Are the Silver Elves High Elves or Low Elves?

“. . . . we Silver Elves don’t really have a concept of High Elves and low elves, but more of high paths and low paths that we may follow. . . . eventually everyone who is elven or elfae in nature will sooner or later come upon the Path That Rises Toward the Stars, and lift up their feet and begin to step upon it. That is the Destiny of all Elfin Folk.”

   The truth is we Silver Elves don’t really have a concept of High Elves and low elves, but more of high paths and low paths that we may follow. We know the idea of high elves and low elves can be found in Tolkien’s works, as well as in Warhammer, Forgotten Realms and D&D and we expect also in Magic The Gathering. Tolkien, apparently, uses this term to distinguish between those of the Elven who have been to and seen the magical and spiritual realms of Elfin across the western seas and those elves who have never been there. In that way, it seems to reflect the distinction that we are told is made by some Israelis, who see a difference between those Jewish and Hebrew folks who were born and raised in Israel and those who migrated there from other countries.

     We Silver Elves, however, don’t view the world of Elfin in that way. Rather, we observe that some elves are on the high path of Elfin and live The Elven Way and there are others who are on the lower paths of Elfin and are still very much influenced by the enculturation of their youth and the materialistic viewpoint of the world that currently exists around them. They are usually still pursuing the social goals that society has inculcated them to believe represents success and s’elf certification, although they don’t always realize they are doing so.

     And yet, we, all of us, have certainly tread the lower path at some point, and occasionally will do so again. And the interesting aspect of walking upon the high path is that it deepens, widens and strengthens one’s soul, which means one’s ability to connect to and thus enchant others. The sort of separatist notion that High Elf and low elf seems to evoke (particularly if the person feels they are High elves and thus more evolved than others) is not a reality of being upon the High Path, for as one continues on that Path, one becomes less inclined to seek to separate ones’elf from others, feels less need to seek to present ones’elf as being better, greater and more evolved, and more likely to embrace others, seek to understand them and do what one can to help them wherever they may be upon the Path, high or low. Separation, exclusion, and social hierarchy are a feature of the low path, not the high.

     It is important to understand that being on the high path or low path, is often just a matter of circumstances and evolutionary development. We don’t look down on little children as being less intelligent or lesser as beings or less spiritually evolved than us just because we can run faster, lift more weight and do other things that they cannot as yet do, or that we have knowledge and education they don’t as yet have. For the point is that eventually everyone who is elven or elfae in nature will sooner or later come upon the Path That Rises Toward the Stars, and lift up their feet and begin to step upon it. That is the Destiny of all Elfin Folk.

     Our job, or dharma, or mission, or quest or geas or whatever you might call it, is not to hold ours’elves above others but to set an example that they may be able to follow from and is relevant to wherever they may currently be. And we do this mostly by embracing them as kindred and pursuing our own path, high or low, as best we are able to do so our own s’elves.

     It is true that there are those who are under the impression that we Silver Elves are very highly evolved elves, even saintly (if elves had saints) or holy, although we’ve never made any claim to being so, and we always point out to those individuals that the high spiritual nature they are seeing in us is a projection of the truly evolved and spiritual aspect of their own inner beings. We are just a reflection of their own inner natures. In Jungian Psychology, this is sometimes referred to as the Bright Shadow Projection.

     Of course, some folks seek to do the opposite. To treat us as though we are low elves, or sometimes even mere pretenders, while they are the High True Elven and don’t realize they are doing the same thing, only they are evoking their Dark Shadow aspect instead of the Bright. Projecting in that way their own insecurities and feelings of inadequacy upon us. We nurture them all as best we may but sometimes you just have to let some of them wander in their own realms of darkness crashing into things until they realize there is not as much light there as they imagined. And yet, when they truly seek guidance we will always do our best, as long as we are able, to assist all our kindred.

     In our elven point of view, we see The Shining Ones, those elfin and fae who have evolved through lifetimes of experience and effort into the more expansive yet more subtle realms of being, to be further along the high Path, but not really higher or lower as elves, as all elves are Shining Ones in potential. The bodies of the Shining Ones are less physical in a sense and yet more manifest. While their bodies tend to be constructed principally with light, starlight in particular, they may exist and manifest not only in the three dimensional world with us, but also in the fourth and other dimensions. In that sense, they are more manifest than we and have a wider range of experience and activity. They inspire us through signs and omens. We are One in our hearts and minds. United by our souls, and all on the Path to Elfin together.

“The Elves Say: If you need help going higher, lift others up.”
(on front cover of  THE ELVES SAY: A Collection of Over 1000 Ancient Elven Sayings and Wise Elfin Koans by The Silver Elves, Volume 2)

The Silver Elves

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“Many folks portray the elves as being quite high and sophisticated beings, but we had quite humble beginnings; each of us no more than a tiny spark that rose up from the Eternal Sacred Silver Flame of Elfin, dancing now toward the stars.”
—The Silver Elves


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“Our heads are high, our feet are low, until we stand on our hands, you know.” Elven response to the question of whether one is a high or low elf. And it means that no matter how high we might think ours’elves in our minds, we still walk upon the Earth, and every once and a while it is good to reach down and touch the ground and willingly humble ours’elves before the immensity of Nature, the Universe and the Divine Magic, for that helps put things into their true perspective.
—The Silver Elves


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A Collection of Over 1000 Ancient Elven Sayings and
Wise Elfin Koans by The Silver Elves, Volume 2

Here are a few quotes from THE ELVES SAY:

“Elfin is surrounded by a sea of love, encompassed by a sky of near infinite possibility, exists in a forest of mystery and is ground on a tradition that is older than history and nearly as old as time.”

“The Elven Golden Rule: Do unto others more intelligently than they have done unto you.”

“If you do not find Faerie here, you are unlikely to find it there. But when you start to create it here, it follows you everywhere.”

“We elves are the magic that our ancestors did ages ago.”

“The Sun never sets in Elfin, the Sun never rises; it dances across the sky on its way to the Night’s Revels.”

“The Elves say: Even the Darkness hungers for the light. It may consume it, hide it, dim it, but in the end, it is ultimately transformed by it.”


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Elven Blessings, Dear Kindred!





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