Is the Sphere of Netzach Specifically Related to Elves?

Is the sphere of Netzach specifically related to Elves?

Netzach on the Qabalahistic Tree of Life is the realm of Victory and particularly of victory over ones’elf, of rising above ones’elf and transcending one’s limitations. Netzach is a sphere of long-suffering, of enduring to completion or therefore patience, and of strength. It is often related to the planet Venus and to enchantment and thus in all these ways it is very elven in nature.

But then one could, just as easily find aspects of elfin and the elvish personality in all the other spheres on the tree of life. That, in fact, is what the tree is for, to view life from its fundamental aspects. (see our book The Elven Tree of Life Eternal.)

If we took some of Tolkien’s elven characters we could easily see Legolas and Tauriel (Peter Jackson’s creative invention in the Hobbit), Thranduil, Elrond and even Galadriel in their warrior form as being associated with Geburah, the sphere of Mars. Or we could talk Elrond and Galadriel in their wisdom aspect as being associated with Binah, or in their occult knowledge aspect as being associated with Hod (Mercury) or Yesod (Moon) or perhaps the path between them. There is no sphere on the Tree, in fact, where one couldn’t view elves in one of our many manifestations and characteristics. Just as elves would live, explore, roam and adventure in all parts of our forest, just as one knows every part of one’s home or neighborhood, so do we, as elven, have a place in every sphere and path of the tree.

The Silver Elves

The Elven Tree of Life Eternal” is set up like a choose your own adventure book for those who wish to undertake the challenge to discover their true magical s’elves. It will help one understand if one is a wyzard or a sorcerer, a healer or a warrior, an elf of wood, snow, hill, ocean, starlight, or a sprite, a faerie, a gnome, a dwarf, a changeling, a dragon, or some other magical folk. If you wonder about your true magical nature, explore the ever-flowering branches of The Tree of Life Eternal.

The ELven Tree of Life

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