What Effect Do Our Magical Body Parts (Elf Ears, Wings, Tails, Scales etc.) In Etheric Form Have Upon Elves and Otherkin?


“Even when the wings are just etheric, they still affect our incarnate being, for from an elven point of view the material world is shaped upon the ethereal and imaginal worlds and not the other way around as most people seem to presume…. Elf ears (pointed) for instance may be a bit atrophied and in need of being exercised by hearing intuitively, so imagine your Elven spirit body and then practice listening from that perspective on the shamanic and psychic plane.”


It is a simple fact that faerie love their wings in the same way that we elves love our pointed ears. And even though time and the circumstances of fate have served to remove the points from most of our elven ears and apparently there aren’t any humanoid faeries with physical wings, we still love to put on prosthetic ears and faeries love to wear their wings around whenever they are around their kindred and can feel free and safe in doing so. This wearing of wings and pointed ears is a recognition of our love of our ancient peoples and our attachment to the lore that surrounds them. Whether there were even humanoid beings with elf ears and faerie wings doesn’t entirely matter to us. What matters is, elf ears and fairy wings are cool, and we love them. While we might not have physical elf ears or wings anymore they still exist for us in our hearts, our imaginations therefore upon our bodies of light.

For the most part, in our experience, no two wings are exactly alike, just as snowflakes and fingerprints are each unique, and Otherkin wings come in a variety of thin/thickness, curves, range and which all effect the lift of the wing. One common problem that our winged otherkin brothers and sisters speak of (the angels, faeries, vampires, dragons, etc.) are the effects on one’s health when incarnated in a human body and while still having etheric wings, they no longer have physical wings to use for movement.

One of our kindred, Reinero De Valois, proposes that it is possible that this lack of use of the wings may cause or be caused by blocks of energy in the winged area that may even cause back problems and other ailments. A number of fae have verified his theory as he has helped them to unblock the energy, and one such fae sister did so adding that she feels it may be the lack of use of the wing when in human form that makes her walking difficult and even painful, effecting her lower back and legs. We see this as completely plausible from an aerodynamic view of wing lift and drag, in that a somewhat atrophied wing may have an incredibly burdensome drag on the human body. As we have said, the wing section characteristics, i.e. the shape and diameter of the wing area, effects the wing lift or ability to give assistance in motion to the body as does the ability to use devices like flaps to assist the lift. Even when the wings are just etheric, they still affect our incarnate being, for from an elven point of view the material world is shaped upon the ethereal and imaginal worlds and not the other way around as most people seem to presume.

But we feel too that this ‘disability’ can be corrected with proper visualizations and exercises. And so, we suggest that if any of our faerie kindred are having back or walking problems, they try some wing exercises to strengthen the use of the etheric wings and increase the lift ability. We are not suggesting that this will help you actually fly (although we leave that possible idea up to your imagination) but it may help your wings to assist you in ground motion, like walking and running and even jumping and it may help lessen the burden (and thus pain) on your body of carrying etheric wings around that have inadequate lift, even in their own realms, due to lack of use.

We suggest some visualization in which one first (in a standing position) exercises the full spread of their wings and full range of motion for 3 to 6 cycles (do this in pairs so if you have more than one pair of wings then you may wish to repeat the exercise for each pair separately). Once one has mastered this in a standing position, the next step is to try walking slowly at the same time, and eventually walking or running at a faster pace and a longer period of time (in time you may be able to use more than one set of wings at a time if your magical form has and uses multiple wings for flight). Take it very slowly at first and only do what feels right to you, using your own intuition to guide your exercise. You may also wish to visualize some etheric flaps at the bottom of your wings to help in the gliding once you have begun walking and running. And it should have a positive effect upon your posture overall.

There is a larger question subject here and that is “What effect are our magical body parts (wings, elf ears, tails, scales, etc.) in etheric form having upon our physical bodies and how can we heal and improve our bodies by increasing the use of these magical parts?” Elf ears (pointed) for instance may be a bit atrophied and in need of being exercised by hearing intuitively, so imagine your Elven spirit body and then practice listening from that perspective on the shamanic and psychic plane. We Silver Elves have long thought that is most likely what our elf ears are really for—increasing our psychic perception and our non-verbal connection to each other, past, present, and future.

While some folks might think this crazy, none-the-less, when someone loses an arm or a leg through injury or accident, they often still feel that phantom limb (or wing or elf ear) as though it were still there. It may still itch or ache and the solution they have found is to have a mirror of one’s other limb so one can see the phantom limb and scratch it. This is really the same principal at work here in understanding the astral limbs or other etheric body parts.

And it should be noted that while the lack of use of our etheric wings or ears may burden our physical bodies, this neglect can also have an effect upon our psychological well-being. When faeries get depressed perhaps they just need to get their etheric wings going and fly in spirit. When we elves, as so often happens, feel so very alone in the world, searching ever for our others, perhaps we might consider listening to them with our etheric elf ears. For if you listen carefully, you can hear them in the distance drawing ever closer, calling to us in their hearts as we are calling to them.

So, dear Sisters and Brothers, may your wings be fluttering, your ears be attuning, your tails be waving, and your scales be shining!

Ver nesidas mellun vari te (In shimmering starlight ever be),

The Silver Elves



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And what about those faerie wings? Here is an excerpt from Caressed By An Elven Breeze: The Poems of Zardoa Silverstar of an enchanting poem about a faerie who had no wings:

The Faerie Who Had No Wings . . . . . .

There once was a faery that couldn’t fly

He was born without wings

But no one knew why.

They took him to doctors

And wise women, too

But no one knew why

Or what to do.

They said, “It’s a shame,

That’s certainly so.”

But when asked the cause

They said, “We don’t know”.

And when asked the cure

They said much the same

Despite their titles, diplomas or fame.

So this faery named ‘Wingless’

By all of his friends

Grew up on the ground

While they did ascend

To the tops of the trees

To the bottoms of the clouds

He felt quite ashamed

While they felt most proud.

But his mother did love him

As good mothers do

She said you’re without wings

Oh yes this is true

But that’s not your fault

It’s nothing you’ve done

And though you can’t fly

You are still my son.

And you know among faeries

You are quite unique

You’re special, my son

But he felt like a freak.

And he thought to himself

What’s the matter with me

Why don’t I have wings,

Like a normal faery?

Why can I not soar

Why can I not fly

And look down on the Earth

From way up high

Like everyone else

Like all faery kind

Why is it me

Who’s left behind.

And as he did grow

And was given chores

They were close to the ground

Or near to the shores

He tended the flowers

And the roots of the trees

And the branches low hanging

That swept in the breeze.

And sometimes he’d climb

As high as he could

And watch all his friends

Sail like birds though the wood

And then he would wish

And then he would sigh

And gaze with great longing

Across the sky.

But always in time

He’d have to climb down

And have his feet

Once again on the ground

And though he’d enjoyed it

He’d still have to frown

For he felt like a fool

He felt like a clown.

For his friends seemed so graceful

As they skimmed cross the sky

And he felt so clumsy

As he climbed way up high

His mother would tell him

It’s really okay

But strangely it never

To him felt that way.

But he worked very hard

And he did his best

Completed his chores

Like all the rest

Was good at his job

In every detail

Bringing love to the flowers

Everyday without fail.

And as the days came and went

And nights passed him by

He came to accept

He never would fly

He gave up trying

And wishing, too

He came to accept

There was naught he could do.

He was born without wings

And that was his fate

Though he hoped as a teenager

That they’d grow in late

But that was a wish

That never came true

And once again

There was naught he could do.

So day by day

And night by night

He did all he could

To be happy and bright

And accept his life

As it came to be

Tending to flowers

And loving the trees.

For while it was true

That his friends could all fly

What did they do

Up in the sky

But tend to flowers

And love all the trees

And laugh in the sun

And sway in the breeze.

They did all that he did

And he did the same

Except for flying

There was naught one could name

That he couldn’t do

As good as another

He was a faerie true

Like any other.

And so he accepted his fate

As he grew up at last

His life was his own

The dice they were cast

And now the only thing

Left him to do

Was accept himself

As he was, he knew.

And so off he went

Into the deep woods

To think on his life

And all the great goods

That had come to him

In the course of his days

And the mysteries of Nature

And all of her ways.

For our lives each have meaning

Or maybe they don’t

You have to decide

Or maybe you won’t

Things are as they are

As they’re meant to be

But still we can change

If our minds are free.

On this our dear faerie

Without wings he did think

As he strolled through the trees

And the dew he did drink

And thankful was he

For his life as it was

Because it was his

And perhaps just because.

So walking about

He happened to spy

A lovely young elf

With a twinkle in her eye

He said, “Greetings, elf kin,

How goes it today?

Do you live here about

Or pass on your way?” …………

This is quite a long poem, so we could not post it all here. But if you would like to read what next happens and the entire poem, as well as all 90 of Zardoa’s poems, please click here to go to our webpage and read all about Caressed By An Elven Breeze: The Poems of Zardoa Silverstar. 

Caressed By An Elven Breeze:
The Poems of Zardoa Silverstar.



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The Elven Way: 
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“You can search for Elfin for what seems like forever
and never find it.
You can wait for it to come
and it never seems to arrive.
But if you live the life Elfin,
it emerges all around you like buds in the springtime.”
—The Silver Elves

Also we suggest reading:
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“Together Our Magic is Stronger By Far!”
“Eldan elina eldon da mylthfa la uli”)

SIlverFlame and Zardoa






















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