Do Elves Do Blood Magic?

“This idea of blood sacrifice is a product of the Kali Yuga, the dark age that we are still in during this modern era, this most material or materialistic age where people seem to see everything from a materialistic point of view. . . . we speak here about the true energy that powers magic and while many people believe it is bloodletting, we elves do not. . . . It is not blood or any other material thing that delights the Shining Ones who help, guide and aid us as best they are able, but our happiness that delights them, just as a child’s delight brings joy to the hearts of the adults that watch hir (her/him) so our joy brings greater delight to those kindred of ours who live upon the more subtle planes of manifestation.”
Note: The photo shown above is one we Silver Elves took of the Kaneaki Heiau in Makaha, on the island of O’ahu. When we first moved to Hawaii in 2008, we lived just a short ways down the valley from this restored Heiau and visited it a few times. We were told by local native Hawaiians that the Menehune (the “Little People”, elven or dwarf folk) and other wee folk of Hawaii, are said to have built this temple, Kaneaki Heiau, in the 15th century as a sacred site for the local chief to honor the Rain Goddess and to serve Lono, the God of agriculture. It was a peaceful temple until later in the 17th century when King Kamehameha I rededicated this temple to “Ku” the God of war and it was then used as a place where prisoners of war were sacrificed. This practice ceased in the early 1800s.

Part One: Does magic always require sacrifice? If so, does it require a blood sacrifice of some sort?

      We are approaching Easter, a time in the year when a major religion in the world celebrates the willing blood sacrifice of their promised Messiah, his death and resurrection. This is a good time to examine sacrifice in magic and if bloodletting is truly required.

    Blood magic is based upon the idea that is commonly put forth in television shows, movies and books about magic that magic always has a cost, always requires a sacrifice of some sort and that that sacrifice is commonly blood or life in some form. The fact that this idea that magic always has a cost is repeated again and again over decades in the popular media makes it suspect in the minds of elves. Anything the normal folk unthinkingly parrot as truth, in the experience of these elves, is usually false or a twisted version of the reality created to reinforce their particular prejudices concerning the nature of life and the world. And we automatically examine it just because they believe it to be so and they are almost always mistaken.

     So, let’s consider this idea that magic always requires sacrifice and that blood is usually the most common and effective sacrifice one can render, not dismiss it out of hand, but render it due consideration as to its value and veracity. After all, as they tell us even a broken clock is right twice a day (unless it’s a digital clock and then it’s probably not keeping time at all) and the world of the normals is often very much like a broken clock, ever trying to run backwards or keep time perpetually the same and unchanging.

     Surely, most things in life require effort. Magic is basically action based on intention and action requires us to do something, so certainly we could say that magic does require some energy input to occur, yet, on the other hand, there is both the magic that we do and the magic that we experience. The idea as expressed on some bumper stickers that Magic Happens, has some truth to it. Some magic just seems to happen and these elves have been the recipients of a great deal of luck in our lives of which we didn’t do anything at all (at least not in this lifetime) to necessarily make it happen or deserve it except to be our own true s’elves.

     Yet, to do magic ours’elves, to create enchantments … that does require a bit of energy. Still, from an elven point of view the best enchantments require very little input and give a great deal in return, so much so that one is surely getting more than one is putting out and thus has more than enough to invest again. Enchantments pay off, and the best enchantments seem effortless. Isn’t that really the idea of magic as well as good business that investment brings greater profit? If we plant a seed and it grows into a tree that produces fruit for generations, we have invested little and gained a great deal. That’s elven magic.

     But does magic always cost? If we wish to turn on the lights and we wave our hand and the light comes on, that requires us to wave our hand, surely. Not to mention, but we will, the electricity bill. Yet, we could just walk out into the daylight and get light for free, except we’d have to get off our butts and walk out. And who hasn’t felt the sun on them and sensed its great magic, or looked at a night sky filled with stars and not experienced the magic it brings, or the magic and enchantment of the night itself. Yet, clearly at least minimum of effort is involved. So, in as much as everything in life requires some effort or investment, magic surely does as well. Although, again, one can experience magic for free. It is all about us.

     But does that investment need to be blood, by which is generally meant pain or harm in some way to a living being (oneself or others)? And as a side note, why on televisions shows are they nearly always cutting themselves across their palms? That’s a hard place to heal, being flexed so often, wouldn’t it be better, if one did offer blood to prick one’s thumb, as in the fairy tales?

     We won’t even get into the idea of killing chickens and other animals and all that other stuff that isn’t really sacrifice at all, except to say that all true sacrifice must be voluntary and leave it at that. We Silver Elves have spoken of this issue elsewhere numerous times.

     But if we believe that sacrifice is necessary, and done properly, which is to say willingly, why blood sacrifice? Why not spit, or feces or urine? What is blood really but a carrier of our DNA and genetic coding. How about our our semen? Doesn’t that have our DNA in it?

     This idea of blood sacrifice is a product of the Kali Yuga, the dark age that we are still in during this modern era, this most material or materialistic age where people seem to see everything from a materialistic point of view. Just as people talk about being of the elven blood and saying that they can trace their ancestry back to the Scythians and that thus in itself makes them elven, so blood is thought by materialistic thinkers to be somehow efficacious in terms of magic. But our question remains. Why not semen? Wouldn’t it be just as or even more efficacious?

     Certainly, urine or feces or spit might be effective in spells that involve banishing someone. After all, aren’t we magically saying that they should ‘piss off’. And when we have contempt for people, don’t we spit at or on them, cursing them as we do so? So why is blood thought to be so powerful?

     Well, urine and feces are waste products. Certainly, we don’t wish to offer the spirits something that is considered unworthy and essentially worthless, (although it can in time become great fertilizer and how precious is that?). And we could probably say the same about spit. But semen isn’t a waste product, per se. It is the essence of life. Shouldn’t that be a fitting offering. In certain ways, even more fitting? And a few strands of our hair pulled from our head would also be full of our DNA.

     But we elves ask to whom are they giving sacrifice, or offering, and why? Devotees make offerings to their gods and demi-gods and goddesses of blood to demonic spirits, while offering fruit and other offerings to more benevolent beings. But to whom are magic wielders sacrificing blood or whatever to? To gods? To spirits? If so, what sort of magicians are they that require and appeal to intermediaries to do the magic for them? They might as well be praying for rain. The magician exercises power directly. He or she tosses a ball (a ball of light), sHe (he/she) doesn’t appeal to, or depend upon, some spirit to toss the ball for hir (her/him). (See Frazer and the introduction to The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion.) The enchantment/magician wields power, so what does blood or sacrifice have to do with it? We elven magicians strive to act in accordance with laws of Nature, not appeal to outside forces to act for us.

“To the elven, magic is much like romance. We don’t attempt to force our way on others, we seek to charm them into assisting our will. But we do so because we find them amazing and lovely and trust that through our enchantments, they will consider us so as well. It is a dance and hopefully ever mutually fulfilling.”
—The Silver Elves


Part Two: If the true energy that powers magic is not bloodletting, why is it in popular culture today?

     The idea of blood magic, in our opinion, while it has wormed its way into popular culture really comes from religion. Of course, because the normal folk consider believing in god to be normal, they will pretend they do so, although in truth the only thing that they often really believe in is appearances and social position and hierarchy. But we are not here to criticize the herd for doing what they have learned is best suited to surviving and advancing in the world. They do what they do because they are survivors (as are we all up until we die), and they tell us this repeatedly. They even wear tee shirts declaring their survival skills. Long ages of surviving have inculcated these behaviors within them. Just as the long ages of being the weirdos, the strange elfae others that we are, have delighted our soulful spirits.

     In the most ancient of times, shamans and magicians didn’t offer sacrifice to gods or spirits to do our magic for us. We studied the laws of Nature, really, we might say the Ways of Nature, or the Tendencies of Nature, since law makes Nature sound less flexible than it truly is. It can be exact surely, but it can also change like the weather as well. We used the powers of Nature to fulfill our wills. We didn’t seek to violate Nature but to nudge it gently here and there, making life more abundant and secure, while using its propensities to our own advantage.

     And then, perhaps it was, we came upon the Djinn, the elemental spirits of fire, wind, earth and water. We began making deals and pacts and using ceremonial magick to summon them, to direct them according to our will (see Jonathan Stroud’s novel The Amulet of Samarkand) and bargains were struck and many magic wielders became somewhat dependent upon them, for they could do amazing things. Djinn began being seen as gods and magicians became priest magicians and then just priests. Well, most anyway, don’t forget us elves, us fae, us weirdo others who continue to remember who we truly are and what magic and enchantment are as well and have always really been.

     Djinn as gods needed offerings and sacrifice and, of course, obedience in light of the covenant form with them. At first, the magicians demanded absolute obedience from the Djinn and then the tables got turned, the magic entangled and the slaves became the masters, as they nearly always do in time. Heed this well you who still seek to dominate others. Nature informs us of the cycles of life and the alteration of high and low. Everyone has their time, in the course of the lifetimes.

     And then blood came into it. Why blood? It’s a curious thing. Born of conflict and the need for certain dark spirits to feed. But somewhere in all this, there is the love/hate relationship Mankind has with Women. Women that they adore, Women that they despise, Women that they exploit, oppress and treat as though they were their pets, that they can whip if they don’t obey. Women who, even today, don’t often get equal pay for equal work.

     Women bleed, regularly. Women are witches, nearly always, even when they don’t know that they are so or practice consciously. Yet, the menstrual blood of Women has long been considered impure. In some religions, Women are not even allowed to enter the so-called holy places when they are having their monthlies. This blood is seen as contaminated, as profane. It is cast off blood and their gods, like vampires, want living blood.

     And yet, those who are dominators still fear Women’s power. Why else would they oppress and exploit them? Wanting them to stay in their place, which is also what they tell their slaves and others that they oppress and exploit and look down upon, treating them as though they were less worthy due only to their gender, race or some other arbitrary factor. Women are magic, they know this in their unconscious even if they don’t admit it in their conscious minds. And Women’s magic, for the most part, is Natural Magic. The Old Magic, the Ancient Magic, the True Magic. Which is, in part, why many ancient shamans dressed in what might be seen as unisexual attire. Magic is about Nature, for Nature is Magic and magic is beyond sexual gender, while incorporating sex within it.

     But let’s not stray too far from our topic, for this is not a screed about the oppression of Women or others. Our topic is not directly about the inequalities of the normal folk or their illogical and sometimes absolutely lunatic and misguided ideas concerning magic, not to mention nearly everything else, but rather we speak here about the true energy that powers magic and while many people believe it is bloodletting, we elves do not.

     Women are magical not because they bleed regularly, but because they are, for the most part, more attuned to their own instinctual feelings and their own nature. Plus, they give birth (with some input from males). And that in itself is a sort of Thaumaturgy, a magic of creating miracles.

     And if you have an elf child or have encounter one, you will know that they are miraculous beings, filled with ancient wisdom and magic. These little ones create magic without even trying. Which is true magic, indeed. They are enchanters supreme and while they are not yet educated in the ways of the world, their fresh and often unique observations upon it offer much that one can learn from. They inspire us and while it is true they may spill a bit of blood now and again, that isn’t what makes them magic or gives them their great powers of enchantment. And when they do so we, for our part, kiss it and make it better, so what does that tell you of the ancient elven ars magica?

“If you ask the elves what the greatest magical power is,
they will tell you healing, for healing sets everything aright.
And if you ask them what healing consists of,
they will tell true love, for true love heals all things.
And if you ask them what the source of true love is,
they will tell you it is the Divine Magic,
for the Divine Magic loves all of life and
eternally seeks its happiness and fulfillment.”

—The Silver Elves


Part Three: If not sacrifice, then what is the key to energizing the magic?

     We suggested in Part One of our answer to the question “Do elves do blood magic?” that the use of other bodily fluids, such as sweat, saliva, urine or semen might be just as effective as an energy of magic as the all too common concept of the shedding of blood, depending, of course, upon the particular spell. But in doing so we were still looking at magic and its empowerment from a materialistic point of view in which something physical needs to be used to activate the magic, which is essentially spiritual in nature, blood being the substance most often used and referred to in books, movies, and television shows.

     But the elven point of view, and thus our perspective concerning magic and enchantment, is not primarily material in nature any more than our own conception of our elfin being is material. Our material bodies are transitory manifestations of our spirits and our soulful energy. We are not our bodies. Our bodies are just clothes, so to speak, that our spirits are wearing. And while we may be descended by genetics, which is to say, by blood, from those individuals such as the ancient Scythians who are currently regarded as being some of the ancient elves, and thus from the Bloodline of the Elven (see De Vere The Dragon Legacy), it is our spirits and our magic that actually determine if we are elven or not. It is our elven natures that make us elven, really, not our physical bodies.

     So, it is that when we suggested that seminal fluid might be as, or more, efficacious in creating magic, we were really making a sort of materialistic analogy or metaphor for the reality of the situation. It is not blood, or semen or any other physical fluid that is the key to energizing the magic, but ecstasy as evidenced by both the practices of ancient and modern shamans and tantric practitioners. Joy, happiness and pleasure are the true activators of magic. Sexual effluvia is merely the byproduct of that energy and activity. (see Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy by Mircea Eliade.)

     It is not blood or any other material thing that delights the Shining Ones who help, guide and aid us as best they are able, but our happiness that delights them, just as a child’s delight brings joy to the hearts of the adults that watch hir (her/him) so our joy brings greater delight to those kindred of ours who live upon the more subtle planes of manifestation.

     Why is this so? It is so because the nature of the higher planes of being are ecstatic (see The Tibetan Book of the Dead: Liberation Through Understanding the Between translated by Robert A. F. Thurman). The realms of Elfin, of the heavenly realms, the realms of paradise as formulated by various peoples are places where happiness abides, love rules, and joy lives in the hearts of each and all. By creating ecstatic states of being, which is to say by being happy, being joyous and filled with ecstatic energy, we are attuning ours’elves to those higher realms and the spirits who abide there, making it easier to communicate with them as well as enchant much of the world around us. In experiencing the joy of ecstatic being, we become like the Shining Ones, one of them, and share in their great power to move and affect the worlds.

     Oh, it is true there are dark spirits in the world who are in so much pain that they can’t abide happiness in others and seek to destroy that happiness, even though that will not help them even a little bit to find happiness themselves and will just drag them deeper into the wicked magics that have ensnared them. But, they have given up on the idea that happiness is even possible for them and they simply wish others to share their misery and suffering, although misery is like fire, sharing it doesn’t make it any less. They offer blood and suffering to the darkness but while doing so may give them a temporary psychotic thrill, that path nearly always ends with madness and despair.

     So, it is that we elfin must sometimes hide our magic, restrain from flaunting our happiness, while remaining aware, as the Shining Ones are, that while we are filled with joy within there are others who have yet to realize that the true nature of the Universe is ecstasy, which is the source of all true magic. Thus, we go forth humbly, our joy serene, as we seek our kindred in the world and spread the magic that arises from the delight of being elven.

Ver nesidas mellun vari te (In shimmering starlight ever be),
The Silver Elves


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