What is the Relationship of the Elves to the Trees?

“Wood or sylvan elves naturally adore the trees. We see the trees as our kindred and friends, even if, for the most part, they are rather shy, quiet and meditative friends. . . . As we like to say, we Silver Elves are the elves of Moonlight, Starlight and the Radiance of the Forests. So, it is only natural that trees are much beloved to us. . . . And yet at that moment, when we happen out into the rural areas, and we look upon the sky at night and see thousands of stars gleaming above us, how can we elfae but feel moved to the depths of our souls and stirred to remember that while we live upon the Earth we also live among the stars, which to our minds are like shining trees in the sky.”

     Elves, of course, love and admire nearly all of Nature, and so naturally we love the trees, the forests, the woodlands and every little copse and hedge, spinney, holt and boscage we come across. But we also love the oceans, the seas, the rivers and all their inhabitants. We love the mountains, the skies, the waterfalls, the wind and much else. Which is why, while we are on the subject of loving things of Nature, we also love Mankind, even though we are sometimes less than flattering in our description of them. So, of Men, while we admire them at times, much in the way that we might admire a lion in its beauty and majesty, we are ever cautious until they have demonstrated that they are of the friendly sort and not the unnecessary and unreasonable aggressors that they can be.

     But while we elves do tend to admire most of Nature, which in a sense really includes nearly all of existence, we do have our preferences. Wood or sylvan elves naturally adore the trees. We see the trees as our kindred and friends, even if, for the most part, they are rather shy, quiet and meditative friends. We mourn when we see them unnecessarily cut down; and on those occasions when we’ve encountered Men cutting down a tree just because it is obstructing their view and we asked that they might consider the life of the tree, they’ve merely laughed at us. Men can be a famously narcissistic bunch and everything in the world centers around them in their own minds. In fact, for the longest time, much of Mankind assumed the Earth was the center of the Universe and the Sun circled around the Earth, which is to say around Mankind, not only because, on the surface of things, it kind of looks that way to the casual observer, but also because Men were on the Earth and thus, of course, the Sun and its rotation was all about them and their lives. They even create their gods in their own images, although, they claim it is the other way around.

     Most of the elves that we Silver Elves have encountered in our lives are wood elves, or part wood elves. As we like to say, we Silver Elves are the elves of Moonlight, Starlight and the Radiance of the Forests. So, it is only natural that trees are much beloved to us. But ocean elves especially love the seas; river elves adore the rivers, streams and creeks; lake elves love the ponds and pools; and mountain elves naturally love the high places of the Earth.

     We must say that when we put out our Elven, Faerie, Fae Otherkin tribe survey, we were surprised at how many mountains elves there actually were. At the same time, most of them love the mountain woodlands. They want forested mountains with waterfalls. And many of those elfin and fae who choose the seaside or rivers or lakes as their preferred abodes, also wanted there to be a forest that they could live in near the ocean, by the river, or alongside the lake.

     Star elves, we would assume, must surely be enraptured by the stars and while, as yet, Mankind and others haven’t found a way to destroy the stars as yet, certainly the star elves must feel a certain loss when they are in cities and towns where the city lights make the stars nearly invisible. And yet at that moment, when we happen out into the rural areas, and we look upon the sky at night and see thousands of stars gleaming above us, how can we elfae but feel moved to the depths of our souls and stirred to remember that while we live upon the Earth we also live among the stars, which to our minds are like shining trees in the sky.

“If you have never been to Elfin, it is hard to understand,
the magic that abides there and permeates the land,
that from the trees does radiate like star light from within,
enchantment woven from true love vast wonders to portent.”

Fost Tae Lodver (Touch the truth),
The Silver Elves

“We touch the Earth,
embrace the trees
and from them each a gift receive
of Elfin magic, ancient true
to guide our hearts in all we do.”
—The Silver Elves


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“To the elves, the trees are like stars shining upon the Earth.
Thus, we sometimes call them the Earth Stars.”
—The Silver Elves


A passage about the Tree of Life Eternal and Happiness Everlasting from:


Liber Aelph: Words of Guidance from the Silver Elves to our Magical, by The Silver Elves, chapter on “Druidry: In Honor of the Trees.”

“. . . . study the Qabalah, also called the Tree of Life, and this is surely a good thing and well worth your effort, beloved children of our magic. But that system, like all intellectual systems, is merely a metaphor for a greater reality and one would be unwise to think that in understanding it intellectually that one truly knows and understands. Study therefore the Yggdrasil tree, as well as the two trees in the Garden of Eden that represent the two trees of which Tolkien wrote, one of Silver White, the other Golden, for these are all symbols of the two trees of the Spirit and the Soul, the Tree of Life Eternal and the Tree of Happiness Everlasting, which are themselves but metaphors for the great goals set before us, which motivate every being that lives (see the Silver Elves Through the Mists of Faerie).”

“Know that these, while worthy studies, are only a part of what you need to know and most of that by experience rather than intellect. While intellect is valued in Faerie, it is but one aspect that is celebrated here. We value kindness more than cleverness, sincerity more than wit, and emotional development and maturity more than great knowledge. But in hearing this don’t think we do not value cleverness, wit or great knowledge. But we also value body awareness and development, soulful awareness, vibrant spirit and much else. The intellect is important but though the world may be said to have been cast into existence through the evocation of the logos, the magical word given and creating life, know that it was uttered in the Silence that is the Womb of all things with the power of Intent and Will and it was Sung in Rhyme and Rhythm.”

“But most of all, in studying the Trees of Life Eternal and Happiness Everlasting you should speak to the actual trees and more importantly listen to them. As the shamans tell us (The Way of the Shaman by Michael James Harner) the greatest magical knowledge comes from the trees. They are first and foremost Healers. Not only do they provide us with nearly everything we need to heal our bodies, they also provide the revelations by which we may heal our souls, revive our spirits, and bring comfort to anguished minds and hearts. They provide us with the oxygen we breath and without them we would perish from this Earth in the forms we currently inhabit.”

“Tolkien wrote that the elves first taught the trees to speak, and this may be so, although it might be more accurate to say the elves learned the language of the trees, but once we had done so they revealed to us wondrous things, for they are ancient and wise and you need but walk among them to be reminded of this. All our sages have said this, go into Nature, go speak to the trees and most of all listen well to them for they are our continual benefactors. But know that when they speak, they speak through their bark, their vines, their leaves, their blossoms and their fruit.”

“You do not need a great intellect to enter Faerie but a pure heart and a courageous spirit. But a truly great mind is also an open mind and that opens the door to Faerie, when it is combined with the hunger of the soul that ever seeks to find our own.”

—From Liber Aelph: Words of Guidance from the Silver Elves to our Magical,
by The Silver Elves



And now for a bit of fun in our elven magical forest!

We invite you to come to our website and enter our elven forest and go through the Elven Tree of Life Eternal to explore your magical nature (it’s free and completely private). It is set up somewhat like a choose your own adventure book and a fun way to explore your specific magic while all roads lead to Elfin. Then return to “the eald of the Silver Elves home page” at any time you wish by clicking the “home page” link at the top of any page you happen to be on. You may enjoy other pages on our website including reading some of our Magical Elven Love Letters or taking our Elf, Fae or Otherkin Survey and we will happily gift you a beautiful narrative about your magical tribe (this is not an automatic response but instead is especially written for you based on your responses and our own elven intuition).

tree_blogEnter here the Elven Tree of Life Eternal

And if you wish to read the Elven Tree of Life Eternal in book form (it is the same as our elven forest mentioned above that we have on the website, but just in a convenient book form), please enjoy visiting our website here to read a sample of the book and to learn more about it.

The Elven Tree of Life Eternal:
A Magical Quest for One’s True S’ELF




Faerie Tale . . . . .

Truth sits in the sand
the bride and groom hold hands
the bridesmaid tells of loves that she has lost
Cupid’s arrow’s sharp
as it does pierce her heart
but in love’s blush she does not count the cost.

A Faery tale comes true
as Faery tales will do
in Faery where the Elder race doth dwell
on islands of the sea
beneath the banyan tree
every lingering sorrow
is made well.
—From Caressed by An Elfin Breeze: The Poems of Zardoa Silverstar
by The Silver Elves


The Silver Elves invite you to come join us in some of our elven and magical otherkin Facebook groups where you will find our elven-faerie-fae otherkin community interacting and sharing the Elven Way:

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United Otherkin Alliancehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/328253710566869 This is an alliance for Otherkin/ Therians, where elves, faeries, dragons, kitsune, gnomes, hobbits, merkin, pixies, brownies, nymphs, driads, niaids, valkyrie, vampires, devas, fauns, unicorns, animal kin and all manner of Faerie Folk gather and come together! This group is open to anyone who wishes to be part of a congenial group of Otherkin. 

The Elven Way and Friendshttps://www.facebook.com/groups/165938637423212

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Nature & the Unseen Realms with the Elves & otherkin. A spiritual journey https://www.facebook.com/groups/196916350335537


“We heed the Call of Elfin true,
it’s ever here for me and you.
We’re ever one where ever we roam,
and where ever we are
waits Elfin our home.”
—The Silver Elves



For listening to the wisdom of the trees . . . .

Cover_ElfinBookOfTrees An Elfin Book of Trees for the Elven Druid: The Ogham of the Elves Using Elvish Wizard Script by The Silver Elves. “An Elfin Book of Trees for the Elven Druid can be used as an oracle. Perhaps, that is its chief purpose. That is up to you, really. For our own part in writing it, we learned a great deal about the tree families of the world and for us that was wonderful. We love trees. Not that we’ll remember it all or even most of it. But a passing acquaintance is nice. This book is a way, in a sense, of listening to the trees. It is not the same as being out in the trees and feeling their radiant and wondrous presence, nor ingesting some of the herbs that plants and trees use to enlighten us. However, not all of us, in the modern world, can be among the trees regularly or as much as we would like and this tome is, in that sense, designed to express their voice in the form of an oracle for those of us who are unable at present to spend a great deal of time among them. Although, in our hearts and imaginations, we are ever surrounded by the forest. And in that sense, this book is a forest, an elven woodland, an elvish glade, a living book of tree lore.”

Please go here to read more about this book and read a couple of excerpts from the 111 trees or tree groups with the Wizard Script, about the magic of the particular tree and what it means to draw it as an oracle.


“Every acorn holds the potential to become an oak tree that bears
the potential to produce an entire forest from its seeds.
Every elf contains the potential for creating an elven family
that can produce seeds that can turn into a forest of elfin being.
Plant seeds everywhere you feel they might prosper.”


And for further reading:

And, dear Kindred, if you enjoyed the article above about the relationship elves have with the trees, we think you may very much enjoy reading our most popularly read book on the wisdom teachings of the ancient Elven titled Through the Mists of Faerie:

Through The Mists of Faerie:
A Magical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of the Ancient Elven

—Excerpt from page 26 of Through The Mists of Faerie by The Silver Elves.
“Elfin, Faerie, Elfland or the Sacred Realm or Dimension of Magic that lives at the heart of the Universe, is an incredibly attractive power. It draws all true souls to it. It calls to the Elfin nature in each and every soul. This is the power that arouses the imagination of those who see or read the Lord of the Rings and say, I’m an Elf or I’m a Dwarf, or even I’m an Orc. The power calls to us through Urban Fantasy stories and the fantasy novels of old, as well as, faery tales and movies of magic and enchantment. But it also calls to us from the trees, the wild places of Nature, and sometimes most of all from magic memories of our childhood, which is really our ancient past, our past incarnations, calling to us. It can also be aroused, and quite strongly, perhaps most strongly, by others of our kind manifesting in the world. There is something magical about these beings and they arouse our own hunger for magic in our own lives and souls. These Elfae radiate starlight. They glimmer with love, kindness and compassion; and they reach out and touch our souls. Some might suppose this to be a glamor, a magic they have wrapped thems’elves within to enchant us; but while they are truly enchanting, the magic arises from the fact that they are genuine and real. They don’t need to glamor us. They just need to be their very own s’elves, for that is the most impressive magic of all. They are not trying, they are simply being: being thems’elves, being elves.”



“A man came upon Faerie but knew not it was there,
’cause he didn’t believe and just didn’t care,
so he missed all the fair folk and the magic they bring,
as the elves kept on dancing and the faeries took wing.”
—The Silver Elves




To learn more about the Elven Way and Spiritual Path,
you may enjoy reading:
The Elven Way:  The Magical Path of The Shining Ones

elvenwaywebThe Elven Way: 
The Magical Path of The Shining Ones


You may also read excerpts from the two newest books by The Silver Elves, just click on the titles to read a blog post on each book:
ELF TRIBES: The Silver Elves’ Guide for Finding Your Magical Kind and Kin and
FAERIE, FAE AND OTHERKIN TRIBES: The Silver Elves’ Guide for Finding Your Magical Kind and Kin.


Blessings3 copy


“Look through the mists
When the night is just dawning.
See there a light in the forest is glowing.
Don’t be afraid
For it soon will be clear
You are safe in these woods
For the elf folk are here.”

— Chorus to song “Red Diamond World”
from Caressed by An Elfin Breeze: The Poems of Zardoa Silverstar
by The Silver Elves






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5 Responses to “What is the Relationship of the Elves to the Trees?”

  1. Lisa H. Says:

    I would not call myself a “star elf”, but certainly I do feel a loss in places where I cannot well see the stars!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. silverelves Says:

    We surely understand, dear sister, your love of the stars and how they make us feel at home. It is hard to feel a sense of place without them.


  3. Guinivere Feminious Says:

    Where’s your donation link dear elvens ☕🐚♥️
    You bring blessings , surley it’s a Faery good thing to bless you back .
    We don’t all think like the selfish human race .
    Who take , take take !
    Balance is such a beautiful universal law 🐚☕
    And you work so hard and give so much majick 🐚☕
    Plse except the majick back 🐚☕
    I do phurchase your books and reccommend them to my members on my group .
    Your a blessing in a dark society .
    Keep shining .
    Shiny elves 🌲♥️


    • silverelves Says:

      Dear shining elven sister Guinivere, How we Silver Elves do love you! We thank you for the blessings and certainly do appreciate your support of our books and message. Together Our Magic is Stronger By Far!
      Silver Flame and Zardoa


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    […] What is the Relationship of the Elves to the Trees? https://silverelves.wordpress.com/2019/04/12/what-is-the-relationship-of-the-elves-to-the-trees […]


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