Is it the Elf Star or the Faerie Star? And Who First Adopted the Seven-Pointed Star as the Elf Star?

“Since the five-pointed star represented Mankind…,
Arwen Eveningstar [of the EQD]
added wings to that figure
(so one ray for the head, two for the arms,
two for the legs, and two for the wings) and thus came up
with a 7 pointed star to represent the elves and
the evolution of mankind into the Angelic Realms.
Obviously, due to the wings, it represents our faerie kindred as well.”

Really, it is both. We call the seven-pointed acute-angled star the “Elven Star” because it was our sisters Arwen and Elanor, founders of the Elf Queen’s Daughters, EQD, (of which Zardoa of the Silver Elves was a member in their Carbondale, Il., vortex/coven, the Elves of the Southern Woodlands) who in the 70s were the first to adopt this star to represent the elves and started using it in the letters they wrote and circulated to elfin folk (see our Silver Elves books Elf Magic Mail, volumes 1 & 2, in which we have reproduced the original contents of those letters and described the graphics that adorned them and have also added our commentary upon the letters and the sisterhood.)

Our sisters Arwen and Elanor first conceived (in this lifetime) of using this star for the elven and put them upon the EQD letters on numerous occasions. Since the five-pointed star represented Mankind (inspired in Arwen’s mind by Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man), Arwen Eveningstar added wings to that figure (so one ray for the head, two for the arms, two for the legs, and two for the wings) and thus came up with a 7 pointed star to represent the Elves and the evolution of humankind into the Angelic Realms. Obviously, due to the wings, it represents our faerie kindred as well. In fact, the very first letter of the Elf Magic Mail shared by the EQD that had this symbol showed a five-pointed star with wings called “The Winged Star.” Thus from the very beginning the idea existed beneath the surface that this was also the Faerie Star. So it represents all Fae folk, elves, pixies, faeries, brownies and otherkin and all are welcome to use it.

Something that always was interesting to us Silver Elves — and that is that Arwen first just sketched the 7 pointed “winged star” as an elven star on a napkin while dining out with Elanor and other members of the EQD.  This always made us laugh that she first sketched something that became so important to so many modern elven, faerie and otherkin on just a flimsy napkin and this really shows what simple creative genius elves really are! Of course this creative genius was not frivolous and Arwen had all her deep esoteric reasons for the 7 points as we have said, mainly adding 2 points for the wings to the 5 pointed star that already was used to represent mankind (head, 2 arms and 2 legs), and thus Arwen felt it represented the elven and faerie world and the Ancient Future. She was so well versed in occult knowledge that she also of course knew all the spiritual meanings of the number 7 (as well as how the 7 pointed star had been used by past occultist) and its relationship to the stars and Seven Sisters. Then the EQD soon after Arwen’s sketching the star, began publishing both the “winged star” and then also the acute 7 pointed star in many issues of their magical letters called “Elf Magic Mail,” which we and hundreds of other elfae got at that time in the 70s. We actually still have our original letter of the “winged star” (as well as most all of their other letters, a few which were also written by Zardoa Silverstar—founder of The Silver Elves—who was a member of the EQD at that time). And we have shared them in two volumes of Elf Magic Mail by The Silver Elves.

Z_Silver_celebrateWe have, for our own part, worn the elven star as an amulet for over forty years. We have at least a half dozen variations of it. From a very small elf star less than an half inch from side to side that we have upon one of our magical elven wands that we created, to a necklace piece that was made for us individually that is about three and a half inches in diameter. We even have one, about two inches across that comes from Jerusalem. We also have one that our sister Loriel gave us as a birthday gift that is a seven-pointed flower. And Arwen, Elanor, Loriel had a house south of Half Moon Bay that had a huge seven-pointed elf star, about six or seven feet in diameter, that was painted on the side of their home. We lived with them for over a month in the late 1970’s at this somewhat Rivendell like abode.

We Silver Elves carried on the tradition that the EQD created, putting the Elven Star on our own The Magical Elven Love Letters (see volumes one, two and three) throughout the 80s and 90s that we sent out to our elven and otherkin kin and over the years it apparently caught on. It would be nice, to our minds, if our kindred knew where it came from as it is part of modern elven and faerie history, but in the long run, it doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is that this star speaks to the heart of the elfae (the elven and faerie folk) and it is this reason that it has been taken up and carried on and used again and again to represent us. And surely, this would not have happened if in fact the elven/faerie star didn’t have something ancient to it. It sings to our hearts and imaginations because it truly connects us to our ancient kindred and it resonates in our Collective Unconscious. Otherwise it would have gone the way of so many things that have been put out there but passed by and forgotten. It calls to us. It reminds us of who we truly are and that is what truly matters. For it is the Elven-Faerie Star and we are all the kindred that it shines upon.

Ver nesidas mellun vari te (In shimmering starlight ever be),
The Silver Elves

If you enjoyed this article, then you may well enjoy reading Elf Magic Mail, Book 2, which contains the original letter and drawing by the Elf Queen’s Daughters of “The Winged Star” and a description of the first adoption of the 7 pointed elven-faerie star. We have also published the entire original letter, “The Winged Star,” on our Silver Elves website for all to see and read Not just the photo of the letter as you will also find below, but also a written translation of the letter. To view it, just click here and be sure and scroll down the page to the sample letter titled “The Winged Star.”

And wear your Elf star with many Elven Blessings!

Photo above of the first drawn Elven 7 pointed star (bottom right corner): “Winged Star,” by the Elf Queen’s Daughters that appeared on one of their letters circulated in the 70s to their many vortexes/covens (as well as putting the 7 pointed star on many other of their Elf Magic Mail letters). Read both The Silver Elves commentary about the first appearance of this star as well as the explanation of the meaning of the Elven Star that was published and circulated through Elf Magic Mail in the 1970s to the EQD vortexes/covens.
Here is the text to the first paragraph of the above letter:

“THE ELVEN STAR IS WINGED, FAIR KINDRETH …. it is a true expansion, relatively and ideally, of the pentacle or five pointed star. Of course all geometric figures have both literal and occult significance; yet, for the elves, the seven-pointed elven star contains foci that are quite unique to the elves as well as universal focus points that are applicable to the ten thousand modes of manifestation. Our winged-star focuses the elves upon 7 planes of being (physical, astral-sensual, mental, buddhic, atmic, para-nirvanic, nirvanic), which it activates 7 chakric and/or sensory centers (vision, homing, auric, auditory, touch, taste, smell). Men and wimin are not functionally interested in the “6th and 7th senses”, because of various cultural and evolutionary pathways that have become paramount in their present social pre-occupations. For the elven-kindreth the auric-proprioceptor and the homing senses are of equal value and/or significance relative to the “other” five senses. Tis our ancient peoples that now begin to evolve together, rather than separate. Seven senses, Seven Chakras, Seven Stars, Seven planes of being are our destiny and fate!” Click here and then scroll down to read the full letter and commentary

Elf Magic Mail, Book 2:
The Original Letters of The Elf Queen’s Daughters
with Commentary by The Silver Elves

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Meditation on the 7 Pointed Elven Star

Also we hope you enjoy the following meditation on the 7 pointed acute elven star, the elven-faerie star, that we Silver Elves created and published in Circle Network News in the 80s. You may find other versions that people have slightly adapted from this one to fit their own cosmology, but this is the original one and was created and first performed as a seven day meditation birthday gift for Zardoa Silverstar by Silver Flame, from elven heart to elven heart, opening the Gateway to Faerie. To be clear, while we love our original one here, we also find the adaption meditations and ray point meanings that others have done through the years to be quite magical as well, and the faeries particularly have made some adaptations to this meditation that are quite creative and beautiful indeed.


The original meditation on the Rays of the Seven Pointed Star by The Silver Elves in Circle Network News, Summer Edition 1986. [We have also added some of the side notes that were published with it.]:

Point 1: Meditate on the Sun, the Will to bring Peace and Prosperity in Elfland. [Love & Justice.]

Point 2: Meditate upon the Spirits of the Trees. Loving Friendship and unconditional love/healing light. [A Rainbow Dragon to burn through the obstacles is also associated with this point]

Point 3: Meditate upon our Regenerative Powers and Creative Energy. Spirit of Water [cleanses, bringing with it an Awakening of your True Nature].

Point 4: Meditate upon the Gift of Magic and Elven Blessings.
“Love is Magic, Magic is Love.”

Point 5: Meditate upon the Gateway, Prosperity and Peace for the Passage into Faerie [Elfland]. Prosperity.

Point 6: Meditate upon Justice in Faerie Realms, Healing [of the Elfae]. Wind Spirits, [recognizes thee essence of your Elven self].[The baby rainbow dragon flies on the winds to awaken healers and bring justice].

Point 7: Meditate upon success in “Extending your Love and Magic to all Life; to [Gaia]Mother Earth.”

If you would like Elven Spells to go with each Point of the meditation on the seven pointed star, please refer to our book on elven practical magic, Elven Hedgewitchery and Found Magic: Using Art-Making for Evoking Elfin Magic and Living the Elven Way. Below are some examples, spells from Elven Hedgewitchery and Found Magic that you may use during the meditation for ray point one and also for seven, along with the translations into Arvyndase (the magical language of the Silver Elves) and the pronunciations.

Point One spell:
“All I will shall manifest
Tried and true and pass the test.”

“Wyl El yon van aroto
Ujïn nar lod nar gol tae fatra.”

Will Eel yone vane a – row – toe
You-j – in nair load nair goal tay fay – trah.

Point Seven spell:
“Ever we share our magic and love
Creating the Earth as Elfin above.”

“Vari eli mati eli’na êldon nar kyêla
Talysdas tae Eldanil tat Êldat usel.”

Vay – rye e – lie may – tie e – lie’nah l – doan nair key – l – lah
Tay – liss – dace tay Eel – day – nile tate L – date you – seal.


Also here is one of the Silver Elves’ spells to use overall with the elf star as a focus.

Elven Star spell:
“By the Elf Star the Earth is healed
And to our magic all do yield.”

“La tae Êlda Mêl tae Eldanil da hyrnïn
Nar va eli’na êldon wyl ba ped.”

Lah tay L – dah Mell tay Eel – day – nile dah herne – in
Nair vah e – lie’nah l – doan will bah peed.


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Answers to Questions About Being An Elf and Following the Elven Path

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6throughmistswebThrough The Mists of Faerie:
A Magical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of the Ancient Elven

“Elfin, Faerie, Elfland or the Sacred Realm or Dimension of Magic that lives at the heart of the Universe, is an incredibly attractive power. It draws all true souls to it. It calls to the Elfin nature in each and every soul. This is the power that arouses the imagination of those who see or read the Lord of the Rings and say, I’m an Elf or I’m a Dwarf, or even I’m an Orc. The power calls to us through Urban Fantasy stories and the fantasy novels of old, as well as, faery tales and movies of magic and enchantment. But it also calls to us from the trees, the wild places of Nature, and sometimes most of all from magic memories of our childhood, which is really our ancient past, our past incarnations, calling to us. It can also be aroused, and quite strongly, perhaps most strongly, by others of our kind manifesting in the world. There is something magical about these beings and they arouse our own hunger for magic in our own lives and souls. These Elfae radiate starlight. They glimmer with love, kindness and compassion; and they reach out and touch our souls. Some might suppose this to be a glamor, a magic they have wrapped thems’elves within to enchant us; but while they are truly enchanting, the magic arises from the fact that they are genuine and real. They don’t need to glamor us. They just need to be their very own s’elves, for that is the most impressive magic of all. They are not trying, they are simply being: being thems’elves, being elves.”
—Excerpt from page 26 of Through The Mists of Faerie by The Silver Elves.

Please, dear Kindred, touch the little star above
for an Elven Blessing!















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