Why Do Elven Witches Call their Covens “Vortexes”?

“This idea of the vortex as an elven coven was published back in 1974-76 when the Elf Queen’s Daughters was quite active and the Elf Magic Letters were sent out regularly and described the various vortexes (vortices) that existed at that time. . . . The elven idea has ever been that we are the vortex of power. It is our very coming together and living together, creating elven communities that creates this aura, atmosphere and domain of Elfin and Faerie and their powers manifest. . . . We are, in fact, a vortex of swirling, shimmering energy growing stronger as we grow closer together in harmony and mutual appreciation.”

2_3_7tinystarOur sisters of the Elf Queen’s Daughters (EQD) wrote in the 70s that we elves referred to our covens as vortexes (or you may use the proper spelling of the plural “vortices”). This idea, however, was meant to also describe the small ealds of the EQD where various sisters and brothers had gathered together to live and do their elven magic and ply their elfin enchantments from there and out into the world, such as the vortex of the Fox River elves, our own Elves of the Southern Woodlands vortex, and the vortex our elf sister Tasa’s Hood River vortex. Thus, the vortex was a coven and also an eald or demesne of Elfin and a gathering of elfin being all at the same time. This idea of the vortex as an elven coven was published back in 1974-76 when the Elf Queen’s Daughters was quite active and the Elf Magic Letters (see our books Elf Magic Mail, vols. 1 and volume 2, that contain all of these letters) were sent out regularly and described the various vortexes (“vortices”) that existed at that time.

Witches’ covens are composed of members who come together and seek to raise the Cone of Power, which is, in fact, the Vortex of power and energy. The elven idea has ever been that we are the vortex of power. It is our very coming together and living together, creating elven communities that creates this aura, atmosphere and domain of Elfin and Faerie and their powers manifest.

This meaning of the Vortex of power and energy and thus elven covens being vortexes, is in keeping with another idea that our sisters of the EQD wrote about (and that we have seen repeated numerous times since) that we elves don’t so much do magic as “we are magic.” This goes along with the distinction we tend to make between magic as it is generally practiced as a power-over or dominating energy and as an enchantment (see our book The Keys to Elfin Enchantment) with magic practiced as an energy promoting and encouraging cooperation and mutual success and fulfillment. The enchanted do what we will, not because we force them to do so but because they find joy in doing so. Tolkien also made this distinction between magic and enchantment in his scholarly article On Fairy-Stories.

We have written elsewhere on the fact that it was our sisters of the EQD who in the 70s first used the seven-pointed acute angle star as the Elven Star, sometimes called the Faerie Star, that has become so popular in Elfae culture around the world. We carried on using this star, not only personally, by wearing it as an amulet around our necks for the last 40+ years, but also publishing it in our Magical Elven Love Letters (see volume 1, volume 2, and volume 3 of our books of the same title. And clearly, it got adopted and adapted and carried on and passed on by others of our kindred. In many ways, we could say that the elven star is the symbol of the energy transmitted by the elven vortexes from the tribe of our ancestors to the elven tribes of the ancient future.

While we don’t know the exact links from us as sister/brothers of the EQD onward, what is clear is that there is something about the Elven Star that calls to the hearts and imaginations of myriads of Elfae kindred everywhere and its prominence in the Elfae and Otherkin community may be due to something very similar to Jung’s idea of the Collective Unconscious, only with a less genetic and material basis for it and a more spiritual, mythic, imaginal and energetic Collective Unconscious. It is not so much memories and information secreted within our bodies as it is our culture hidden and carried within our souls and spirits. In doing our Elven, Fae and Otherkin tribe survey (see: https://silverelves.wordpress.com/2019/08/14/what-kind-of-elf-fae-or-otherkin-are-you-what-is-your-tribe), while we create narratives for our kindred based upon their specific answers to our questionnaire and we look mostly for what is unique about each tribe in doing so, we have still found many similarities among the Elfae folk of various tribes.

Our point here is that there is an energetic and soulful connection between and among the Elfae folk that inclines us toward a recognition of certain ideas and images. The Elven/Faerie Star is surely one of these, but so is the idea that we are magic within our very beings. We are, in fact, a vortex of swirling, shimmering energy growing stronger as we grow closer together in harmony and mutual appreciation. It is not that we are all the same, for certainly we are not, but that there is an energetic connection between us that is carried on from life to life and by which we are able to recognize our own kindred by sense and feeling if not by sight alone or seeing through the glamor that most of us have woven around ours’elves in order to pass safely through what can be, at times, a hostile world.

If you add to that the fact that we learn the esoteric secrets of Elfin magic mostly through osmosis, which is to say direct contact (as an oral tradition or we might say as a “living tradition”), most often in the flesh with our kindred, and we learn mostly through example, it becomes clear that our culture is not a stagnant one that is limited by doctrines, dogmas or religious structures, but an active spiral of energetic togetherness,. This increases in power in association with each other. Reach out, beloved kindred, let us grow our enchantments ever stronger in the vortex of our togetherness.

“Together our Magic is Stronger By Far!”
(In Arvyndase, The language of The Silver Elves:
“Eldan elina eldon da mylthfa la uli”)
[Pronounced: “Eldan (eel-dane) elina (e-lie-nah) eldon (L-doan) da (dah) mylthfa (mill-th-lah-fah) la (lah) uli (you-lie)” ]

The Silver Elves
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We hope you enjoy our letters and you are welcome to reproduce these letters on your site as long as you give us due credit.

You may also purchase our Magical Elven Love Letters (see volume 1, volume 2, and volume 3 ,  now available on Amazon, with a compilation of hundreds of letters we have sent to our Otherkin since 1979. Each of these three books is a collection of letters with dominate themes of what it means to be an elf and the elven way of life, the Shinning Ones, Elven magic and elven culture. These letters were written by The Silver Elves to encourage elves to awaken to their Elfin nature, to be true to their individual destiny, and to embrace their starry heritage. They are filled with Elven Philosophy and observe the world from the point of view of the Elves, which is often quite unique from how most people view and experience the world; and their unique Elven Philosophy of Magic that is often similar and yet distinct from traditional theories and methods of magic.

The Magical Elven Love Letters, Volume 1
This book contains our very first Magical Elven Love Letters
and a few of our early internet letters.

A Sample letter from The Magical Elven Love Letters, Volume 1:

“letter number 1-15. . . . a crystal is a million stars united
It is our way to look within to our own spirits for the harmony and peace from which the creative energy of the Great Mother Nature flows outward to perceive a new world of unity. So it is through this inward looking that we reflect in our words and actions clear vision of our s’elves. Our vision mirrors in all directions to the world its purest part… the s’elf in All.”

“We, through the ages, have striven to obtain a clearer vision of our s’elves. The world of conflicts remind us that we still have far to go, a journey long, long, long it is… a journey to the stars. A journey to the stars within us. We seek to transcend outer conflict by turning within to our own s’elves. Our true s’elves, our inner identity goes much deeper and yet is simpler far than the encult*urated roles we play as we pass into and out of the worlds. By seeking Elfin within ours’elves and by striving to see “the elf” that is in everyone we obtain a clearer vision of the life we once knew… the unity of all.”

“We play the roles of society for the sake of preserving unity. Still the archetypical forms with which we do identify are far from the structured worlds of social standing and IQ ratings. No more of it. We have come to dance and sing and listen to birds… remembering ages long gone by enough to come again… come again.”

“Elfin is for us not so much a place we can go, as a place we can be. It is the energy we expend toward becoming more gentle and more loving… the effort to evolve and develop our inner natures, our modesty and adaptability and our unending purpose to respect and be fair to all creatures whatsoever… these are the real steps to Elfin and it is our wish that all the Elves might transform those steps into a dance of love that will be to the children a bright and radiant mandala whose center is the dawning of a gentle race.”

“Elfin is open to all people whatsoever, yet it is equally true to say that at the present time/space juncture there are very few who are open to Elfin and thus they could never enter it. These folk can never even see the elves even when we are sharing a space/time. We, by nature, strive for union… it is our way… with these folks as with all. We share the air, the swaying of the trees, the song of the bird… invisible magic vibrations emanate and we are all the better for the experience and it “lit the fire to the soul who never knew its friend”. It is not our purpose to impose elfinness upon anyone… an act impossible in its core and no true elf would try… yet for those who are open, whose inner heart remembers a tune half forgotten from long, long ago and far, far away, we move ever deeper into the Faerielands. Come along, elves. It is a long journey ahead but together it can be a great adventure. A new land, a new life, a new people and a brighter day.”

“There comes a moment in each elf’s life when standing on the border of twilight that lies between the world of normal reality and the elfin lands beyond… a realization comes of a sudden that the twilight is fading and that they must move of their own into the Faerielands or remain in the world of the everyday. We are going, brothers and sisters, into the Elfin realms and our hearts are alive with the memory of ancient lifetimes when we were all together. Our minds remember not but in our hearts dwell memories that cannot be obscured through the aeons of life and death. As we watch you, standing on the border hesitant, drifting, listening to the voice of the thousand misgivings, the lies, the rationalizations, we sing to you gently: Remember… Remember… Remember long ago, or… was it only yesterday or soon to be tomorrow. We are going and trust that our children’s children’s children will emerge in the vibrational reality of Arda reborn: a planet healed and paradise won.”



“The way to Elfin is found on the path

That weaves through the Misty Forest

That lives between the Mountain of Vision

And the River of Reality”

― The Silver Elves,
From: The Magical Elven Love Letters, Volume 1  





The Magical Elven Love Letters, Volume 2 is a continuation of our internet letters with a few early letters that were not in the first book. You can find samples of these letters on various sites all over the web, for they were some of our most popular letters and have been copied and spread around frequently. It is not necessary to read Volume 1 before reading and enjoying Volume 2. These letters give the reader an experiential understanding of what it is to be an elf and enter the realm of Faerie and Magick.





“Tae mêllun glislu ilu enåver le.”
(In Arvyndase, the language of The Silver Elves:
“The starlight shines bright within you.”)
—Elven Compliment



The Magical Elven Love Letters, Volume 3

This book is the continuation of our internet letters from before 2000 and the majority are letters we wrote in the process of our journey to relocate to Hawaii and also all the letters upon moving to paradise, with accounts of our encounters with the Menehuni and the unfolding magic of the isles.  This volume 3 completes the trilogy.

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“When the stars shine upon the elves, the elves shine back.”
—Ole Elven Saying


THE MAGICAL REALMS OF ELFIN: Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path contains questions and answers about being elven that many people who are exploring the Elven Way have posed to The Silver Elves throughout the 40 + years that they have been living and sharing the Elven Way. The Silver Elves have put them all in this one book for all those who need a convenient, yet thorough and easy-to-read, resource to explore their questions about who the modern elves are and about the Elven Way or elven spiritual path — past, present and future. If you are curious about elves and want to learn more about modern elves and the Elven Path, then you will surely find this book to contain many of your questions answered and it will be a great comfort and help in finding your way home to the Magical Realms of Elfin.


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Blessings1 copy
Please, Dear Kindred, Touch this Star above for an Elven Blessing!





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2 Responses to “Why Do Elven Witches Call their Covens “Vortexes”?”

  1. Lisa H. Says:

    Witches’ covens are composed of members who come together and seek to raise the Cone of Power, which is, in fact, the Vortex of power and energy. The elven idea has ever been that we are the vortex of power. It is our very coming together and living together, creating elven communities that creates this aura, atmosphere and domain of Elfin and Faerie and their powers manifest.

    Not that you need telling that not all elves, fae, dragons, angels (especially?), elementals, or other kindred are Pagan or magicians, of course… yet there is Something. That. Happens. when we congregate in the same physical space.

    We Are Majik, indeed!

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