Did All Elves Come From the Stars?

“We may have come from the stars ages ago,
but now we are Earth elves and quite happy to be so,
if we can just keep the parasites from consuming it all.”
(The above is a photo of the original acrylic painting
titled “Red Wizard” by Zardoa Silverstar of The Silver Elves)


Elves often call thems’elves Star Children and various other names that indicate our starry heritage and in the sense that everything that exists on Earth is essentially composed of Stardust, as the astronomer Carl Sagan pointed out, then yes, all elves, all faeries, all men and women and dogs and cats and trees, and everything else came from the stars.

There are large numbers of elfae who relate to the idea of having come to the Earth from Sirius or the Pleiades or some other constellation. There are elfae who will tell you that they came from this or that planet that no one has ever heard of or which only exists in a science fiction or fantasy novel. This attraction to fiction and fantasy is, from an elven point of view, often because when we pass from lifetime to lifetime we forget much of the details of what seemed so very important previously and so we instinctively are attracted to those things that are most like what we are and were. Such memories may not be so much literal as they are symbolic (not that we’re implying that some people don’t have clear past life recall, some clearly do). But quite often what elfae are indicating is that they feel like aliens among the normal folk and that they are certain that they must have come from elsewhere because we just don’t fit in very well here.

At the same time, it is important to remember that we are often pictured as Nature spirits and this is not just something that is put upon us from the outside. It is true that mankind has frequently written of us as spirits of Nature, and even before he learned to write, he related to us as the flitting lights and shadows of the forest often huddling around their fires in superstitious fear. However, it must be pointed out that we also embrace Nature with a fervor that is way beyond the adoration that Men occasionally offer it. We mourn the loss of the trees, we fight to save the whales and other endangered species. We feel one with Nature and its wildness and find our souls and spirits awakened when we are there. We are tree huggers and rock lovers and we adore the Earth and Nature in ways that most of mankind doesn’t seem to be able to understand as yet as they casually exploit and destroy it.

Of course, it may be pointed out that most of us came here from the stars long before mankind began to wake his mind from foggy primate consciousness. We were lurking in the forest and plunging to the depths of the ocean before he even gave those things names. So, our love of Nature and the Earth and the natural, doesn’t negate our starry heritage.

Still, are all elves from the stars? We think not and the reason we think this primarily is because we know some elves who feel they are from the Earth. They were born here, arose with this planet, are Earth elves and proud of it, if a gentle and practical acceptance of this fact may be called proud. Perhaps we should say, they are very comfortable being Earth elves. Have no need or desire to return to the stars. Have no feeling of having come from the stars and are quite happy, well as happy as elves can be in this insane world, to be here.

In a sense, we are all Earth elves now. While we may have come from a different planet on a different star system aeons ago, we were all, as far as these elves can discern, born here on Earth in this lifetime. In that way, we are rather like Americans whose ancestors came from Germany or Japan, or China or Tibet or wherever. We are Italian Americans, or Asian Americans or Native Americans or First Nations Peoples if we migrated here so long ago that we were the first inhabitants other than the creatures of Nature, which includes the elves.

We elves acknowledge our ancestry while embracing our current life and manifestation. And, it is something to note, we elves often were our ancestors. So perhaps it is more like the fact that we used to live in one city or state or country and we migrated to another and now we embrace our new home. We are Earth elves because, ultimately for most of us, we chose to be here.

We know that there are some elven, the Elenari for instance, who believe they were essentially forced to flee to this world. They were chased from their home world and found refuge on this planet. But, this is now home and these elves, at least, are making the most of it. We may have come from the stars ages ago, but now we are Earth elves and quite happy to be so, if we can just keep the parasites from consuming it all.

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