Finding our own magic

In Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled, vol. 2…
Dearest Beloved,
… she presents us with massive evidence that nearly all the major religions, that is Christian, Judeo-Hebraic, Moslem, Egyptian, Caldean, etc. originated from the Hindu and Pre-Buddhic practices and texts of ancient India. On the other hand, if you read Max Freedom Long’s books on Polynesian magic and the Huna (secret) practices of the Kahunas of Hawaii, he informs us that their magic is, as far as he can tell, in its purist form, pre-religious and that they, the Polynesians, originated from India and islands near there and left as the Aryan and other invaders, the originators of religion, arrived.
(Just an aside here, but we used to know a French magician named Roland who would write us and send us these wonderful posters he created about magic (all written in French, of course), when we were part of the Elf Queen’s Daughters. He came to visit us one time for about a week when we lived in Southern Illinois where we called ours’elves the Elves of the Southern Woodlands, and we found it interesting that he pronounced Isis, not Ice –ees, but Is Is. Contemplate that a moment!
But this isn’t primarily about Blavatsky’s theory that all religion stems from India, nor Long’s that we can find magic in its purest form from studying the Kahunas, though we for our part have neither reason nor facts to question their theories. This is about how we elves, who have been so far and long divorced from our culture in so many ways, and raised quite often, though not always and not entirely, among the normal folk, come to understand what is Elfin/Faerie magic and how it may differ, if it does, from various other magics that are in use today and in the past.
Surely we can glean some things, as we ever tend to do, some hints, from good fiction about we elfin folk and our magics. And surely, at its heart all magic stems from the same source, which is to say The Magic, the infinite potentiality that is, was and ever will be, from which all things are created. Religions anthropomorphize this energy into Gods and Goddess but all such Deities, to the elfin mind, are mere demi-gods, individualize interpretations of the truth that is both universal and undifferentiated.
We can certainly, and these elves do, study the various books and systems of magic that are available in metaphysical bookstore and even on the internet. Taught among the Elf Queen’s Daughters (who also taught us elfin witchcraft, sorcery and enchantment among other things) to use the I Ching, these elves consult this oracle every day and have been doing so since 1975. We also study books and have explored the use of various forms of magic, including Taoist, Celtic, Western Ceremonial, Tibetan and others, picking eclectically from each according to what works and what appeals to our hearts and souls.
Naturally, we have explored many, but not all, the books about faerie magic. Alas, most of these seem to be for witches and others who wish to use the faeries to help them with their magics. There is nothing wrong with that, if done rightly, but, except for our own books (which you can check out here on our website) we’ve encountered no books that view elfin magic from the inside, that is, how we elves do our magics, which is why, in part, that we have created our own books, many of them elfin versions of other systems that we have known, used and loved.
Which brings us back to Long. For we could do far worse than study the most original forms of shamanic practice, which Fraser, in the Introduction to the Golden Bough, hypothesizes was the source prior to, and in a sense, inspirational for both religion and science. If we are indeed in some senses the Elder Race then we must look back to the earliest manifestation of civilization and magic and these are to be found among the Kahunas of Hawaii, the aboriginal shamans of Australia, the indigenous shamans of Siberia (from whom the name shaman originates) and the Amazon and others, filtering what we learn through our own hearts, déjà vu like memories (telpareon – the far memory of the elves) and our own experiences.
Of course, these elves count ours’elves lucky. We were trained in magic by other elves and it is true that there is a vibrational transference of energy (similar perhaps to that described between a guru and his student in yogic lore) that is shared among the elfin that cannot be learned from books or received from others. But this is not something we do intentionally, exactly, but something that just happens among us when the time is right. Perhaps indeed, or really, without question, the best way to learn elfin magic is to be with other elves, but in the meantime, we can each of us glean what we can from other systems all of which ultimately had their source (diluted though they are) among the elfin.

Eli feln le (we love you),
The Silver Elves


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2 Responses to “Finding our own magic”

  1. Anadæ Effro Says:

    I am most pleased & heartened to see you begin your own blog. Thank you for alerting me to it through one of our mutual social network portals. I really ought to begin one my(s)elf, seeing that so many have encouraged me to do so & what with the amount of Gnoledge that I’ve got to share. In the gentletime, I’m still in awe of that old adage, “Great minds think alike!”, in how it relates to carrying so much weight when it comes to us elfin kin. Although we may (k)NOT(work) have shared common threads in our individuation processes, I recognise so many similar intuitions, synchronicities, and innate talents. Ver nesidas mellun vári te, indeeeeeeed! Your brother/sister ~ Anadæ Effro (•8-)}


  2. silverelves Says:

    We think…
    dear brother,
    … that synchronicity among we elfin is surely a regular (we would say common, but none of us elves are exactly common are we?) occurrence. We are like inventors who come up with the same ideas at the same time. This is probably due, at least for we elfin, to the fact that we are not only tuned into each other, but tuned into Elfin/Faerie itself, thus all of us receive inspiration from the same source, the heart of the Magic itself..
    the silver elves


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