What do the elves think of Santa Claus?


“We elves love Santa Claus . . . and he also loves us. He is a great elf lord . . . . Santa’s elves are not non-union labor working for very little under the thumb of the great Shining Ones, but really Santa’s elves are volunteer labor, doing what we do out of love for others and an eye to making the world a better place for all beings. The fact is, we are Santa’s elves. Merry Yule!”    

We elves love Santa Claus — also known as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Old Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, Sinterklaas and other names — and he also loves us. He is a great elf lord, and to us elves he is an evolved elven spirit, a Shining One influencing our world. And despite being filtered through Christianity, along with the usurpation of Yule being turned into Christmas as a celebration of Jesus’ birthday, which was actually, according to Christian scholars, most likely in June or July, Santa still resonates in our elven hearts for his great compassion and kindness.

     The Christian folk also seem to have turned Santa into the form of a Catholic Bishop, but the fact that he is truly an elf, albeit a very advanced one, surrounded by other elves, gives us some idea of his true, which might in this case mean, unconscious or prehistoric origins. When we say unconscious origins, we mean the inner symbolic meaning of the things we tend to associate with him. For instance, the fact that he is often said to use a sleigh pulled by reindeer links him surely to the Sami or Saami peoples of Northern Finland, Norway and Sweden and even parts of Russia. They were his ancient elven helpers, surely.

     Santa, whose name some people note is an anagram for Satan, and in as far as he brings gifts for the poor as well as the rich, we suppose he would seem like Satan to some people who delight in their social status and privilege, and delight in having more than others, and want everyone beneath them to struggle for every crumb and scrap. Although mostly this linkage between Santa and Satan stems from religious lunacy which ever seeks a reason to see evil in the world and is held by those who condemn all things and people that they don’t agree with or who don’t share the same beliefs.

     This linking of Santa and Satan can be further seen in the use of the names Saint Nick and Old Nick (as the devil is sometimes called). But if Saint Nick, or Beloved Santa, as we sometimes call him, or Father Yule, as we might call him as well, is Satan, then he is Satan redeemed, or the Devil purified and uplifted returning to his angelic position through the purification of his karma via good works, which is the object of all evolution and thus he would serve as an example for us all.

     On the other hand, it is good to remember that Satan, who along with his demons keeps evil doers in Hell, imprisons them there to be tortured and punished forever (according to Christian lore) and is really an agent of G.O.D (the Government of the Divine). He is the warden of Hell. And his demons, who do the torturing, are the jail guards (see our Book of Elven Magic, vol. 1 & vol 2). So, from an elven point of view, Santa is not Satan, or anything close and his elves are certainly not prison guards.

     However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that Santa is often noted for giving presents to good boys and girls and his sometime companion Krampus is said to punish those who have been bad, thus bringing social judgments into the lore as well as allowing parents to use the lure of material goods as a means of wielding some control over their children as Yule approaches. Of course, many parents don’t threaten their children with the idea that Santa will punish them so much as he will withhold presents that they would otherwise get if they are not good. This, of course, is simple Behaviorism and signifies the difference, often misunderstood, between Punishment and Negative Reinforcement.

     In elven thought, Santa doesn’t punish anyone, nor do his companions. The world is punishment enough as far as we are concerned. Santa, in as much as he is able, gives gifts to everyone to encourage them to be better. The magick of Santa is enchantment magic, ever encouraging us (see our Silver Elves book on enchantment magic: The Keys to Elfin Enchantment: Mastery of the Faerie Light Through the Portals of Manifestation).  His spirit promotes family and world harmony and the idea that even those who have been bad deserve a chance to change, improve themselves and be better as spirits.

     Everyone needs at least one person in the world, who isn’t giving them things in order to get something from them, manipulate them or otherwise control their behavior. Someone who stands against the cynical attitudes that most people project that everyone is, and should be, out for themselves, that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and that everyone is always looking for an angle. Someone … someone, just needs to be kind every once and a while, without expectation of return and with a deep inner conviction in the basic goodness of the human spirit.

     Nor do we see Father, Papa or Daddy Yule, along with Mama Solstice, his wife or maybe mistress, necessarily being elderly, overweight folk. They are, in fact, great Shining Ones and are capable of taking any form or appearance they desire. And the elves, well, they make us seem like Keebler Cookies Elves, or often little gnomes or even goblins.

     Well, actually, that we understand. When normal folk encounter us in our true elven forms they are either terrified themselves, or are judgmental about us, or sometimes both at the same time so we can see why they’d wish to picture us as being essentially harmless and unassuming little workers, laboring joyfully and tirelessly for their benefit and part of the great commercial machine pumping out junk to satisfy the endless hunger and desire they have aroused through subliminal advertising.

     But Santa’s elves are not non-union labor working for very little under the thumb of the great Shining Ones, but really Santa’s elves are volunteer labor, doing what we do out of love for others and an eye to making the world a better place for all beings. The fact is, we are Santa’s elves. Merry Yule!

The Silver Elves

“To the Elves, Santa Claus is a great elven lord. How do we know he is an elf? He’s surrounded by elves! How do we know he’s a great lord? He gives gifts so generously! Who but an elf would be joyously surrounded by elves? And who but a great elven lord would give so much without asking for anything in return? Except perhaps that you re-gift as generously as you got and live in the elven spirit of the holidays.”
—The Silver Elves

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“Wondrous is Faerie
Radiant and fair
But most wondrous of all
Is the love we elven share.”

—The Silver Elves




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Many Elven Blessings, Dear Kindred! 

Merry Yule7StarsBright




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