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What are the Dark Elfae? Why are the Unseelie Elves and Dark Elves often confused?

April 6, 2019
“. . . the Dark Elfae and the Unseelie are often confused with each other and while it is surely possible for Dark Elfae to be Unseelie, they are not always or even mostly so. . . The Dark Elfae also generally have a love for the wild, the unruly, and they would generally agree that while they are crazy, they are crazy in a good, fun and loving way, thus eccentric rather than being insane. These elfae often associate these traits with being Unseelie, but that is not always the case, in fact, these are more Dark Elfae traits than Unseelie ones. . . . Other folk see the Dark Elfae as being goth-like, loving the dark . . . and generally being vampiric but not necessarily in a predatory or parasitic fashion but in a more symbiotic way. “

     There is actually quite a bit of confusion we’ve noticed among the Elfae (a term we Silver Elves created in the 90s on the Listservs that includes elves and other fae of all sorts) about the difference in being Unseelie and being Dark Elven or Dark Fae. Our Elf, Faerie and Otherkin Tribe Survey brought that out frequently as we noticed that a number of individuals declared that they were Unseelie, but when you actually saw their answers to questions that would indicate that they were indeed Unseelie, they clearly were not. So, why would they say they were Unseelie when they clearly were not? It is due to the confusion that is common among the Elfae between being Unseelie and being Dark Elfae.

Note: “Elfae” is a word that we Silver Elves first created in the early 80s in writing and circulating The Magical Elven Love Letters to hundreds of elfin kindred, and then also we used the term elfae in writing on elven listservs in the 90s. We still use this term today to refer to the Elfin and Faerie folk in general, which is to say elves, pixies, faeries, brownies and so on. We use the term elfae in our books (first published in 2001) as a word to mean people who are elven or fae and covers all elven fairy people.

     In the common mind, and here we mean the normal folk and society, dark is often associated with being evil or wicked. Many Elfae like to point out that the dark is not always wicked and that they have a love of the dark, in this sense meaning that they love the night, the macabre, Halloween, goth style, emo style and various other things that are dark but not necessarily evil. The Dark Elfae also generally have a love for the wild, the unruly, and they would generally agree that while they are crazy, they are crazy in a good, fun and loving way, thus eccentric rather than being insane. These elfae often associate these traits with being Unseelie, but that is not always the case, in fact, these are more Dark Elfae traits than Unseelie ones.

     The Unseelie are often a predatory mob. This is not to say that they never do good things, or act kindly, or love their family, or kiss babies (just like politicians) but that their basic mode of interacting with others, outside their particular group, is often predatory and based upon principles of power over and dominance. And this is sometimes true among themselves as well. They are ever jockeying for position and backstabbing is not only an art for them, it is an accepted and established practice.

     The Unseelie are known sometimes to prey/pray upon the elfae as well as Mankind, and they nearly always have an excuse for doing so. Certainly, when it comes to Man and the normal folk (many of whom are actually Unseelie in disguise, especially some politicians) they have just cause. They seek revenge upon those who have harmed them through the ages, who, in turn, seek revenge upon them for the harm that the Unseelie have done in an endless circle of vengeance and violence and one-up-man-ship and dog-eat-dog philosophy.

     Unseelie folk nearly always have Kings or Queens, and a strict social structure. Their society demands wealth and poverty living in contrast to each other. While the Seelie folk tend to have free societies with elected officials, or more often than not, artistic societies in which no one is officially in charge but aura and charisma do have great influence and enchantment rules.

     While a Dark Elfae may be Unseelie, they are not necessarily so, and if our survey is representative at all (and although we have only had a little over 350 elfae fill out our survey and that is a very small percentage of the elfae folk manifesting upon the Earth at this time) most Dark Elfae are not Unseelie. They are not parasitic, as the Unseelie often are, they are Seelie Elfae who, like nearly all Elfae, have been made to feel weird and outcast most of their lives, who have felt alienated from normal society and who, again, like nearly all of the awakened Elfae, have come to embrace that fact with fervor. The Seelie Elfae, including the Dark Elfae, celebrate our diversity, individuality and the uniqueness of our natures.

     Out of the 350+ elfae (including fae of all sorts), otherworldlies, Therians and assorted otherkin who filled out our questionnaire, only two or three even came close to being Unseelie. Most Elfae, by our natures, are evolved and spiritually evolving beings, which is to say, we have tread the Elfin path for a while now and continue to do so with a devotion. Not devotion to a god or guru but devotion to the path itself, to the Elven Way and the attainment of illuminated and enlightened being and understanding.

     Many of the Seelie Elfae are also Dark Elfae and nearly all of us, light or dark, are imperfect beings, still struggling soulfully and spiritually to advance as spirits and thus, while we may not be Unseelie overall, there are times when we may be tempted toward wrongdoing and times when we slip over to the Dark, no, the Unseelie side of things. Just as an alcoholic who has been sober for years may slip and have a drink or two or a dozen and then have to begin their sobriety again.

     We Seelie Elfae are not entirely perfected beings, we probably wouldn’t be manifesting upon the Earth if we were, but on the other hand, we are not dedicated to taking advantage of others as a lifestyle and while we do stray from the path now and again, we know that we have strayed, we don’t rationalize our wickedness with hollow justifications as the Unseelie often tend to do. What truly defines the difference in Seelie and Unseelie is that the Seelie have the intent to be loving rather than predatory. This does not mean that we as Seelie Elfae will not defend our selves and loved ones, but that we wish for the world to be a place where all beings are respected and in symbiotic relationship.

     If you really wish to see the Unseelie in their natural habitat and lifestyle, look to the normal world, they often abide there camouflaged as regular folk acting normal and awaiting their prey.

“The Path to Elfin begins in one’s soul,
one’s urge to be loving, find kin and be whole,
it moves through one’s mind, one’s imagination awakes,
magic then swirling as the first step one takes.”
—The Silver Elves

What are the Dark Elfae?

     As we pointed out, the Dark Elfae and the Unseelie are often confused for each other and while it is surely possible for Dark Elfae to be Unseelie, they are not always or even mostly so. It is important to remember that we Silver Elves view reality mostly from a spiritual, by which we mean an energetic, point of view. Many folks, taking the common perspective of the materialistic orientation of this Kali Yuga or Dark Age, might think that being Unseelie or Seelie is a matter of blood or birth or genetics (see our past blog post about the Seelie and Unseelie courts titled: What Say The Silver Elves About the Difference Between Seelie and Unseelie Fae?), and they see it somewhat like caste systems where one is born into a caste and can never change that fact. But we Silver Elves and other Elfae who view the world from an energetic standpoint see being Unseelie or Seelie, not primarily a matter of birth but of the actions/magic one does though one’s life. Our actions/our magics are a reflection of our choices and we choose to be Unseelie or Seelie through the spells and enchantments we create and in that sense the world we help create for ours’elves.

     This is also true of the Dark Elfae, but what is meant by Dark Elfae can vary rather significantly from person-to-person and in legend, tale and lore. Some people when they hear of Dark Elves or Dark Fae, thus Dark Elfae, associate the Dark Elven with being evil in some way, and thus generally think of them as being rather like the Unseelie (we are not saying that all Unseelie are evil). And, as we said, Dark Elfae can be Unseelie folk but most, in our experience are not.

     Other folk see the Dark Elfae as being goth-like, loving the dark, the Satanic, having skulls around, and generally being vampiric but not necessarily in a predatory or parasitic fashion but in a more symbiotic way. They love the Dark Elfae for the wild natures and in contrast to most of Tolkien’s elves who appear often to be quite serene and ethereal, the Dark Elfae are pixie-like and party lovers and really downhome earthy types, enjoying life to its fullest. Less meditative, we might say, and more dance-y.

     We noted a discussion in one of our Facebook groups in which a number of different people were discussing the Dark Elfae and one group saw the Dark Elfae from the first point of view and warned the other group, who saw things from the second perspective, about the dangers of getting involved in the dark. When we suggested that they might be seeing the Dark Elfae from two different points of view and that perhaps it might be beneficial for them to each define what they actually meant by Dark Elfae, we were ignored and they went right on arguing from two divergent perspectives as though they were talking about the same thing. It was like listening to two sets of people argue about whether apples are red or green with one declaring they are always red and the other forever green. Well, apples can also be yellow and we should note that the term Dark Elfae can also indicate those fae who have dark eyes, dark hair, and darker skin tones rather than the tall, blond, blue or green-eyed image of the elven.

     The ancient Norse looked at the Dark Elfae as being the svartálfar, which means black elves or swarthy elves. They also referred to them as the myrkálfar dark elves or dusky elves and even murky elves and related these Elfae to the dwarven folk. Note the fact that the character Drizzt Do’Urden created by R. A. Salvatore is described as a drow or dark elf, whose people are essentially Unseelie folk living in caves (like dwarves) in the Underdark. While Drizzt’s people are clearly Unseelie and Dark Elfae, he has renounced their Unseelie ways and is clearly striving as a Seelie Elf and yet, he is still a Dark Elf or svartálfar or myrkálfar as well. Perhaps because of their similarity to dwarves in as much as they tend to live in caverns beneath the Earth we could, as well, call them Chthonic Elfae.

     Our point here really is that Unseelie, Dark Elfae, and Seelie are not all the same even among thems’elves and note that while we Silver Elves are Seelie (for the most part) and some of us are clearly Dark Elves, we know that the Unseelie are our kin and while we think that they might be treading a path that will ultimately bring about their ruin, as well as a great deal of suffering and pain, we love them still. They are our kindred and while they may sometimes say outrageous, prejudiced, hateful and many times out and out crazy things at Thanksgiving supper, we still invite them, at least, those of them who closely relate to us by blood. For though we look at evolution from an energetic and spiritual perspective, we are not unaware of nor heedless of the ties of kinship and upbringing.

     Another point is that we suggest that it may be beneficial if we made some attempt, as a people, to define what we mean when we use certain terms. When we speak of Dark Elfae, what sort of folk are we actually speaking about? Here we have simply offered our own point of view and suggestions, but those individuals who are ever wishing us to define things exactly as though we are espousing some truth, will be disappointed. What we offer here and elsewhere are our own observations and, like the elven scientists we are, we are ever observing and continually updating our opinions as new and pertinent information comes to us. Do you have a better or different, hopefully improved, opinion about what defines the Unseelie or the Dark Elfae? We’d love to hear it.

La tae lun u Eldat te vari elsorin (By the light of Elfin be ever blessed),

The Silver Elves

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The Silver Elves


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