What do the Elves Think about the Modern World of Humans Straying from Being United with Nature?

“. . . whatever the past may have been like, whether we were noble savages or citizens of high civilizations, it would behoove us now to strive for unity and that surely begins with a basic courtesy toward each other, a tolerance for our differences, and a renewed effort to manifest Elfin upon the Earth in the most harmonious, beautiful, loving and creative ways possible.”

     For some time, there has been the idea of the noble savage, which is defined as a literary character who represents the notion of the outsider, wild man/elf, who exists naturally in Nature and is seen as an other or otherkin who has not been affected by the corrupting influences of modern civilization. This being is sometimes used to represent the idea that humanity is innately good in their purity of being. This idea of the noble savage is often attributed to the French writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau, although we are told that he never actually used that term in his writing.

     This idea of the noble savage is sometimes applied to the elves and not without some truth in it. We are certainly other, the perpetual outsiders and surely, we tend to agree that there is something essentially good in the evolving elven character, a purity that can be found often in children. Although, the purity of children is frequently a thoughtless purity that may do mean, cruel or dangerous and harmful things without actually intending evil of any sort. It is destruction for the pure delight of it.

     The notion that we were once pure and advanced beings who lived in harmony with the Earth and Nature is a wonderful idea, but most likely veers a bit astray from the truth. The reality is that we elfae, like other peoples around the world, were mostly a tribal and clannish people. And while it is nice to think of us as united, this is surely far from the truth. We were, in many ways, like the Celts who were not one tribe but a series of tribes who shared a somewhat common culture. And like most ancient tribes, such as the Vikings, the Teutons and other Germanic tribes, the Britons, the First Nations peoples of the American continents and the tribes of Africa, we elves often struggled and fought among ours’elves.

     Even Tolkien in the Silmarillion showed the elves in conflict with each other at times. The Irish tales speak of the Sidhe and other faerie tribes combating each other and as much as we Silver Elves would like to see elves come together in mutual appreciation and harmony, we would be totally divorced from reality (rather than a trial separation) if we didn’t acknowledge that even on the internet there are those who claim to be elven and fae who spend quite a bit of their time trying to argue and tear down others of different elfae tribes. We are still a tribal and clannish people, often individual elves and fae scattered here and there about the world.

     And if what the Greeks wrote about the Scythians, from which most of the elfae of the British Isles were said to have descended from, they didn’t account thems’elves as being worthy of consideration as warriors at their annual gathering of their tribes if they hadn’t killed at least one person during the previous year. We surely were often savages, like other tribes, but mostly noble in our own opinion of ours’elves, like most other tribes and peoples as well.

     True nobility isn’t given or granted to us. It is not something that we inherit, although some would disagree, of course. It is something that exists within us in potential as beings, which we must make actual in our own lives and beings. The same is true of having a harmonious relationship with each other and with Nature.

     It is true that some elfae think, along with Tolkien’s tales in that vein, that we once had grand civilizations as did the Ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Sumerians, and the Ancient Chinese, although they were also tribal folk brought together most often by force. And in as much as it is said that we descended, as some say, from the Anunnakians, this may be the truth. Although, the tales of Atlantis, Lemuria and other Lost Civilizations are also said to speak of our peoples.

     But esoterically, it is also possible and, we think even more likely, that these Elven Civilizations didn’t exist upon the present Earth but upon earlier manifestations of the Earth upon higher planes and dimensions as we worked our way downward into this material realm in order to infuse it with spirit and magic and gain mastery here. The civilizations we remember may not have been on this world at all but on other planes of existence.

     Due to the fact that other tribes and peoples overwhelmed our own tribes in the course of history, and did a great deal to wipe out our culture and substituted it with their own (as the Christians and Islamic peoples substituted their culture over Pagans ones), it is difficult to know the truth entirely. Instead, we find we are left to sense and intuit the truth, and what may be true for one, may be different for other elfae of other tribes. We are not all the same, we are indeed all different and unique, and in that is our similarity.

     What is clear, however, whatever the past may have been like, whether we were noble savages or citizens of high civilizations, it would behoove us now to strive for unity and that surely begins with a basic courtesy toward each other, a tolerance for our differences, and a renewed effort to manifest Elfin upon the Earth in the most harmonious, beautiful, loving and creative ways possible. If we are to create an elven civilization, it would benefit us greatly if we practiced basic civility. For civility is a great elven power of enchantment that should never be underestimated.

Ver nesidas mellun vari te (In shimmering starlight ever be),
The Silver Elves


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“La tae lun u Eldat te vari elsorin!”
(Arvyndase for “By the light of Elfin be ever blessed!”)







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