intuition about ours’elves.

If you like or are drawn to this or that, then, it is very likely that so will your people. It is not that you are all exactly the same, surely. For elfae sorts are eccentrics by our very natures, but still tribes of elves and packs of pixies, and flocks of faeries wearing frocks, and conspiracies of unseelie, surely have much in common with each other. Of course, it is true that you are unlikely to recognize your people merely by their appearance. Although, that can be an aid. You can see a particular folk wearing this and that style and think, hey, I love that style, and know by doing so that you are related to them somehow. Yet, in the long run the ultimate connection will be the feeling you have for each other — the sense of simpatico, the realization of kinship and kindreth. But there are other things that you can use to discover more about them.

You may very well ask: What is your magic? For it is likely you have some magic in common. In fact, magic is something nearly all elves and elfae have in common, although the particular types and forms of magic may vary from tribe to clan. We are nearly all of us enchanters of some sort, but some of us practice healing magic, while others emphasize sorcery, shamanism, druidism, witchcraft, wizardry, ceremonial magic, necromancy or necromagery or any one or number of numerous other magic technologies. In that way, we are somewhat like doctors and other professionals. Some doctors are general practitioners, others are pediatricians, optometrists, surgeons and so on. And even then, there is subdivision. Some are brain surgeons, some heart surgeons. While all doctors tend to get the general medical education, most tend to specialize in time. So do we, as elfae, tend to specialize in the types of magic we do. Which doesn’t mean there aren’t general practitioners out there, or individuals with several specialties, but merely that magic is so vast one can be a jack-of-all-trades, as the saying goes, or a true master of a few. Knowing our magic tells of something of our people.

You may also ask about your preferred element (water, fire, air, earth, spirit, metal. etc.) or where would you prefer to live, etc. Most elfae have fairly definite feelings about the environment they prefer to live in. Some are wood elves, some are mountain elves, river or ocean elves and so forth. In many ways, that will get you close to your tribe. If you would find them, certainly knowing where they might be or wish to reside can prove to be a great help. Likewise, you can examine your preferences for your favorite tree or flower, gems and crystals, or totem animals. It is also very helpful to imagine what fictional elf or fairy folk you might be most like. These preferences of your own are also all hints as to what others in your elfae or otherkin tribe might be drawn to and are part of the fabric of your magical narrative.

It can take years to find our people. Seeking here and there in the world, on the internet, ever hoping to encounter those with whom one will truly feel attuned. So use your magic. If you have not found your kin as yet, then it may help to create something you like, perhaps a bit of elfae art or music, and share it as widely as possible. If you like it then others of your tribe will most likely feel attuned to it as well and be drawn to it and you. By doing so you are using the essential skill of all elfae to use enchantment magic to find your kindred. Remember, they are as attracted to you as you are to them. And every moment that you spend searching for them, they are looking for you as well.

And If I feel that I’m some sort of Otherkin but don’t know what kind, what should I do?

First, you should trust your instincts, intuitions, imagination and really, in this instance, your desires. We Silver Elves have been asked from time to time by various folks what sort of elf or faerie or otherkin they might be and we have, as much as possible, resisted telling them what they are, because what they truly are depends almost entirely upon their own wishes. We have opinions, of course. But for the most part, unless someone really urges us to share our impressions and observations with them, we keep them among ours’elves. And no matter what our opinions may be, it is still up to the individual to decide and declare through action what they truly are. It is not our business to tell you who you are but your right to tell us who you are.

There was even an occasion a decade or so ago when someone wrote a post on the internet claiming we had said they were this or that (we don’t remember what), which was utterly untrue because, for the most part, we don’t tell people what sort of other they are. We just don’t. However, if someone is totally lost and wants our opinion, we may offer it as a suggestion that they may proceed upon until they discover within their own s’elves what sort of elfae they may be. Their own reaction to what we tell them, whether they embrace the suggestion or not, in itself will tell them a bit about thems’elves.

Note: “Elfae” is a word that we Silver Elves first created in the early 80s in writing and circulating The Magical Elven Love Letters to hundreds of elfin kindred, and then we also used the term elfae in writing on elven listservs in the 90s. We still use this term today to refer to the Elfin and Faerie folk in general, which is to say elves, pixies, faeries, brownies and so on. We use the term elfae in our books (first published in 2001) as a word to mean people who are elven or fae and covers all elven fairy people.

Although, here we rather come to the crux of the matter. The question involves the fact that the person doesn’t know what sort of elfae they are. But the reality of Elfin and Faerie isn’t a matter of what you are but what you wish to be. And if you support that wish with action, which is to say the magic of living, or manifestation, of making it real in your life and in the world, that is what you are and what you will be. We are not simply the products of Faerie and Elfin, we are its co-creators.

Most folks think in terms of their ancestors. They are elven or faerie or whatever in their minds because they were born that way, which is to say created that way by some outside force, god or power. But we are elfae folk, we are others, we are magicians, enchanters and spell weavers and we are whatever we wish to be. We are not what others have made us, but what we make of ours’elves.

Now, this is not to say that others don’t have influence in our lives. This is surely true of our earliest beginnings. So, if you are asking not what you are but what you were, that is a different question. A question really that has to do with previous lifetimes. But in elven philosophy, you don’t have to remain ever the same, as some authors have mistakenly written about us that we are eternal but never changing. What doesn’t change isn’t eternal. Change and transformation are part and parcel of the eternal. In a certain sense, all elfae are shapeshifters, not only changing our bodies from lifetime to lifetime and surely aging, usually gracefully, within a lifetime, but changing our minds, our attitudes and our sense of being, which we ever strive to improve, uplift and make better. We attune ours’elves to Nature within and without so that all that we do is natural and thus easy.

So, the question here isn’t really what sort of elfae am I but what sort of elfae do I wish to be. What sort of spirit do I wish to manifest in the world. Although, the answer is generally found in our own inner being. Who do you wish to be? What sort of elfae or other sings to your heart and soul? What kind of elfae arouses your imagination? This is Faerie. This is Elfin. You can be whomever you wish to be. But you must enliven this wish with magic if you wish it to be true. If you wish it to be real, you must make it real by living it. So, who are you? What sort of elfae? Only you know for sure and only you can realize it, which is to say only you can make it real for yours’elf and therefore for others.

And, if you haven’t already, or if you’d like to do so again, you are welcome to take our elfae/otherkin type quiz that is here ( and we will do our best to assist you in creating a magical narrative that will help you understand your elfae/otherkin type and tribe, a gift from us to you. For surely in understanding yours’elf and your others, you will grow closer still in the nether realms and drawn ever nearer in the world.

Fardas Lovur Tae Lan (Dancing toward the dawn),

The Silver Elves


And you can find all our the Silver Elves books on The Elven Way on Amazon here:



A Gift For You!!!!!!
What Sort of Elf, Faerie or Other Are You?
What is Your Magical Tribe?

For years various kindred have asked us, the Silver Elves, to help them figure this out. Now we’ve created a questionnaire to help us do so and to help you learn about your people, your magical tribe. This is our gift to you (free). Simply follow this link below and the directions and we will help you with your own personal narrative about your magical tribe:




“All of life is energy, everything’s a dream,
as our minds do weave it all into a dancing scheme,
make your life most beautiful that thrilling magic fills,
for life is what we make of it when elves combine our wills.”
—The Silver Elves


And for a bit of elven fun! Come enter our elven forest (this will not take you out of our website) and go through the Elven Tree of Life Eternal to explore your magical nature (it’s free and completely private). Then return to “The Eald of the Silver Elves home page” and enjoy other pages on our website including reading some of our Magical Elven Love Letters.

tree_blogEnter here the Elven Tree of Life Eternal 

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The Elven Tree of Life Eternal: A Magical Quest for One’s True S’Elf is set up like a choose your own adventure book for those who wish to undertake the challenge to discover their true magical s’elves. It will help one understand if one is a wyzard or a sorcerer, a healer or a warrior, an elf of wood, snow, hill, ocean, starlight, or a sprite, a faerie, a gnome, a dwarf, a changeling, a dragon, or some other magical folk. If you wonder about your true magical nature, explore the ever-flowering branches of The Tree of Life Eternal.

And to go with the Elven Tree of Life Eternal are our short stories:

ELVEN SILVER: The Irreverent Faery Tales of Zardoa Silverstar

The short stories in Elven Silver were originally written to go along with the Elven Tree of Life Eternal to explore your magical being. In the Elven Tree of Life Eternal, there are different types of elves and faeries that you can come out to be and the bottom has choices of what kind of magic you wield. So these stories in Elven Silver were originally written to go with those. But then we realized that it would be far too much to read on a website, so we made the stories into a book. We have also made the Elven Tree of Life Eternal into a book titled The Elven Tree of Life Eternal: A Magical Quest for One’s True S’Elf, much like a choose your own adventure book, to use to explore your magical nature.

Elven Silver contains a collection of short stories by Zardoa Silverstar, one of the Silver Elves. You will find within this book a western, a detective story, parodies of popular movie and television characters, and re-imaginings of traditional fairy tales all told from an elven point of view in Zardoa’s wry irreverent pixie style. We trust you will enjoy them as much as we do.



We welcome you to come join us on Facebook under Michael J. Love (Zardoa of The SilverElves) and Martha Char Love (SilverFlame of The Silver Elves).

We also invite you to come join us on Facebook in some of our Elven groups where you will find our elven-faerie-fae community interacting and sharing the Elven Way:

The Magical Books of the Silver Elves where we have discussions about our books as well as about Elven and Otherkin philosophy and lifestyle.

Elf Witches of the Mystic Moon

Elven Life and Magic

Elvish Magical Chat

The Faerie Circle

Devayana: Buddhism, Vedic, & Asian Spirituality for Elves and Fae


The Elven Way and Friends 


United Otherkin Alliance elves, faeries, dragons, kitsune, gnomes, hobbits, merkin, pixies, brownies, nymphs, driads, niaids, valkyrie, vampires, devas, and all manner of Faerie Folk gather!

In Elfin Stay . . . . . .

In a darkened twilight world

The voice of spirit ancient hears

A laugh, a whisper, and a jest

That calls you to the final test.

Come within, it seems to say

Do not fear we’re here to play

And if you wish

We’ll show the way

And you at last

Can come and stay.

—From Caressed by an Elfin Breeze: The Poems of Zardoa Silverstar by The Silver Elves

magicalRealms2THE MAGICAL REALMS OF ELFIN: Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path contains questions and answers about being elven that many people who are exploring the Elven Way have posed to The Silver Elves throughout the 40 + years that they have been living and sharing the Elven Way. The Silver Elves have put them all in this one book for all those who need a convenient, yet thorough and easy-to-read, resource to explore their questions about who the modern elves are and about the Elven Way or elven spiritual path — past, present and future. If you are curious about elves and want to learn more about modern elves and the Elven Path, then you will surely find this book to contain many of your questions answered and it will be a great comfort and help in finding your way home to the Magical Realms of Elfin.

Blessings3 copy

Èldata Elsordasli (Elven Blessings)!











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