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Elves and Brownies * A letter to Keith Olberman

September 15, 2009

We wanted to tell you…
Dear Keith or, if you prefer it, Mr. Olberman,
… how much we enjoy your show, which we watch regularly. You speak the truth with wit and humor and you are often the highlight of our day. We particularly love the diatribes you call special comments and often find ours’elves clapping and cheering at the end of your statements.
The other day however, you made a special commentary about Congressman Wilson’s rude interruption, which we also thought despicable, of the President’s speech. However, in your comment you, if we remember correctly, warned the Republicans that they were fast becoming in danger of joining the ranks of those loonies who believe in elves and brownies, and to this, Sir, we take exception. We are those loonies.
We not only believe in elves and brownies, pixies and faeries, but we believe we are the genetic descendants of those tribes of peoples upon whom those legends and myths are based. Like the American Indians, our peoples were overwhelmed long ages ago, and as the Native Americans are now, we were, mythologized, so much so that now the mass of people, who have never bothered to peruse the historical data (a good place to start would be Laurence Gardner’s non-fiction book the Realm of the Ring Lords) believe we never existed at all and are merely a product of myth and legend.
May we point out to you that our beliefs, as loony as they may seem to you, are supported by a great deal more historical fact than the vast majority of humanity use to justify their belief, upon no evidence at all, in their various Gods and Religions.
However, let us make ours’elves clear, we do not object to the fact that, without examining the evidence at all, you think us among the crazies. Such opinions and casual unthinking prejudice we have endured all our lives and take for granted. What we object to is the fact that you, first: think that we are less sane than the Republicans, and second: that you would lump us in with them.
We will cede to you the point that we might be crazy for our particular, and perhaps peculiar, beliefs; but, please understand that we are a whole different variety of crazy than the Republicans. In what way different? Well, IQ for a start, but more than that we are the sort of eccentric crazy that was portrayed as the family in Kaufman’s and Hart’s play and movie, You Can’t Take It With You (you may wish to check out Eccentrics: A Study of Sanity and Strangeness by David Weeks and Jamie). While you may not agree with our opinions, we do have a basic grasp of Logic and Reason, which the Republicans, either do not, or have abandoned in their greed for power. Furthermore, we are a variety of amiable crazy, whereas the Republicans are a kind of potentially violent sort of crazy that may kill you if you don’t agree with them and ultimately desire to use force to compel everyone to act, think and behave as they do. On the other hand, we don’t care if you agree with us, just don’t lump us in with those vicious liars whose ancestors were responsible for destroying our culture in the first place and who are actively seeking each day to destroy the essence of this democracy.
Please understand, however, we are still your faithful viewers and we still trust you to speak the truth regularly and with humor, and most of all to tear the Republicans a “New One” periodically, although, we fear that since there is hardly anyone left in their party but “New Ones” that your task is somewhat redundant. Still, how could we ever tire of laughing?

Thanks for you courage in speaking the truth,
The Silver Elves

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