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What is the Elven Point of View about People Choosing their Lives before Birth?

October 6, 2018
“In the long run, all limitations placed upon us in choosing another life, are our own.
It is our own soulful spirit that guides us toward its fulfillment and that chooses
a life most likely to lead toward enlightenment and elevation of our being.”

From an elven point of view, people do choose their lives before birth but there are a number of qualifying considerations of a limiting sort that affect this choice. First, of course, is Karma. Karma, first and foremost, limits our choices. It’s rather like going into a clothing store to buy a new outfit, but one only has so much money to spend, and thus one’s choices are limited. Also Karma requires us to pay back what we owe and thus it reduces the amount of possibilities, the choices we have for another life. Most of the really great lives and situations have been taken by those who’ve earned enough to select them and have the spiritual development to both deserve and embrace them.

When we speak about Karma as requiring us to repay what we owe, this is not so much an external principle to us but an inner one. As we rise in our spiritual development, we are compelled from our inner spiritual soul to repay what we owe, as the more developed we are spiritually, the more we wish to be united with all of life and love is our inner guiding principle. We expand our consciousness to understand on deeper and deeper levels that all spirits are equal in an essential fashion, all are expressions of the Divine Magic.

But this aspect of karma isn’t the only limitation upon us. We are also limited, or perhaps we could say we are afforded greater opportunities by our level of spiritual evolution and development. Obviously, the more enlightened we are, and the more developed we are, (and for elves and fae folk this also means our magical development) the wider the possibilities that are open to us. Enlightenment and magic well used are like money in the bank. The more evolved one is the richer they are in a spiritual sense and thus the greater one’s power to choose from a variety of possible life courses.

But here we run into another and a different set of limitations. Sometimes people choose lives that limit them, or burden them in certain ways for spiritual reasons. An enchanter may be born in a body that is not very good looking in order to develop the powers of enchantment of their personality. Bodhisattvas (Shining Ones) often accept limitations (the very fact that they are choosing to be born into a material body is one) out of compassion to help others. Some souls, out of love for others, take on the burdens, in part, of other people’s karma. They help them carry their baggage, so to speak, in order to uplift them. But mostly we gravitate toward those we love or with whom we have some karmic responsibility to work things out, which in the long run, always means developing the relationship between us.

And this brings us to two other very important points that bear upon one’s ability to choose one’s life before one is incarnated. The first of these is that most of us have yet to develop continuity of consciousness. Continuity of consciousness allows one to retain one’s consciousness and memories from lifetime to lifetime. If you can meditate so deeply that you sleep but remain conscious without thinking then you are there or approaching this state. Most of us, however, are nowhere near this level of development and many people only get bits and pieces of past life memories in their dreams rather than full continuity of consciousness, and our intuition may even fill in the blanks a bit to make a full storyline. However, even these fragments of our past life memories can be very useful to our self-awareness and give us inspiration to continue our meditations.

Without continuity of consciousness, the afterlife, or really the between life state, is rather like a dream. We are usually sort of semi-conscious in a dream but for the most part we are just experiencing the dream, watching it unfold before us and happen to us. If you can lucid dream then you are on the way toward continuity of consciousness. But for most of us, the between life is very dream-like and our choice of another life, another body and a new situation is rather instinctually based. Just as our dreams often reflect our unconscious and the things we are working out in our subconscious, so our choice for a next life is most frequently based upon instinctual desires and motivations. We go to what attracts us. There is actually very little conscious thought involved until indeed we evolve to the level of the Shining Ones.

The other consideration is this. Many folks select a life based upon their basest desires and the fulfillment of unconscious drives affected, quite deeply, by their karma, which is often to say their prejudices, hate, and fears from a previous life. But as we grow spiritually (yet still haven’t yet attained continuity of consciousness), we tend to gravitate toward those lives that we desire that will empower and uplift us. In other words, we naturally choose those lives that help us become who we truly wish to be.

In the long run, all limitations placed upon us in choosing another life, are our own and taking the opportunity to develop spiritually during the life we have presently chosen is key to our future lives. It is our own soulful spirit that guides us toward its fulfillment and that chooses a life most likely to lead toward enlightenment and elevation of our being. We are who we are because of who we are, which is to say who we choose to be. And these elves, choose the life elfin, because that’s who we are.

Ver nesidas mellun vari te (In shimmering starlight ever be),
The Silver Elves
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Is the Elven Way a Religion?

June 25, 2017

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The path or way of the elven is not religious in any way but is rather a spiritual quest of the individual’s effort toward the development of each one’s own s’elf and soul, which is to say one’s connection to the rest of the Universe and the Divine Magic from which all things spring. In other words, the miraculous nature of our existence.

None-the-less, many folks upon discovering that we are elves jump to the conclusion that we must be a cult of some kind. This is particularly so when we have an elven community no matter how large or small.

This assumption is, of course, understandable because quite often when individuals in modern society encounter a group with strong philosophical, spiritual or religious beliefs they are part of a cult. But at the same time, this jumping to the conclusion that we elves, individually or collectively, are part of a cult is really just laziness on their part, an unwillingness to actually discover what we are about. However, that just tells us that they are not elven or not ready to relinquish their enculturated social views enough to truly examine their selves or us and that we simply have to respect. You can’t drag people kicking and screaming into Elfin. The results would be unsatisfactory for them as well as us. All we can really do is understand their reluctance and hesitation. Nurture them as best we may and, in most cases, move farther and further along our own path and leave them to theirs as best they can understand it. If fate or destiny should bring us together again, we will sprinkle another touch of stardust upon them (without them realizing it ever happened) and await the fulfillment of the magic.

Could there be an elven cult?

Cults are almost always centered around a charismatic personality, an inspiring leader and we elves are not immune to such personalities. In fact, being charismatic is nearly a description of elves in general, and we surely find such individuals intriguing. Even when we are introverts, we tend to have a certain charisma about us, although the fact that we are magical folk and radiate elfin/faerie magic often means that people are both attracted and repelled by us, which is to say they find us fascinating, when in fact they are able to see us at all, while being uncertain about us, until they actually get to know us. This is especially true of those who are paranoid and suspicious anyway and prone to superstition.

For our own part, while we enjoy charismatic folks, are in fact fascinated by geniuses of various sorts, and surely would find a powerful elfin figure enchanting, we are seldom fooled for long. If that individual is really all about hir own s’elf and fails to foster the individuality in the kindred, we would soon fade from hir, just as sHe (she/he) in centering everything on hir own s’elf instead of nurturing the elves around hir would become more and more distanced from Elfin and the source of elfin magic.

Some of us, perhaps most of us, may be fooled for a short while, but only a very few will be taken in for a long period and those we expect have some karmic duty to fulfill in doing so, some inner need of their own as well as a need to serve the charismatic other, whom we assume and hope in time will overcome hir own inner emptiness and begin to accomplish the task of encouraging our beloved fae folk, which, after all, is the true purpose of such power.

So, while cults may develop among the elven, they are unlikely to last very long, we are simply too eccentric, unique and diverse as individuals for it to be otherwise.

The Silver Elves

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“Making each day a blessing
Making every night a grace
Breathing the light of elf magic
Rushing to love’s warm embrace

Nourished by the smiles of our kindred
Taught by the ways of the wise
Led by the souls independent
Thus do we each realize

The path that we tread is unending
The forest it grows ever new
The light of the trees doth surround us
The stories of Faerie are true

Inherited we our enchantment
From Shining Ones ancient and fae
Passed from this world into legend
What they once were, we’re today.”
— from The Elven Way




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—The Silver Elves


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