The Elven Book of Powers: Using the Tarot for Magical Wish Fulfillment

The Elven Book of Powers: Using the Tarot for Magical Wish Fulfillment is a book for those who wish to use the Tarot for visualization and wish fulfillment. It describes the powers of each particular card in a traditional Tarot deck and how to use its powers to fulfill one’s vision and achieve one’s will, drawing to one the energies needed for success so all one’s dreams will come true. There are also evocations, invocations and rhyming spells for each card to aid one in visualization. We decided to feature this book at this time for all our kin who are celebrating the new year with greater visions of abundance. We hope this helps you in your wish fulfillment and may all your dreams come true this 2016!



If you would like to purchase The Elven Book Of Powers, you may do so on Amazon US or Amazon UK, as well as your other favorite bookstores, including Barnes and Nobles and The Book Depository (with free delivery worldwide).

Please enjoy these sample pages from The Elven Book of Powers:

From the Major Powers:

Creation, The Magic


This is the power of Creation and creativity. With this power one can create one’s own world, realm, eald, etc. Unlike the first power, which is essentially effortless and accepting, this second power strives to mold the world, or really a part of the world, by its own vision. There is a danger here that one may attempt to compel their vision upon others and force them to yield to one’s will. This, however, is a violation of the basic principles of elfin magic and a corruption of this power, which functions not through force and coercion, but by attraction and enthusiasm.

Fantasy writers who create worlds so vivid that hordes of fans hunger to enter into them give a good example of this power to us. Tolkien’s works stand as a testament to this power. This power is also true of those who founded religions, kingdoms, fashion and art styles, etc. However, if one proceeds as if their way is the only way, the one true and right way to be, then they have lost their way and are wandering toward the dark side.

The true power of creation stands as a unique and individual manifestation, among other unique and individual forms and beings. It is a star among a Universe of Stars. It is ever a pioneer, and if others follow the trail it has blazed, it does not care, for it has already moved on.
Create your own Eald, dear elfin, and invite your co-creators to join you in the weaving of a magic that makes a better world for all of us.


I summon forth the powers of Creation
I make my world anew by the power of my vision
Talents, skills, and powers come to me seeking expression
I send them forth to make the world more loving, kind, and beautiful
I send them forth to make life more exciting, adventurous, and fulfilling
I send them forth to express thems’elves perfectly
Great artists each in their chosen field.

I open myself to the powers of creativity
That I may express mys’elf truly in my own way
Creating wonders of magic and beauty in my own style
Filled with energy and power I set forth
Renewed, and revived, and ready to give to the world
The treasures that I bear within me.

The powers of creation are mine
The world responds like clay
And in the course of time
We see the coming day
Awakens now renewed
Our efforts have been true
And the magic we have brewed
Will guide us on our way.

From the Minor Powers:




This is the root power of all relationships, whether it be family, romantic, friendship, acquaintance, legal, business or any other. They all come under the influence of this power. Being under the element/state of water/liquidity, this power is very fluid in nature and extremely adaptable, yet it retains its essential nature in its largest and most microscopic forms. It is also very feeling oriented and its essence is based upon feeling rather than mental or even spiritual attraction. Thus it is linked to both intuition and instinct, but primarily to the feeling of attraction or repulsion that draws us to or inclines us to avoid certain individuals.

For any relationship you wish to develop, improve or from which you wish to depart, this power can be of help. It is also a supplementary power to all the other fluid powers. To invoke this power is to develop your own ability in creating successful relationships, enhancing the power of your personality, giving it weight and power.

The evocation of this power brings the personal touch and an inner sense of connectedness to even the most formal associations. If one feels they are faced with a mindless and callous bureaucracy, the conjuration of this energy will arouse a sense of sympathy and relatedness in those with whom one must interact, helping to bring the element of the human or humane/elven into an otherwise cold and uncaring association. It awakens the feeling in people, helps remind them that they are not robots, but feeling human beings/spirits, which it to say spiritual beings.

I treat all I meet with loving kindness
With gentle concern, with reassuring comfort
Each relationship bearing the potentiality for friendship
For romance, or for a delighted flirtation
Each an opportunity to spread love into the world
To make the world a better place
A more loving place
A place where love can prosper
In all its forms and variations.

I draw in the power of love
So I may see the potential for love in all situations and circumstances
So I may be able to love in all situations and circumstances
So love will fill my soul and exude from my body
As an aura of energy
Creating and atmosphere of love
Wherever I go.

Love comes to me today
Love comes in every way
Love is the very source
Love is the way, the course
Love is the action that I take
Love is the way for its own sake
Love is the purpose
And the meaning, too
Love is the goal for all I do.

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