Are Elves Human? Is an Elven Soul and Spirit Different from that of a Human?

Zardoa_refaire“The soul is the unifying aspect of our being. It connects us to others, for that is its function and to say that an elven soul is different than a human soul is to misunderstand the nature of humanity and, even more so, the true nature of the soul. All souls are One. Soul is the connective tissue of the energetic Universe. It seeks similarities not differences by its very nature. . . . .And while each elven spirit is unique, we do have a high propensity by our very elven spirit to seek to embrace our inner Nature within the human body or the true Nature of whatever form we have taken. And in that way, our elven spirits move us to evolve to be super human and lead humanity in uniting body and mind and developing intuitional intelligence through awareness of our inner Nature, as Humans will also do in the Ancient Future.”

Are Elves Human?

From our point of view, not all Elves or Fae or Faeries or Otherkin are human. There are elf birds, and elf trees, and elf deer and many other elfin beings who are not human at all or only sort of. Surely, the porpoises and dolphins are elfin without being human, although they are mammals like humans. And, there are the Shining Ones who have advanced to the point where they don’t need human bodies at all anymore but may still take one on because the material realm is a great place to not only learn things but also to test one’s spirit, to develop one’s soulful connection to others, to improve one’s powers and abilities and one’s adeptship in magic and enchantment, and also to help advance and awaken our kindred still learning in the material world. We don’t have to have teachers but they can be very helpful.

And, of course, there are all those who are in the In Between, in the life between physical manifestations, where one doesn’t have a body, per se, one just is as one often is in one’s dreams. The development of Lucid Dreaming can be an important aid to navigating those realms where physicality has given way to pure awareness and sentient consciousness.

Of course, there are many elfae folks in human bodies who say that they are not human. This sounds contradictory and even a bit crazy at times, since they clearly have human bodies. But what they are really saying is that while they may have a human body on the material plane that their spirit is other than human. They may appear to be humans on the surface, but inside they are dragons, or faeries, or elves or aspiring Shining Ones, but then, who of us aren’t aspiring Shining Ones, really?

This is rather similar to those who, while they may have the body of a male or female in physical form, feel within that they are really of the other gender. If we add to this the fact that doctors for generations have surgically altered children who have been born with both sexual organs so they will only adhere to one gender, one can understand that life is much more complex in reality than the black and white —falsehood and absolute truth — that many people like to think defines the world and therefore they unfortunately do not always accept many beautiful variations of life. The moon doesn’t just come out at night.

A conflict arises, however, due greatly to the fact that this is the Kali Yuga or Dark Age or Materialistic Age, where nearly everything is conceived of as having materialistic underpinnings and origins. We have passed the half way point, dear Kindred, of our descend into matter and now we begin to slowly ascend again into the understanding of the spiritual nature and origin of life but still many people are affected deeply by this materialistic orientation. So, it is that many individuals who are spiritually Other, but have material human bodies, wish to believe that their physical body is also somehow better or essentially different than those around them, claiming some genetic source of their spiritual being. And who is to say that this isn’t so on some very subtle level. If there is a material source for everything than surely the reason we feel we are, say we are and live as elves, fae and others can be found in some, as yet, undiscovered aspect of our genetic makeup. We are human surely but of a different sort.

It does seem to be true, at least we elves have often encountered the fact, that elfin folk often look younger than our contemporaries and often live longer. But that really has more to do with the way we live our lives than strict genetics. We tend to take care of ours’elves. We eat as healthily as we can, we exercise, and avoid (surely limit the use of) most of those things, such as cigarettes and addictive drugs, that have such a wearing and aging affect upon the human body.

If our human bodies are superior to the bodies of those normal folk who are around us, it is mostly because we have cared for our bodies, rather like an automobile that is well maintained, rather than neglected and abused them. In living the life Elfin, we choose the superior path of care and maintenance for our minds, spirits, souls and our bodies, in every dimension and the care of our others as well. This is the Elven Way and while we may not all be human, or not human all the time, or not entirely human, we are human enough and elfin enough to do our best to strive to create a better world for us and all others.

There are some elfin folk who like to claim that their bodies, while humanoid, are not really human. They tell us they have superior elven bodies due to their special genetic lineage. Nicholas De Vere claimed that those of pure elven blood, by which he meant direct descent from the Scythians, had a genetic power to do magic and also to being rulers of average humanity. According to him, elves were born to rule. While he provided a series of documents (we would have preferred DNA test) indicating the purity of his lineage, he offered no real proof or evidence that he could do magic that others couldn’t or that he would, in fact, make a good ruler.

In truth, there isn’t much, if any, evidence at all that great rulers produce children who are also great rulers. Nor that great mechanics give birth to great mechanics or great artists to great artists. It is not that it never happens, but it is rather rare really. It would be more accurate to say, we think, that those who are raised from children and educated in mechanics, or violin or anything else, have some advantage in developing that skill over others who take it up later. Here we are not discounting the awareness of genetic studies that suggest a link between several genes and creativity, particularly musical ability. But genetic potential does not assure talent without education and training. Still, there are many whose parents seem rather ordinary who have emerged to greatness in some field or activity that the parents didn’t do themselves but often in areas the parents actively discouraged and advised against.

The only thing we can really say for certain about European monarchies active use of eugenics to create a superior race of rulers, a class above as it were, was that all that inbreeding resulted in the manifestation in royal bloodlines of a variety of inherited diseases and disorders. One can inherit genetic things through one’s blood and body, but things of the mind and spirit, are inherit, quite a bit, through those realms and may also be altered through generations of time with epigenetic modifications. Especially, the powers of the spirit.

Still, we will find, now and again, individuals who make all sorts of claims about having elven bodies with advanced genetics and blood lineage with no evidence whatsoever to back up their claims. They make claim to greater powers as well as the ability to live nearly forever. Alas, often the very way in which they express their superiority makes one doubt its efficacy. We might ask ours’elves why individuals wish to make such claims in the first place, for they are clearly untrue. If you are communicating by email or instant messenger, or if you’ve ever been to a dentist and have fillings in your teeth, have had a root canal or have a crown or two in your mouth, or if you neglected to go to the dentist or neglected your teeth or have been subject to gum disease and have lost some of your teeth, guess what? You have a human body!

Some of the elfae who make such claims do so in order to separate thems’elves from Mankind. They wish to say: I’m not one of those crazy people who would destroy the Earth because of their own greed and ignorance. In this way, these are embracing the idea that the I Ching espouses that in many ways the highest good is being able to authentically say: It’s not my fault.

Some who make such claims, however, are attempting to create some sense of authority for thems’elves. They are saying, in effect, I have a superior elven body and thus you should listen to me because I’m clearly more advanced than you and therefore right. Alas, this is a logical fallacy. While we might give greater credence to the thoughts of those who are truly experts on a particular subject, that doesn’t mean they are always right in what they think all the time. It is not enough to be a noted scientist and declare a theory. One must support one’s theories with facts, reasoning and logic. And those who use the claim of having advanced elven bodies or to being great adept elves as the sole support for their ideas, not only don’t back up their claims with logic and facts, they can’t even demonstrate the true authenticity of their claims about their genetic makeup. What is worst is that often such individuals are not only using their claims to establish their authority as individuals, saying, in effect, I’m the authority so you should listen to me, they are also using these claims as a means of belittling the ideas and the intrinsic value of others. Saying, quite obvious, I’m better than you so I must be right.

Now, we Silver Elves don’t claim to be experts on anything, really. Some people think we are experts on Celtic Lore, but we know we are not. We are far from it. We just seem expert when seen in the light of their own admitted lack of knowledge on the subject. We used to have a friend that would tell us that we should claim to be experts on Celtic studies, because we couldn’t always tell them we were elves. And when we pointed out that we weren’t experts on Celtic lore, this individual replied, “Well, they won’t know that.”

Nor are we even experts on magic, faerie lore, or even elves. Any more than every man or woman is an expert on men and women, although many of them claim to be. The most we can say is that we are perpetual students of many areas of study and are really quite humble elf folk for the most part. We make no claim to being superior to our kindred, we know we are here on Earth together. We are not here to raise ours’elves above you, but to rise together. And our ideas are merely that, our ideas. No, less than that. Our ideas at any moment may change as soon as we encounter superior ideas and inspiration. And it doesn’t matter what sort of body you have, beloved kin, it’s the power of our hearts and mind that will bring us all closer to living the life Elfin.

“Our elven spirit makes us unique.
Our elfin soul unites us.
Thus, we are each One, Together.”
—The Silver Elves


Is an Elven Soul and Spirit Different from that of a Human?

At the heart of this question, there is an unspoken assumption that elves are not human. As we have said in the article above, we know that there are many folk who would like to think that they are different than the humans around them but nearly anyone who can or is likely to read these words, surely has a human body to do so.

It is not that there aren’t elven who don’t have human bodies: elven porpoises, dolphins, elven birds, etc. and elves of other dimensions, but they are, for the most part, not likely to read these words and then write and claim they aren’t human. The difference between elves and others, really, is more like the difference between Whites and Blacks and Asians and every other variety of people thereof, except for the fact that we elves may be born into bodies from any of those races and often born into ones that are some mixture thereof. The difference between elves and other humans is more one of temperament and spirit rather than strict physical distinctions, although we do tend to age less quickly, are thinner for the most part and less bulkily muscular and so on, but those aspects may vary as well.

Most often when people say that they are elven, fae or other and not human, what they are really saying is that energetically or spiritually, which is to say their true inner being, is other than human. Alas, because so many people in this Materialistic Age feel compelled to consider the physical world as the base from which all this evolves, they express this in a physical fashion, even though it is clear that there is no physical or actually major genetic basis for them doing so.

However, if you view the world from an energetic point of view, then it should be clear that the world is filled with beings who are not really human. In fact, quite a number are inhuman beings. There are humans that are (energetically speaking) also chickens, pigs, old goats, young goats, and sheep, lots and lots of sheep, each bleating about every little thing they disagree with and all baa-baaing together about their shepherd who is their lord, master and savior and sticking close together because of the sheep dogs he has constantly nipping at their heels, since they do have a tendency, as they inform us, to stray. There are also trolls, quite a few roaming around these days, as well as pixies, faeries, brownies, orcs and all manner of folk.

This is all to say that we otherworldly types have some sense of our energetic fourth dimensional being and understand inwardly, if not always in a clear intellectual fashion, that this is a profound aspect of our characters. In that way, we may be very different from other humans, but we still, for the most part, have human bodies as well as our fourth dimensional manifestation.

Souls, however, are a different thing altogether. At their essence, all souls are the same. We might compare them, however inadequately, to telephones. However much a telephone might seem different in appearance or capability or the plan its connected to, all phones are made to send and receive messages. The soul is the unifying aspect of our being. It connects us to others, for that is its function and to say that an elven soul is different than a human soul is to misunderstand the nature of humanity and, even more so, the true nature of the soul. All souls are One. Soul is the connective tissue of the energetic Universe. It seeks similarities not differences by its very nature.

It is true that some people have let their batteries die. Some don’t really use their phones much. Some have taken out their batteries altogether and perhaps thrown them away. And some phones are old and don’t work very well, although the opposite tends to be the case for souls, for the older, or more experienced a soul is, the better it tends to work. Nearly all magic depends upon soulful and energetic connection. This is especially true of enchantment. There are those who have pretty much killed their souls who can still affect the world through the pure power of their spirit, but that is exhausting and that magic, as they like to say, always has a cost and the cost in the long run is usually quite dear. Whereas, enchantment and soulful magic profits everyone. You get much more than you put into it, and so does everyone else. That’s why it’s so powerful.

So, there is no difference in essence from an elven soul and any other soul, human or otherwise, because souls unify and connect. Their nature is harmony and mutual reciprocation. The soul seeks what is the same, not what is different and while they can be differentiated through time and experience, just as water may take on impurities, in its pure state, water remains the same.

The spirit, on the other hand, is another matter entirely. Its nature is individual and individualizing and at its essence, every developed spirit is unique. Thus, the elven spirit is not only different from every other human spirit, it is eccentric and unique from all spirits and growing more so all the time.

And while each elven spirit is unique, we do have a high propensity by our very elven spirit to seek to embrace our inner Nature within the human body or the true Nature of whatever form we have taken. And in that way, our elven spirits move us to evolve to be super human and lead humanity in uniting body and mind and developing intuitional intelligence through awareness of our inner Nature, as Humans will also do in the Ancient Future.

The Silver Elves

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“The Radiance of Elfin is like a thread that connects our spirits to each other and creates thereby a tapestry of elvish being.”
—The Silver Elves

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Elves Listen

We listen to the people

We listen to the trees

We listen to the stars

That whisper on the breeze;

We listen to our hearts

We do this most of all

And we listen to the dance of death

That comes about in Fall;

We listen to the seeds in Spring

As they heed life’s new call

And springing up remind us

Of the Faerie Ball;

They summon us to rise as well

And holding hands renew

Our journey on the Elven Way

Toward all that’s bright and true.”
—by Zardoa Silverstar of The Silver Elves


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“We elves don’t look at ours’elves as the wolves among the sheep of humanity, but rather as mountain goats climbing to heights that they don’t usually dare attempt.”


Elven Blessings, Dear Kindred!







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