What Can We Do to Help Manifest Elfin in this Material World?

SEevocation“If we wish to manifest Elfin in the material world . . . . we must develop ours’elves as soulful spirits that exist within and upon the various planes of manifestation. In many ways, the most important of these planes, in terms of altering our world, is what we might refer to as the plane of magic, which is to say that realm where energy and action combined with will and intention are most potent and powerful. We need to live with true intent. Manifesting as the elves, faeries, pixies or the others that we know ours’elves to be as best we may in this world on each and every day. By doing this we emphasize the power of magic, the power of spirit and the true energetic nature or ours’elves and the world around us.”

     Many people wish to find Faerie or Elfin, which they believe exists as a realm, somewhat like this world, only a bit more ethereal and certainly more magical. What they don’t seem to understand is that to find that world they have to become more ethereal thems’elves. It is true that some folks who have psychic perception can view the Other World from time to time and it is also true that certain plants, mushrooms and trees can offer one a temporary glimpse of that world. But if we wish to manifest Elfin upon the Earth, as these elves do, then that is going to take a dedication to living the Life Elfin or Elfae and making real what exists in potential.

     Or, if you wish to abandon this world, and we wouldn’t blame you if you did, and go and live in that other realm, you need to understand that you can’t really do that with your body as it now exists. You essentially have to leave your humanoid body behind, or your physical material body if you aren’t human, in order to enter and stay in that realm. In other words, that realm is usually only entered after we have abandoned our material form and even then, most of us return to this material world again, fairly quickly in most cases, because we, despite what we might think, just aren’t finished with what we have to do and what we desire here.

     Some folks might think that if they just walk off into the wilds of Nature they will find Elfin or Faerie, but they surely will not, at least not in the form that they desire. They may find wild, unseelie Faerie, but that is not always a good place for gentle folk to be and it can always prove dangerous and demanding.

     Others might hope that in ending their lives they will be transported there, but if that is the case it is so only briefly, if at all. Alas, the energy that drives people toward suicide is the very energy that ties them to this world and returns them here, again and again. Suicide is like a hallway with a door at each end and if you go out one door you find yours’elf coming into the hallway from the other, over and over again. There is no quick route to Elfin, there is no easy escape from this world. It is, however, in this world and through this life that we attain Mastery and it is through Mastery that we are able to create Elfin.

     If we wish to manifest Elfin in the material world, or if we wish to leave this world for Elfin or Faerie as it exists upon more etheric planes, we must develop ours’elves as soulful spirits that exist within and upon the various planes of manifestation by excepting our true Nature. In many ways, the most important of these planes, in terms of altering our world, is what we might refer to as the plane of magic, which is to say that realm where energy and action combined with will and intention are most potent and powerful. We need to live with true intent. Manifesting as the elves, faeries, pixies or the others that we know ours’elves to be as best we may in this world on each and every day. By doing this we emphasize the power of magic, the power of spirit and the true energetic nature of ours’elves and the world around us.

     This is not entirely easy, although as elves we surely are inclined naturally and instinctively to pursue the path of least resistance in nearly every circumstance and situation. But the world as is will not help us in this endeavor or surely not willingly and we are best assisted in this quest by others upon the path. Not only other elves, for those of us who are elven, or other faeries for the faerie folk, or therians or whatever, but those who understand and except the exceptional nature of reality and accept and appreciate our uniqueness and our understanding of ours’elves as otherworldly beings. Finding others of our kind with whom we can tread the path is not easy usually, but in finding them the path becomes a great deal easier. Till then, only the truly strong, the truly dedicated can endure this path for long when treading it alone. We would surely have given up long ago, if we did not have each other.

     But another means of manifesting Elfin involves the ethereal planes of the astral feeling planes and the mental imaginal planes of being. By feeling Elfin, and putting depth of feeling into our magic and enchantments, we bring Elfin alive. How do you put your feeling into your magic? Not, as some would think, with extreme emotion, although that is not without some power, although not as much for elfin folk, but by touching that part of ours’elves that loves Elfin and Faerie and all things Elfae and channeling that energy into our enchantments.

     And further, we can see Elfin and Faerie all around us, if we just allow our imaginal facility to flow, while still holding on to our understanding of the world as others see it. To see only Elfin and Faerie is to become unattached to the normal world, which is rather like being unaware that a poisonous snake lives near you. It is what normal folk used to refer to as “being away with the Faeries,” by which they meant the person was a bit insane but usually not dangerously so.

     Rather, the trick, the pixie trick if you will, is to stand between the worlds and see both of them at the same time, recognizing both realms and planes of manifestation but acting, as much as possible, in such a way as to manifest Elfin. You still see that poisonous snake and take precautions concerning it, but you know as well, that it is just another denizen of Faerie, simply of the more dangerous variety. Normal folk are usually not normal at all, unless you consider dysfunctionality as normal, which they do (see an excerpt from our book Elven Psychology: Understanding the Elfin Psyche and the Evolutionary and Esoteric Purpose of Mental Disorders and sold on Amazon here), but rather they are really some sort of other hiding their true natures and in hiding creating a mess in the world. Although, it is true that many of them are under a dark sorcerous spell that has hidden their true natures from them, and leaves them struggling with thems’elves and each other because they can never truly be happy until they do know and accept their true natures.

     But perhaps the greatest thing one can do to manifest Elfin, beside becoming the best elf, faerie or other one can be, is to nurture the Elfae energy in others, support all their positive attempts to manifest thems’elves and foster their sense of their own otherworldly nature. These attempts that we sometimes see from individuals of Elfae blood who attempt to deride others for thinking or seeing things differently, that seek to deny others their own right to be other, is a residual dark spell born of the normal world and is not truly elfin at all. As we do our best to promote the otherworldly aspirations of our others, we find that our kindred are everywhere, and the Path grows ever easier thereby.
May the Rain Fall and the Sun Shine Where It Is Needed for All!

“It is not enough to know the truth, believe the truth or speak the truth, one must also live the truth of hir elfin being to manifest Elfin in the world.”
—The Silver Elves

Ver nesidas mellun vari te (In shimmering starlight ever be),
The Silver Elves

“We are not elves primarily because we think we are elves, but because we feel elven and thus know ours’elves to be elves and we express that feeling with our entire being, and in that way manifesting it into the world.”
—The Silver Elves

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“Starlight brings us messages from long ago and far away, of Elfin that once was, and yet they ever seem to say, ‘Look ye to the future, for Elfin comes carried by our glimmerings’.”
—The Silver Elves


And Now for a Bit of Fun in our Elven Magical Forest!

We invite you to come to our website and enter our elven forest and go through the Elven Tree of Life Eternal to explore your magical nature (it’s free and completely private). It is set up somewhat like a choose your own adventure book and a fun way to explore your specific magic while all roads lead to Elfin. Then return to “the eald of the Silver Elves home page” at any time you wish by clicking the “home page” link at the top of any page you happen to be on. You may enjoy other pages on our website including reading some of our Magical Elven Love Letters or taking our Elf, Fae or Otherkin Survey and we will happily gift you a beautiful narrative about your magical tribe (this is not an automatic response but instead is especially written for you based on your responses and our own elven intuition).

tree_blogEnter here the Elven Tree of Life Eternal

Remember…All roads lead to Elfin
But sometimes it’s not the Path you’re on
So much as the Way you travel!

And if you wish to read the Elven Tree of Life Eternal in book form (it is the same as our elven forest mentioned above that we have on the website, but just in a convenient book form), please enjoy visiting our website here to read an excerpt from the book and to learn more about it or visit Amazon where it is sold.

elftreewebsiteThe Elven Tree of Life Eternal:
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“Every choice shifts us into another dimension. Thus, when we live our lives as elves we get closer and closer to Elfin manifest.
—The Silver Elves


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ELVEN PSYCHOLOGY: Understanding the Elfin Psyche and the Evolutionary and Esoteric Purpose of Mental Disorders!

elvenPsychBookcoverbigELVEN PSYCHOLOGY: Understanding the Elfin Psyche
and the Evolutionary and Esoteric Purpose of Mental Disorders

ELVEN PSYCHOLOGY is written from a unique elven perspective about the present day human condition, which includes an exploration of the psyché of both normal folk and elfae. We elves are elven by spirit, so our entrance into humanity is the addition of a new spiritual race, not a new physical race, and elves have been born in these modern times into all physical races, as well as most cultures and religions throughout the world. In fact, there are many who are following esoteric Ancient Wisdom Traditions, as well as some Tolkienists, who through the process of benevolent evolution, see ‘elf as the new normal’ or majority of humankind in the not so distant future. So, it is important to update many areas of academia that explore, express, and explain human life; psychology being one of these.

Thus this book expands the realms of modern psychology, which has never before included the elves and otherkin population as being real. If one says that they are an elf, most psychologists today will still hold you in suspect of having a delusionary disorder and try to evaluate you further. We explain in Elven Psychology why from a standard psychological point of view that believing you are an elf does not in itself constitute a disorder even in traditional psychology, and then we go much further and explore the disorders and psychological struggles that we observe in our modern society in both normal folk and elves/otherkin, along with the spiritual purposes of disorders and new perspectives for healing.

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Personal MythThumnails
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“Elves have a gift for stirring people to remember their childhood dreams so they feel that Life, once again, is filled with promise and possibility.”

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“The history of the Elven is etched in starlight in the sanctuary of our elfin souls.”
—The Silver Elves


And For Some Practical Elven Magic for Evoking Elfin. . . .

And we are happy to announce the publication of our newest book on Elven Magic!
Elven Hedgewitchery and Found Magic: Using Art-Making for Evoking Elfin Magic and Living the Elven Way by The Silver Elves is a book of magic — very practical magic that involves the creation of one’s magical tools, which include wands, staffs, rattles, crowns, hoods, robes and many other instruments of magic and, in this case inHedgewitcheryBook particular, of elven magic and enchantment. In this book, we share with you many of our favorite magical elven art projects that we have enjoyed doing in the last 40+ years and give you guidance and detailed instructions for creating your own and using them in your magic, along with over 100 photos to demonstrate the art processes. Also, this is a book of elven spells and enchantment magic, with elven rhyming magical spells (200 spells in total written in both English and the magical language of the Silver Elves — Arvyndase, including Arvyndase pronunciation keys) that you may use in rituals to empower your art and magic with each magical item and creative project. We include our magical art processes from faerie altered clothing and making faerie houses to creating magical elf stones and ritual tools such as a Book of Shadows (or a Book of Twilight as we elves call them) and also a Scrapbook of Shadows, chalices, ally dolls, wands, canes, staffs, seaweed pod rattles, magic plates, elven warrior shields, wishing wheels, mojo bags, and elven witches brooms and magic spoons. We further have chapters in Elven Hedgewitchery and Found Magic on making elfin dream pillows, fairy dust and pixie powder, elven magical boxes or reliquaries, elven Mbuti, paintings, illuminated circles, magic soul cards, tarot decks, pan pipes, fantasy maps and even some of our favorite elven group-art games like elven notan and Elven Chess. We also have a chapter on spell crafting using the seven-pointed elven star. And in our final chapter, we share with you more about the Orb of Healing, which is a magical artifact that is at the center of our elven magick.
You may read a bit more about this book and a few examples of spells from it here.
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“Many people are in a hurry to escape this world and get to Elfin. But Elfin is a very serene place and the more composed one becomes the sooner one realizes that Elfin exists in potential all around us. When we become calm within, it appears.”
—The Silver Elves

The Silver Elves invite you to come join us in some of our elven and magical otherkin Facebook groups where you will find our elven-faerie-fae otherkin community interacting and sharing The Elven Way:

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Faerie Craft —
This is a group to share your elven and fae creations, and yes you are welcome to advertise your elfish/faerie crafts.

I Heart Elven Magic —

Feasting With the Elves (having fun sharing elven recipes and healthy eating) — https://www.facebook.com/groups/597948240617006

United Otherkin Alliance —
This is an alliance for Otherkin/ Therians, where elves, faeries, dragons, kitsune, gnomes, hobbits, merkin, pixies, brownies, nymphs, driads, niaids, valkyrie, vampires, devas, fauns, unicorns, animal kin and all manner of Faerie Folk gather and come together! This group is open to anyone who wishes to be part of a congenial group of Otherkin.

The Elven Way and Friends —

Devayana: Buddhism, Vedic, & Asian Spirituality for Elves and Fae https://www.facebook.com/groups/devayana

Nature & the Unseen Realms with the Elves & otherkin. A spiritual journey —



“The Path to Elfin is an unpaved road surrounded by thickets, which narrows as it goes until finally it disappears altogether and one must step boldly into the Forest of the Mystery where one realizes one has been there all along.”
—The Silver Elves


Through The Mists of Faerie:
A Magical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of the Ancient Elven

Through the Mists of Faerie is our most popular book by The Silver Elves, along with The Elven Way: The Magical Path of the Shining Ones

“Elfin, Faerie, Elfland or the Sacred Realm or Dimension of Magic that lives at the heart of the Universe, is an incredibly attractive power. It draws all true souls to it. It calls to the Elfin nature in each and every soul. This is the power that arouses the imagination of those who see or read the Lord of the Rings and say, I’m an Elf or I’m a Dwarf, or even I’m an Orc. The power calls to us through Urban Fantasy stories and the fantasy novels of old, as well as, faery tales and movies of magic and enchantment. But it also calls to us from the trees, the wild places of Nature, and sometimes most of all from magic memories of our childhood, which is really our ancient past, our past incarnations, calling to us. It can also be aroused, and quite strongly, perhaps most strongly, by others of our kind manifesting in the world. There is something magical about these beings and they arouse our own hunger for magic in our own lives and souls. These Elfae radiate starlight. They glimmer with love, kindness and compassion; and they reach out and touch our souls. Some might suppose this to be a glamor, a magic they have wrapped thems’elves within to enchant us; but while they are truly enchanting, the magic arises from the fact that they are genuine and real. They don’t need to glamor us. They just need to be their very own s’elves, for that is the most impressive magic of all. They are not trying, they are simply being: being thems’elves, being elves.” —Excerpt from page 26 of Through The Mists of Faerie by The Silver Elves.

Thank you, Sara Isayama, for your beautiful graphic art
with an excerpt from Through The Mists of Faerie 

You may read Through The Mists of Faerie to learn more about “The Seven Pointed Star, which in its acute form is called by us the Elf Star and by the faeries the Faery Star, is a great symbol of the Elven People and represents many things to us, including but not exclusive to our association with the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, the seven root races of humanity with their seven sub-races, the seven chakras, and the seven rays of manifestation.”


“It is also representative of the seven magical achievements that elevate us toward the realm of the Shining Ones that we call Elfin Faerie, which is to say these achievements illuminate our beings with light.”
The Presence, Focus, Calm Composure, Inner Understanding, Openness, Appreciation, Altruism. You may read more about these seven magical achievements in Through The Mists of Faerie.

If you would like to read more about the Elven Star and how it was first adopted in modern times by the Elf Queen’s Daughters then you will enjoy our blog article: Is it the Elf Star or the Faerie Star? And Who First Adopted the Seven-Pointed Star as the Elf Star?



“If you attempt to define elves you will find that we are like the morning mist transforming before the light of the sun into things unseen.”


And you can find all our the Silver Elves books on The Elven Way on Amazon here:
US Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/The-Silver-Elves/e/B0070R8ER2

UK Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Silver-Elves/e/B0070R8ER2


“In a certain way, the Horns of Elfin are similar to dog whistles, in that when they are sounded they are of such a vibration that only the elfin can hear them. And we hear it not so much with our ears but with our hearts. Did you feel that? Elfin is Calling!”
—The Silver Elves


If you enjoy our elf sayings on this page, you may truly be inspired by our book:

A Collection of Over 1000 Ancient Elven Sayings and Wise Elfin Koans by The Silver Elves

The Elves Say: “If you need help going higher, lift others up!



May the Rain Fall and the Sun Shine Where It Is Needed!

Elven Blessings, Dear Kindred!






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