What Is the Magic of Being an Elf? And Why is Magic Slower to Manifest on the Material Plane?

“. . . the true magic, our true power as elves and elfae originates from the fact that as we continue on the path of Elfin, dance together along the Elven Way, we become incredibly lucky. And this is not something we do or create directly, but an incidental side effect of being and living the life Elfin. This is not something we directly control by the power of our will but by being in touch and attuned in our inner beings and our outer behaviors with Elfin and Faerie, we draw luck to us like a magnet attracts iron filings. . . . Compared to the higher planes where one’s thoughts can create reality nearly instantly, then yes, we Silver Elves would say that magic is always slower on the material plane. But then, that is its purpose.  . . . It was created. . . . for the very reason that we needed to slow things down and put some time between our thinking and the manifestation of our thoughts into reality or really into form or structure. “

What is the magic of being an elf?

We have discussed in these blog articles how one begins upon the Elven Path and proceeds to follow the Elven Way (see our book The Elven Way: The Magical Path of the Shining Ones), however, what is just as important and, in many ways, more significant is what happens upon the path as one continues to pursue it. In many ways, starting upon a spiritual and magical path is easy. This is especially so if one is awakened and inspired by other elfae beings for then there is a sort of relevatory experience that attends one’s awakening and that peak experience or spiritual high helps one to launch ones’elf unto the path and get at least a metaphorical mile or two down the road before one confronts some of the day-to-day realities of living the life elfin.

For while one has changed as a person somewhat in realizing that they are an elfae or otherkin of some sort, the world around one remains essentially the same. One’s perception of it might transform in time and one may gain Elf Sight and thus see the energetic underpinnings of the world and be able to perceive Elfin and Faerie, as well as, begin to see orcs, faeries, goblins, brownies and all manner of elfae folk about one among those who seemed quite normal previously. One is able to see through their glamor to the truth beneath.

But for the most part, our first understanding of our elfae nature doesn’t tend to immediately alter our day-to-day habits and behaviors nor does it change the various challenges one often faces in the world nor the way we interact with others. It is, in its way, rather like when one first falls in love, but in time that feeling usually fades, one is no longer levitating and one is faced with confronting life once again on a gravity bound planet.

And, in addition to this, one is frequently confronted with the fact that some of the people who were upon the path along with you fall away or wander off the path and you discover, and this is usually mostly true of those who seemed the most devotedly fanatical about it all, that for them it was just a fad after all. When the enchantment wears off, they wander elsewhere seeking that same high again rather like individuals who go from one relationship to another ever seeking to fall in love over and over and over again. In the circles of those who use drugs, this is sometimes referred to as Chasing the Dragon, but one can never really experience that initial high again.

It can be hard to tread this, or any, path alone. One naturally seeks one’s elfin kin and without them it seems a long weary road. However, if one does persevere, and only the truly elfin ever do so, one will find that certain magical powers begin to develop. These are not, for the most part, the sort of Harry Potter magics one sees in movies. Those would be nice to have, of course, but the fact of the matter is that most of those powers are only ours when we are out of the human body, which means in our dreams, our fantasies or the Between Life realms. In those realms, we have great power and can pretty much create and do anything we will, but here on gravity bound Earth, limited by the bodies we inhabit, the magic powers we acquire are mostly those of enchantment (see our book The Keys to Elfin Enchantment), which is to say they involve, for the most part, the power of the personality, the development of our personal and collective aura and therefore our developing charismatic abilities.

As we work on ours’elves and make determined effort to increase our ability to cooperate, harmonize and work in coordination with each other there is much we can accomplish that seemed near to impossible previously. And if that were all, that would surely be enough.

However, the true magic, our true power as elves and elfae originates from the fact that as we continue on the path of Elfin, dance together along the Elven Way, we become incredibly lucky. And this is not something we do or create directly, but an incidental side effect of being and living the life Elfin. This is not something we directly control by the power of our will but by being in touch and attuned in our inner beings and our outer behaviors with Elfin and Faerie, we draw luck to us like a magnet attracts iron filings. We may not always know what, or when or where this luck will come but we are always grateful as well as amazed when it does. Be elfin, beloved, be lucky. After all, we are amazingly lucky to be elves.


Why Is Magic Slower to Manifest on the Material Plane?

Compared to the higher planes where one’s thoughts can create reality nearly instantly, then yes, we Silver Elves would say that magic is always slower on the material plane. But then, that is its purpose. It was created, some might say intentionally and other accidentally, for the very reason that we needed to slow things down and put some time between our thinking and the manifestation of our thoughts into reality or really into form or structure. For the material world (Earthly plane) is primarily a plane of form. Its very reason for being is to create functional laws and pathways through which magic can manifest in, hopefully, reasonable and sensible ways that don’t create conflict and in which everyone, every spirit, can fulfill its will perfectly without interfering with or interference from others.

In the Between realms, that is to say between one incarnation and another, our thoughts and desires manifest immediately all around us. Buddha in his many forms tells us that these created worlds are an illusion, which is to say what we manifest in that realm is comparable to a dream. It seems real at the time but when we wake up ….  In the Between, we are creating our own dream worlds, independent in their way from other dream worlds happening all around us.

This is true in a sense in this physical world as well, in which people often live in bubbles of reality, unaware of the lives, struggles and tribulations of others, and certain that their own thoughts constitute the truth, just because they think them. In a certain sense, they are right, but it is a limited sense and a very isolated one and thus one that doesn’t exercise the full potential of the soul, which is our connection to others and to the Universe at large. The ultimate goal is the fulfillment of our spirits in soulful connection to all others in as much as they will allow this to be so.

In the beginning, which is to say on the seventh and most subtle plane of manifestation, we are all one. Our souls are One/Unite and attuned, and our spirits, our individual drives and aspirations were just emerging. There, when we did magic, our desires came into being instantly. We might consider this as being movement and thus creating the idea of sequential development and time. It was the first motion into manifest being. Alas, as numbers of us became mobile, we began bumping into each other. All our desires, all becoming real, all at the same time, but not all in harmony with each other.

We were differentiating and those differences were sorting themselves out into form. In time, these collisions resulted in what we might call a Big Bang and we began manifesting planes that were a bit slower in manifesting our magic, which is our thoughts/ideas or images, desires and feelings and our individual drives toward s’elf realization. We were creating form, but in doing so we were also limiting each other, putting a bit of time between our thoughts and their manifestation, because instant manifestation resulted in a bit of a mess. Just look around you. As Above, So Below, this world is a reflection of that one. This is, of course, a different view of the creation, a more transcendental one than the idea in which God is the sole creator of all things and everyone should bow to his will that one finds in most monotheistic religions and say in Tolkien’s The Silmarillion.

Now that we are past the half way point of the Kali Yuga, the Dark or most Materialistic Age, we are headed toward a situation where the world will become more spiritualized, which is to say more infused with spirit and thus more responsive to magic and its instantaneous fulfillment. However, this is not an automatic development, and everything depends upon our own evolution as spirits. The greater power we obtain over our own thoughts, desires and behaviors, the greater our power to manifest what we wish quickly and become true Adepts.

Some people, through time, have interpreted that to mean that we must dominate ours’elves as well as gain dominance over others and while there is some truth to the idea that being dominant helps one attain power in the world and thus achieve what one desires more quickly, the fact is that domination always breeds rebellion, on the one hand or mindless subservience, on the other. And this is true both within ours’elves and with others whom we might seek to dominate. Resulting once more in chaos.

The key for the elves has always been enchantment (see our book The Keys to Elfin Enchantment), by which we obtain joyous and willing cooperation from others, putting the greatest limitations and the most demands upon ours’elves, without being overall strict, which would cause the body to rebel, and. therefore, serving as an example for others. In this way, we eventually achieve all we wish as spirits through our soulful connection to each other. We all rise together, soulfully attuned and every spirit achieves its own natural fulfillment. We help each other as best we may and all our magics come to be just as quickly as they can for there is nothing to obstruct them.

The Silver Elves

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“Some folks weave baskets, others weave rugs,
elves take the treads of dreams and
weave them into a reality so fine and marvelous
that people assume they are dreaming.”

—The Silver Elves


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“Elves are at one and the same time the most cultured and courteous of people, while still being in touch with our natural intuitions, instincts and primal sense of the preternatural.”
—Old Elven Knowledge


And For Some Practical Elven Magic. . . .

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“The light of Elfin shines in the hearts
of all who know that love is the path everlasting
and also the eternal goal.”

—The Silver Elves


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“We are born of starlight woven into magic.”
—The Silver Elves





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“All of life is energy, everything’s a dream,
as our minds do weave it all into a dancing scheme,
make your life most beautiful that thrilling magic fills,
for life is what we make of it when elves combine our wills.”
—Ancient Elfin Knowledge


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“Elves often define magic as the art and science of recognizing
in the world all around one the potential for being wondrous.”

—Old Elven Saying


Elven Blessings, Dear Kindred!










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