Finding our way home

It has never been the policy of these elves…
Dear kin,
… to say who is or isn’t an elf. We do not have the authority to say so, nor does anyone else. We may have our opinions on the subject and if asked, render them, but it is always up to the individual to discover and declare hir (his/her) particular nature.
So, too, it is the right, and some might say duty, although we wouldn’t go that far, of each individual elf to decide hir own spiritual path and beliefs. We certainly have our own beliefs, which are, we believe, rather unique and each elf must, should, or perhaps we should say, is encouraged to decide for hir own s’elf the spiritual path/s SHe (she/he) will tread and the extent of, and depth of Hir, beliefs.
Many elves base their beliefs loosely upon Tolkien’s mythology, which is not wholly different from the Catholicism that constituted his own spiritual practice. And while these elves are not ours’elves Christian, nor any of the other major or really minor religious beliefs, we respect the right of those elves who do follow Christianity or Islam or Buddhist beliefs or any other philosophy they choose.
However, and here’s the rub, dearest, there are certain beliefs that simply don’t accord with Elfin and if one follows those practices SHe will in time stray farther and farther from Faerie. Perhaps this can best be illustrated with Christianity as an analogy. Anyone can say SHe is a Christian, in fact, millions do. But saying one is a Christian is not the same as following the path that Jesus outlined for those who would follow his way.
In just this same way, anyone can say they are an elf, and these elves will not deny them the right to do so, however, if one practices hate and prejudice, if they promote bias against any particular group because of their sexual preference, or gender, or race, creed, national origin, fashion style, or because they swing to a different sort of music, then they are promoting ignorance, and ignorance, is to be found in the opposite direction from Faerie/Elfin. The more one embraces prejudice, the farther one strays from Elfin and from one’s true elfin nature.
And so it is that we elves also believe in, promote, and practice personal liberty. The Wiccan Rede: And that it harm none, do what thou wilt, works well with us. This is also, according the Max Freedom Long, the basic principle of morality of the ancient Kahuna sorcerers. We elves say, “We are all returning to Elfin from a different direction and the path that is right for you, may be the wrong way for another.” Each must be allowed to follow hir own path. So those who insist that their way is the only “right” way and who seek to force their beliefs upon others and compel others to live as they do, are not following the Elfin Way. This is not to say that they are not elves, for no one has a right to say that but the individual hirs’elf, but they are truly losing their way and, in time, in danger of losing contact with Elfin, which is to say their own creative soul, altogether.
Now, one can say they are a Christian in this world and still promote hate and prejudice and war, thus not truly be a follower of the Way of Jesus Christ at all, with little or no consequences, save some very bad karma for having helped spread slime about the world, but to promote hate and prejudice and practice evil magics (trying to control others in opposition to their will and their creative well being) can have very swift and not so pleasant results.
Faerie/Elfin is a magical realm and thoughts, feelings and actions are more potent, profound and powerful when one gets near it or invokes its name. To use Faerie magic for ill deeds quickly brings ill upon ones’elf. This is not our wish for them, mind you. We wish them healing, but we cannot protect them from the hate they have invoked, nor the dark spells they have cast, nor the demons they’ve sent forth, who will come looking for them very shortly. Even if we had the power to thus protect them, we do not have the right to interfere with their magic. But they should know that whenever the time comes when they are done suffering, that is, when they are done trying to create suffering in the world; whenever they are through with feeling out of control, that is trying to control others; we shall be awaiting them on the path to Elfin and if they can calm their anguished hearts for a moment, they will hear our song, calling them ever home.
the silver elves

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4 Responses to “Finding our way home”

  1. AarTiana Says:

    Well stated indeed! There is a difference between fear and love, between judgment and discernment, and you explain this well! Thanks for this today!


  2. reginald w. peel Says:

    Never a truer word spoken. I try my best to not hate those around me, I am an emotional Person that has slowly learnt to temper his outbursts, but I never try to control or manipulate those around me to suit mine own ends!
    What One sends out, one reaps ten fold!


  3. Anadæ Effro Says:

    Yeah, Magus Zardoa Silverstar & Magistra Silver Flame! Bull’s eye! Elfin/Faerie IS a living, breatheing place, one that doles out to the ill-thinker just what they dole back out into it! And, fortunately, conversely, well rewards s/he who aligns their trueness with its beneficence in a myriad ways, much to hir great advantage. Thoughts are, after all, things, and one should be forewarned that all things return to their Source. I am SO happy to have been brought to your door, as was meant to be. Another credo that THIS elfin-faery mage lives by is, “Water seeks its own level.” Truer words, as you so well Gno, have never been written. Enjoy the eternal day, my Kin ~ (•8-D}


  4. (weave) Says:

    It was so nice to find your page and I have only read one article, and before I reply I would like to digest it a little further but I will be back to add a few comments.

    I have written so much about the Fey, the Elves in my books and yet in many ways I am only a beginner as I constantly learn and relearn. That they exists side by side us and even with us, in another realm, unseen by many I have no doubt about , but what if you do see and what if in a sense you are part of it, yet part of our life on the mundane worlde too. Thank you for being here and I will enjoy the articles and comments given. Failte.


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