Why Are Elves So Few and Far Between?

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“The great obstruction to us being together isn’t the outside world but our own inability, as yet, to make it so. There is purpose in us being at a distance. That way we spread the magic far and wide. But there is a destiny in us being together, and while fate seems to dictate otherwise at times, fate is only temporary circumstance while Destiny eternally awaits us and calls us to it.”

It seems a curious phenomenon that elves awaken, often far away from each other. Although, in fact, quite a bit of awakening occurs due to personal interaction and contact with each other. And yet still, those who stir one to awaken are often elves who are just temporarily passing through that one met at a gathering or simply met due to some unusual synchronicity and then journey onward. Of course, these days, the internet stirs many folks and we find we are at the distance from the very start.

You can find elfae all over the world in various forms and manifestations, but currently we seem to arise more in places that have contact with the works of Tolkien in books or movies or other works that refer to Elfae magic and culture in some way or other.

You may even find those who relate to being Vulcans, or Romulans, or some other form of elfae folk, that don’t think of thems’elves as elves, but would still qualify as far as these elves are concerned. We admit we have a liberal interpretation of what constitutes being elfin. Unlike some who desire a certain exclusivity to our culture, we Silver Elves see elfae folk nearly everywhere. Even if, as in the case of the Romulans, some of these folks seem rather Unseelie in nature, we still understand their inherent fae nature.

But why are we awakening so far distant to each other? One possibility is simply that Faerie, although that term is used mostly in Western European culture, has its roots around the world. When the Chinese make movies about Snake People becoming human, or the Japanese tell tales of the Kitsune, the shape shifting fox people, they are really speaking of some of the various denizen and beings of Faerie. All Otherworldly beings and phenomenon is really an expression of Faerie, just with different cultural trappings. Some people might wish to argue about that, particularly those with the mundane wish to argue about everything. Elves understand.

We might point out, for those who are attached to Elves and Faerie folk being descended from a genetic and material bloodline that the Scythians, who are often seen as the ancients of the Elfae peoples, had tribes who migrated Westward to France, Spain, Alba (Great Britain) and Eire (Ireland), some of these passing, due to familial ties and relationships, through the Middle East and Egypt upon their way (see The Realm of the Ring Lords by Laurence Gardner). But the Scythians also had at least one tribe that moved Eastward and became the Ainu of Japan. We can also find beings described (the Danavas) that were similar to the Celtic elves, the Tuatha De Danann, in ancient Hindu scripts (see the Mahabharata, and The Bhagavata Purana). Similar to Ireland, Britain, Iceland and Russia, traces of the elven civilization can be also found in Eastern folklore and Eastern beliefs. So, it is only logical to assume that since we were a worldwide people that we should reawaken in various forms and places around the world as well.

It sometimes feels, we know, like we have been purposely scattered about the world to keep us away from each other. Rather like teachers will do when they find that two or more students get each other wildly stirred up in the classroom and reseat them to the far corners of the room to keep them from going totally out of control. If you’ve ever been a elementary or primary school or even secondary, high school teacher, you will know what we are talking about. And we, for our own part, know because we were sent to the far corners of the room on more than one occasion throughout the years.

We know that this distance from each other is frustrating for many of our kindred. We hunger to be together, to find our own kind, many imaging an elven family, clan, tribe, often with land somewhere, some even hoping for an elven nation to arise. But the distance that separates us and the fact that we seem to often be surrounded by those who don’t believe our people even exist and are not only clueless about any sort of Faerie life or lore and, in fact, clueless about nearly everything having to do with anything, makes it seem as though we’ve been cursed by some dark spell designed to keep us apart forever.

And, there is some truth to that but it is only a small truth, a truth that becomes obscured when we contemplate that we are the people of magic and what obstructs us isn’t the dark magics of others, but our own magic that has, for its own reasons, spread us about the world, like signal fires on distant mountains or radio stations relaying signals from place to place.

Of course, in joining together we increase the power of our signal. But that is the challenge that confronts us, isn’t it? The great obstruction to us being together isn’t the outside world but our own inability, as yet, to make it so. There is purpose in us being at a distance. That way we spread the magic far and wide. But there is a destiny in us being together, and while fate seems to dictate otherwise at times, fate is only temporary circumstance while Destiny eternally awaits us and calls us to it.

Perhaps, the trick, and being partially pixie folk, we do think in tricks, is to awaken more elfin. Certainly, improving our own soulful spirits so we get along more easily is important. We need to become more and more like those students who seem to naturally ignite each other’s wildness and alight each other when we are together. But we also need to help more and more elfae awaken, mainly through our own example by living the life Elfin, for when there are more of us who are aware, we cannot help but wind up closer together.

The Silver Elves

“When Elfin bright does come in view, our hearts beat faster it is true; our joy swells to great delight as elven kindred fill our sight; but what is there for us to do but await the night and love most true.”
—The Silver Elves



And now for a bit of elven fun!
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“Every acorn holds the potential to become an oak tree that bears the potential to produce an entire forest from its seeds. Every elf contains the potential for creating an elven family that can produce seeds that can turn into a forest of elfin being. Plant seeds everywhere you feel they might prosper.”
—The Silver Elves



The Silver Elves invite you to come join us in some of our elven and magical otherkin Facebook groups where you will find our elven-faerie-fae otherkin community interacting and sharing The Elven Way:

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“When you see that all is magic and all of life a spell,
you soon perceive the threads that bind to heaven or to hell
but if you are enchanting then magic thou can weave
and cut the knotted cords of fate and suffering relieve.”

“And swaying, swirling, dancing quick with elfin fingers deft,
you find that starlight’s destiny is that which is now left,
and from that comes a tapestry of wonder and delight
to fill our days with beauty while our love we share at night.”
—The Silver Elves



And for further reading on elven, faerie, otherkin tribes:

ELF TRIBES: The Silver Elves’ Guide for Finding Your Magical Kind and Kin and  FAERIE, FAE AND OTHERKIN TRIBES: The Silver Elves’ Guidelftribese for Finding Your Magical Kind and Kin. Please click on the titles listed above to go to the pages on this blog that are dedicated to each book, where you can read more about them, view excerpts of sample magical narratives and also the table of contents from both books. Elf Tribes contains 150+ narratives of elven tribes, and Faerie, Fae and Otherkin Tribes contains another 150+ narratives of faerie and otherkin tribes. Be sure and click on the title links and read a few of these magical narratives. Perhaps, you otherkinstar_coverwill find your people as you read through these two books, or kindred quite like them. At any rate, you can always do the survey yours’elf, or do it again if you feel you have come to a greater understanding of yours’elf and our peoples in the meantime (or gentle-time as we elves often say).




Touch the Elven Star below, dear Kindred, for an Elven Blessings!




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