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trusting our instincts and intuitions

September 10, 2009

it is often difficult…

dear kith and kin,

… to know what constitutes our Elfin Culture when for the most part the only thing left of it are the tales and legends of those, who often, are not even a part of us, only daring to look in from the outside, repeating tales others have told and never thinking what the truth might truly be. So many of our ancestral tribes were wiped out and those that survived did so by merging with other larger and more aggressive peoples, either willingly to survive, or by capture, rape, and enslavement ages ago.

Yet within us the truth lives, and that truth shall always be our guide in knowing what is true and what is false about those who write about us both in fiction and non-fiction. This instinctive knowledge comes to us from what Jung called the Collective Unconscious, that knowledge that is passed to us through our elfin genes, but also, according to elfin belief by the memories of our spirits in whatever bodies into which we choose to be born.

If you are someone who believes whatever they are told by those in authority… than you are probably not an elf, or certainly not one that has awakened. It is said by the great Sage Silver Flame that there are two kinds of people in the world, those who value freedom over security and those who value security over freedom. We elves always choose freedom, which is perhaps why we ever hunger for kith and kin, for union and frasority (fraternity and sorority combined). We ever yearn deeply for our own but will never give up our freedom to obtain the family we so desire. This is in part why cult leaders hate us for they sense we can never be followers, and why the normal folk, who always choose security over freedom and ever are concerned with what others might think, are uncomfortable around us. To them we seem like wild cards, unpredictable folk who might do or say anything. Which is not quite true. What is true is that we will always do and say what we feel is right whether it fits the social mores or not. We are not so concerned with what people think of us as what we think of ours’elves.

So the answer, dear kin, to nearly every question you have about Elfin/Faerie is almost always to be found in what you feel. What kind of elf or faerie or other you might be? This Elfin/Faerie like this or that? Look within. The truth, as always, is there. Trust your attractions. Trust your interests. And consider always what is Fair, we are after all the Fair Folk. Remember always to be courteous, even when you find it necessary to be firm, perhaps, particularly then. Rudeness is weakness (this is a secret of enchantment). Gentleness is strength. Kindness is a rare and valuable commodity.


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