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If you are elves, why don’t you have pointed ears?

July 5, 2017


“Our bodies die and fade, changing from lifetime to lifetime, but our character endures and informs our being throughout incarnations to come.”

We, like most elfin folk, love pointed ears. Alas, most of us don’t have pointed ears, although there are some who do, and wish we had. Some of us put on prosthetic ears, as some faeries put on faerie wings, and some of us have even undergone body modification to make our ears pointed. That’s how much we love pointed ears.

     To those who don’t believe in elves, or at least don’t believe we are elves, the lack of pointed ears is proof that we are not. But then, those individuals have a basically materialistic viewpoint of the nature of the Universe and we have an energetic and magical viewpoint (as one would expect from a magical people), which is to say we don’t judge people by their looks but by their actions. It is not our appearance that makes us elves, but living by the principles of Elfin that we call the Elven Way (see our book titled The Elven Way: The Magical Path of the Shining Ones).

Still, we love pointed ears, just as faeries love wings, and witches and magicians, wizards and warriors love the accouterments of their being. You don’t have to wear a pointed hat to be a witch, or carry a staff to be a wizard; being a wizard, witch, magician or whatever is about doing magic, not having a particular look. But when you love the look, as we do, why not embrace it?

Another question that relates to pointed ears and we are often asked is: Are there any real and absolute physical characteristics of being Elven?

No, not really. Pointed ears? Sometimes. We love them, but due to adaptation to fit into a hostile world of normal folks, we have often bred them out in order not to be killed for having pointed ears. Being thin? Usually. But most often we are just the appropriate weight for our body type, whatever it may be. And we’d like to point out that we once knew an elfin sister who went with a group of other elves to a farm and drank, along with them, fresh, unpasteurized milk. Alas, she got a parasite from doing so, which the others for some reason did not, and within a few months had gained nearly a hundred pounds. And no matter how little she ate, she continued to increase in weight until the doctors finally figured out what was going on.

So, should we have said this sister was no longer elven just because she, through no real fault of her own and not even due to a habit of her lifestyle, became overweight? How would that be fair? How would that even be elven to judge her so harshly? And what right do we have to judge other elves who are also struggling in their own way to cope with life?

Elvenness must be based upon something other than arbitrary physical characteristics. Being elven is and must ever be a matter of character rather than characteristic. Our bodies die and fade, changing from lifetime to lifetime, but our character endures and informs our being throughout incarnations to come. Our elven spirit being born again and again. That is what truly makes us elfin.

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