Can Anyone Be An Elf and Why Don’t All Elves Choose Elven Bodies In Which To Reincarnate?

“. . . anyone who truly wishes to be an elf is, de facto, elfin in their heart and mind and if they pursue the Elven Way, they will surely become more and more elven in their inner being and that will, in time, affect their bodies, which will in the course of time, affect their DNA. . . . those who are descended from the elfae can be nearly anywhere on the Earth, born to all sorts of people and arising in a variety of cultures, merging as the Celts did with the people who came after them.”

Part One: Can Anyone Be An Elf?

Well, really, anyone who truly wishes to be an elf is, de facto, elfin in their heart and mind and if they pursue the Elven Way, they will surely become more and more elven in their inner being and that will, in time, affect their bodies, which will in the course of time, affect their DNA.

It is true that DNA doesn’t change quickly usually, which is not to say that it doesn’t produce mutations from time to time, but that is something different. When we are talking about mutations, we are really talking about DNA experimenting with the material realm. When we are talking about changing our bodies and therefore, in time, affecting our DNA, we are talking about our own actions, habits, and behaviors altering, or really communicating with and educating our DNA, which is the means used to transfer messages via the body from lifetime to lifetime. But we don’t travel from life to life via our bodies. We just inhabit them. We progress from life to life by way of our soulful spirits.

In many ways, our bodies are like a suit of clothes, elven raiment we might say, that we put on after a long time in the closet, or perhaps, that we just bought at the store and discover a piece of paper with messages on it in the pocket or a label stating the designer. We are the spirits who wear the bodies. Without us, without spirit to inhabit it, the body is like a person in a coma, or individual who has become a zombie. It doesn’t matter how you get the body you have, if you are void of spirit.

It is true that there are those elves who claim lineage from this or that elf tribe of old, which is wonderful as far as we are concerned, however, knowing that your ancestors were elven is not the same as living the life elfin, yours’elf. That’s rather like saying that your ancestors were Christian, therefore you are Christian even though you may not live in anyway like a true Christian should. Although, Christianity is basically a religious and spiritual philosophy, thus we might do better to look at Judaism as an analogy.

One can be Jewish or Hebrew by genetics, although being a matriarchal lineage, you are not considered to be Jewish if your mother wasn’t Jewish. If your father was Jewish but not your mother, then you are not considered to be Jewish. We elves find that curious, but then, the Universe can be a very curious place. Of course, one can be Jewish by birth, but not follow the Jewish religion, or one of its sub-sects, nor pay all that much attention to Jewish culture. Or one can be or do some combination thereof. These elves have known a lot of Jewish brothers and sisters who were born Jewish, but didn’t practice the religion at all. Usually, they are Buddhists, Pagans, or Atheists, although we’ve encountered a few who became Christian.

At the same time, many of these folk still very much cherished the Jewish Culture, although not all. There have even been folk who are not Jewish by birth or upbringing and who follow the Jewish faith, even though Jewish people, like Elves, don’t proselytize. So, who is really Jewish? Are you Jewish if you are only Jewish by birth but don’t value the faith or culture? Or must you also cherish and live the Jewish Culture and follow the Jewish Religion? Are those who were born and raised other than Jewish but have converted to the Jewish Religion and Culture really Jewish?

From an Elven point of view, which is to say, if they were elves, they would all be considered elven, or Jewish in our analogy, at least by these elves. Those with elven ancestors would be elven, even if only their mother or father, or a grandparent was an elf. Those who love the Elven Culture are elven as well. And surely those who follow the Elven Way are Elven no matter who the ancestors of their present body may have been. It is the spirit that really matters to we who are Silver Elves.

Of course, through our Elven Tribe questionnaire (see What Kind of Elfae/ Fae or Otherkin Are You on our Silver Elves website to take the questionnaire yourself), we have discovered there are all manner of elven tribes and clans and if a particular tribe wishes to exclude others based purely on genetics, well, what can we say but that it is clearly their right to do so, although we think they will be missing out on interacting with some great elven kindred spirits.

Alas, often those who make claim to physical elven heritage and genetics unfortunately use this as a way of excluding others not only from their clan but from their idea of what constitutes being elven at all. Again, it is their right to think as they wish, but we think it is a right that is being narrowly exercised. And usually those who do this do so to make thems’elves feel special while subtly denying others the right to do the same. It’s a one-upmanship game. There is just something a bit narrow minded and mean-spirited about that. And it seems to us it is just a step or two removed from those who say you have to have pointed ears to be an elf, or be tall, or incredibly thin, so that if a person is a bit short or overweight, they are arbitrarily excluded and considered un-elven. While we do believe that we, as elves upon the path, should do all we reasonably can to take care of our bodies and to be as healthy and fit as we can be, we know that many people struggle with their weight and that struggle, in its’elf is a rather courageous step upon the Elven Path. We don’t deny them the right to consider thems’elves elven just because they’re over weight. And the point of view that would exclude them from being elven, just because of the current body form or ancestry, just seems un-elven to us.

Well, as we said early in this blog article, anyone who wishes to be an elf, can be an elf, but very few wish to be elves who are not already elven in their hearts, minds and souls. We do get those who are traveling through, so to speak, from time to time, because being an elf sometimes seems cool (substitute rad or whatever slang word you happen to use) and exciting and elves are magical and wondrous, so who wouldn’t wish to be an elf, really? But, surprisingly, very few who aren’t at least a bit elven wish to be elves. There are all sorts of other superhero, otherworldly, supernatural beings with powers that one can aspire toward being. And the list just keeps growing.

But we don’t mind the fact that not everyone is going to continue to claim an elven identity. We treat visitors in our realms as our very own. ‘Mi casa es su casa,’ as the Spanish speaking elfin say. Or as we who use Arvyndase say: ‘Te ata arae eli,’ ‘Be one among us.’ If you are an elf friend, even for a short while, you are kin to us in spirit and we will embrace you as our very own.

Of course, some elves are more materialistically oriented than others of us. Developing a spiritual understanding of the Universe and reality can take time. Surely, one can be descended from those folks who were known as being elven or fae in the past, or upon whom the legends, lore and tales of the elfae are based. But really, fairy tales are a nearly worldwide phenomena and if we are to believe the tales, or at least give them some credence, then we elfin were some of the first peoples, the aboriginal folk of the Earth, everywhere. Thus, those who are descended from the elfae can be nearly anywhere on the Earth, born to all sorts of people and arising in a variety of cultures, merging as the Celts did with the people who came after them.

Yet, despite this, very few individuals actually wish or claim to be elven. There is a good deal of social ridicule for doing so, which surely filters out a lot of those for whom being elven would just be a passing fad, and there is not much left in the way of living culture to be born and raised within anymore. Few elves were raised by aware elven parents, although our children were. Those missing aspects of our culture is what we are creating here and now.

And the simple fact is that not all elves and elfae, or perhaps even most of us, are as enamored of Elven and Faerie culture as we Silver Elves are. The vast majority of those who are really elves are too busy trying to save the whales, clean up the oceans, save the forests, protect endangered species and all around being busy protecting the environment to really bother or care about calling thems’elves elves or fae folk. Some few of us, however, have also undertaken the task of preserving and creating, re-creating our cultural heritage. We are endeavoring to shift through all the gibberish about us to reveal the true gems of elven life, culture and wisdom. Are those folks not elves or fae, just because they don’t bother to claim to be so? Not every elf has felt the calling of this duty to preserve and promote Elven culture. Most have more important things to do.

Let’s take the example, for instance, of those individuals who claim to be Christian because they were raised by parents who also claimed to be Christian and go to church in order to be socially accepted in a Christian society.  Who also claim to believe whatever Christians are supposed to believe but who act in ways that are most definitely un-Christian, at least to the understanding of we Silver Elves, but then, we are not Christian. Hypocrisy may be a Christian tenet as far as we know, but we rather doubt it. Are such disingenuous individuals really Christian?

Contrast them with individuals who live in the way that Jesus wished, are Christian by their acts and deeds but don’t claim to be Christian or perhaps make claim to any faith at all? Are they truly Christian by deed, if not by acclamation? By the same token, is it more important to claim you are an elf or fae but not tread the path of the Elven Way or is it more vital to live by the principles of the Elven Way and seek in all you do to help, heal and spread the wonder of magic all about you? Who then would be truly elven?

Well, this is an old debate among Christians as well as among the Elves. Perhaps we will never reach agreement but we shall strive onward as the Elfin folk that we are, encouraging each and everyone to “walk their talk” and “put their money where their mouth is” as men and goblins like to say. Or as we elves like to say, “Be the elf you know yours’elf to be, as fully as you can, striving ever to make this a more magical world for everyone.” And if you do that, you are surely an elf, whatever you may call yours’elf and whomever the ancestors of the body happened to be.


Part Two: Why Don’t All Elves Choose Elven Bodies In Which To Reincarnate?

There seems to be a divide in the elfae community between those who look at being elven as a material state of being saying that only those who are descended by blood (which is to say by genetics) from elven folk can truly be elven and those of us who view the material world, rather as the Buddhists do, as a secondary world that is based upon the world of spirit and energy. And in the latter view, which is our Silver Elves view, being elven has more to do with one’s spirit, consciousness and magic, or will empowered by action, than with the body one has chosen to inhabit in a particular lifetime.

Perhaps this difference can be seen by way of example. A number of years ago in the United States, a woman rose to prominence in the Black community only to be discovered years later to have White parents. She was not genetically Black at all. This, of course, caused a bit of a scandal. For years, she had made herself appear Black and had fought and struggled to promote awareness and equality and fairness for Black people, but because she was not Black genetically, even though she had been assumed for decades as being, she was no longer considered Black.

However, from the point of view of we Silver Elves, while she was not Black in a genetic sense, she was Black in her soul and in her spirit and more than likely had been Black in lifetimes previous. Why else would she wish to be accepted as Black? Of course, those who see the world from a strictly material point of view, which is nearly everyone currently in the world, took the point of view that she was faking it and not really Black at all. That is surely the standpoint of most Men, but why would we Elves fall in line with the kneejerk reactions and enculturated thoughtforms of Men? After all, if we are to believe the legends and lore about us, even the ones created by Men, our race is older, wiser and more magical and mystical, which is to say in this case, more etheric than Mankind and, even to their own minds, will ever be so.

For Elfin and Faerie are, as are the elfae folk ours’elves, essentially supernatural beings. Supernatural being a word that indicates Nature in its most advanced state of being, infused with the world of spirit and magic and the beings and creatures thereof. We elves are spirits manifested in the material world. Well, some of us are on higher planes of manifestation, surely, and certainly some are currently traveling through the Between. But those of us writing here have manifested in humanoid bodies that perhaps are just a bit more aware and etheric than many of the normal folks around us. Thus, we must remember to keep ours’elves grounded, which is especially important for the faeries who simply tend to fly off at times, but for the elven, this is something most of us have mastered fairly well.

This understanding of the supernatural aspects of the world is very close to the way most of our ancestors experienced the world as being filled with spirits and energies and magic everywhere. Even Men once saw the world that way, which is part of the reason they came to have tales about us. They saw us, at least in part, as we were. It scared them and they persecuted us, but then, they also persecuted everyone, including each other, so we elfae shouldn’t take it all that personally. For Men, as they themselves say, most wicked things that they do are not personal, it’s just business. Men hunger to succeed and dominate everything and everyone in order to make a profit, but to them money equates to self-worth. They killed off a lot of us and did a fairly good job of destroying our culture (although our culture persisted none-the less), all to make themselves feel important.

One might wonder if we can choose the body we are reincarnated within, why we elves don’t just always select those bodies that are descended from those who survived with what some folks refer to as the Elven Holocaust (see Nicolas De Vere The Dragon Legacy). And the reasons are several, really. One, there just weren’t as many genetically elven bodies available as there were elven spirits reincarnating. We could wait, of course, to be reincarnated, but then, we had things to do, desires of our own that drew us into the material world and we selected the best bodies and situations available at any particular time.

Two, some of us, particularly those of us with a bit of pixie blood in us, thought it might be humorous, as well as efficacious, if we were born to the descendants of the Men who persecuted us and then gave them hell when we became teenagers. And then, as we matured, we began preserving our elven heritage as best we might through fairy tales and lore, as well as, subtly affecting the way they viewed the world. At the very least, offering them some alternative ideas. We have not been without some success in this regard, however, they do and have always looked upon us as being the “black sheep of the family” and generally rather eccentric.

We elves have always been the oddballs, the weirdos and crazies of our families. For we are elves. We are supernatural beings. To see and constrict the world to a strictly materialistic point of view is to limit one’s understanding and ability to do and be magic. If one understands our magical nature, the essential enchantment of our being, then one will also understand that we can adopt whatever bodies we desire from one life to the next as purpose and destiny incline us to do. Further, it should be clear that in this world, as we’ve said previously, almost no one would call thems’elves an elf if they didn’t have some elf in their Nature.

So, beloved, embrace and nurture all your kindred as best you are able, and help each and every one become who they are truly meant to be, which is their own true s’elf, and together we shall create Elfin upon the Earth and Elsewhere and dance beneath the Moon and Stars.

We Silver Elves don’t care who your ancestors were, although if you wish to tell us we would surely find it interesting. We don’t care what religion you were born and raised into, as long as you don’t attempt to push it on us, although we are quite interested in religion as a study overall. We don’t care from what race you’ve descended, what country you came from, or what your social status is, although all of that can make for interesting conversation. We only care that you are doing your best to evolve as a spirit and as an individual and that we can strive together onward enlightening the path to Elfin for ours’elves and our kindred, now and to come as we move into the future creating Elfin upon the Earth.

‘Te ata arae eli,’ (Arvyndase for ‘Be one among us’),
The Silver Elves

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